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Talk:Directory:Chevy Tahoe 2007 Ad

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At some point, the Gods of Tahoe are going to finally figure out how to block all of the sabotage being generated. The question is how to save these Flash files before they're gone! I recommend that this web site include instructions on how to do this. Knappster 20:36, 5 Apr 2006 (EDT)

I've captured the text of a lot of these from the file in the Internet Cache. (In Internet Explorer: Tools | Internet Options... | Settings... | View Files... .)

I've captured screen stills using Alt-PrtSc -- which gets the whole active window -- then cropped and saved in Photoshop Elements.

And I've shot video clips off the screen (322x240 15fps) with my digital camera.


This seemed like an interesting and worthwhile challenge, so I gave it a go -- I've got the entire directory structure deciphered. I'll upload a copy of it so everyone else can use it if the wish. I've got it set up where the only change you need to make is to rename the file for the scene you want to watch and it will work (alternatively, you could make a seperate copy of the folder structure for each movie).

A zip with all the files needed to play these movies (and 1 quality example movie) can be found here -

I've uploaded a zip containing my favorite movies that I've seen so far as well, here -

(Extract these into the base Tahoe directory. To play a file, simply rename the get_movie file by removing the number in front of it then running the swf file with the same number. Rename it back when you are done watching it.)

Now, to copy the 2 important source files from your own favorite movies, this is what you can do. First, watch the movie in Internet Explorer (only because Firefox's caching isn't as easy to work with), and then open the IE temporary files directory ("C:\Documents and Settings\(Username)\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files" on Windows XP machines). Sort by 'Last Accessed' and go to the end. Copy the most recent 'get_movie.php' and 'view.swf?(#######)' files out into the 'Tahoe' directory. Rename them (The get movie files needs to be named exactly "get_movie.php" to be recognized the swf file can be named anything) and you're all set.

A bit contrived I know, but it works well enough without all too much effort. Besides, it's for the sake of comedy, so it's worth it.


Update: I've managed to make a full working web-based copy, after learning some more php =) If I can think of an easy way to do it, I should be able to allow other people to submit their favorites as well by merely copy-pasting the contents of the get_movie.php file.

I've got 21 of my favorites available to be seen: Tahoe Mock-u-mercials