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Talk:Directory:Compact Fluorescent Bulb (CFL) Dangers

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Discussion page for Directory:Compact Fluorescent Bulb (CFL) Dangers

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Existing design and manufacturing indicate safety issues were not addressed. This page looks for solutions to recognized problems regarding CFLs.


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I just got rid of all those

Sepp Hasslberger wrote on Feb. 23, 2009

I just got rid of all those -

"I've been hearing from different people about the radiofrequency emissions of compact fluorescent or CFL bulbs, 'dirty electricity' is a term to search for that. They are the new recommended light bulbs and governments all over the world are getting ready to forbid the old ones.

But then - with the need to conserve electricity and all that, I was kind of half-heartedly starting to substitute the new "good" bulbs for those dirty old wasteful glow lamps that waste some of the energy as heat, also known as the infrared band. So I had about six of those CFL glass spirals in use, and a few new ones waiting for more of the old bulbs to konk out and be substituted.

Then, this morning, I read an email from my friend Rob and changed my mind. I unscrewed those bulbs that had snuck their way into my electric system and, together with the new ones, brought them to the garbage bin down by the street. Why ... I hear some of you asking. Well, here's the message of Rob, and a link or two to follow.

Check it out and make your own decision..."


CFL Articles of Faith

Robert L Pritchett wrote on Feb. 18, 2009

CFL Articles of Faith:

# We believe in the false economy of throwing out cheap incandescents and replacing them with more expensive CFL bulbs.

# We believe CFLs are environmentally friendly and do not use toxic or hazardous materials.

# We believe that 100 million failed CFLs will be recycled and the toxic components will be reused.

# We believe CFLs create no electromagnetic or radio interference to other equipment.

# We believe in promoting electronics that are detrimental to human health and well-being.

# We believe that somehow, someway, CFLs have a smaller carbon footprint than incandescents.

# We believe CFLs work well in cold weather.

# We believe CFLs can be used everywhere, for every purpose, work fine outdoors, upside down, in dimmer circuits and in humid areas.

# We believe it is okay not to have AC Power Factor circuitry in CFLs sold in the Americas.

# We believe it is okay to have a room filled with electronic smoke contamination when CFLs fail and that it is "normal" for CFLs to bubble and burn when they fail.

# We believe it is okay to spend $2,000 for a "mercury spill" to decontaminate a HAZMAT situation when CFLs break.

# We believe in supporting manufacturing in China and India and not in the US.

# We believe that importing merchandise from other countries is more economical and "greener" than buying products "Made in the USA".

# We believe it is okay for government to mandate what we use and who can and cannot produce products.

# We don't believed that it is possible to improved incandescent technology to be as efficient as CFLs or believe there are better options today than CFLs for lighting.

Sorry, I don't believe it either. The Downsides was updated and revamped based on my own and my family's experiences with CFLs. We replaced a lot of incandescents because we wanted to reduce our energy bill. We started experiencing nausea (flu season, right?), extreme migraine headaches (allergies, right?) that refused to go away, unexplained skin rashes and arthritic-like joint pain, even in our daughters. This went on for 3 solid months. Why did we feel this way? What was causing it? I prayed. Then I found the program where Dr. Magda Havas spoke of dirty electricity and the health issues found with those suffering from Lupus, etc. The gestalt kicked in. I immediately removed all the CFLs and, because we had saved the receipts, got them all refunded and replaced with incandescents. Within 2 days, all the symptoms had gone away. No more constant anguishing pain and suffering! The CFLs were the culprit. Then I did more research and this is the result.

During this effort I have met some incredible opposition, even in the workplace. So many folks are in duck-and-cover mode after having drunk the environmentalist "save the planet" kool-aid and promoting this Crime on Humanity mass health destruction. So many have a vested interest in giving hard-earned money to Red China and forcing everybody on the planet to use these torture devices, intended or unintended, knowingly or unwittingly, to destroy our health and well-being. I find these CFL devices to be evil.

We use 4-foot fluorescents in many places in our home and we have never, ever suffered adverse effects from them.

CFLs are mean, cruel and nasty. The more I learn about what they do, the more I despise them. Whoever decided these things were good for humanity and should be mandated by our governments is playing a bad joke on all of us. I'm not laughing anymore.

There are better, more efficient lighting technologies being produced. This is not one of them, no matter how many folks out there try and strong-arm us into submission to use them.

I acted on faith and discovered the truth. Now I act on pure knowledge. I figured the "CFL Articles of Faith" would be facetious. I have since discovered they are in fact also true, by those who have a vested interest in perpetrating this cruelty on humanity.

No amount of logic and common sense seems to get through to them. They have become militantly opposed to what I have discovered and have tried valiantly to suppress what I now know. Why should others have to suffer as we did?

I hail the class-action suits beginning to be used against the manufacturers of these poorly made products. Who will then do a class-action suit against the environmental groups, the governments and utilities that are giving these things away and then mandating their use afterwards?

We should not let them get away with reducing our standard of living and taking away our right to choose.