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Holding Out that it Might Work

Red ring near perimeter could provide overbalance?

On Sept. 6, 2007, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan wrote:

As I watched the second Chas Campbell video again, I noticed that while the shape of the gravity wheel resembles the OS:Scott F. Hall:Old Indian Gravity Wheel, the mechanism is quite different.

The overbalance appears to be created by the see-through, red plastic looking stuff near the inside perimeter, which is closer to the hub on the left, and closer to the perimeter on the right.

From the camera angle and resolution, the film does not disclose how that is accomplished, but it certainly does make it more interesting.

The usual bad quality of clip

I've never seen a clear clip of a PM machine till now. This one makes no exceptions.

I think that the bad filming is made on purpose. It's strange that there is no operator IN THE WORLD that can shoot a decent movie of a PMM, with no excessive zoom and with a stable shot (all cams have an electronic image stabilizer).

A great effort in building the machine, then a noob filming. I'd like to see a PM machine in motion clearly taken in its whole, I think a five years child could shoot a clip better than this one. Am I wrong? This video shows nothing for me.