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Claims to have a Zero Point Energy machine that "absorbs the energy of ZPE amplifies it and rectifies it, making a modicum of free energy in the process.


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Questions for Chaim

Q. It's a joke, right?. can't see the coils on the upturned desk waste bin connected to anything, the pot with the green wires ain't connected, neither is the transformer!. looks good though :-)

Q. What is your load scenario, and what is the basic design theory?

Q. Where is the energy coming from? All it looks like is a metal mesh and some filtering circuitry. How much power comes out of it?

Q. If the energy collected is in the form of electricity, that would mean that the device creates a rotating magnetic field. How so? I have some ideas on a Zero point device I am making, if you would like to discuss, please email me at [])

Q. what would it require to build one of these, how expensive would it cost and where could u find these things and could u explain how to set it up so i may try to reproduce this machine? (

Q. When are you going to do some answering? These posts have been up for ages, and no replies. Show some proof, some equations, data, anything. Anyone can put pics of a radio after a spin in the blender. Proove that its real Chaim!!! ([])

Q. What is collecting the Zero Point Energy?


This is clearly a joke. "Chaim Yankle" should bring to mind "Chain Yanking" (as I'm sure it is intended to). The photograph of "Chaim" looks very fake and is probably taken from some media source. The photograph of the "device" is even more suspicious. It consists of what appears to be a flour sifter or something similar connected to what appears to be a fairly random hodgepodge of electronic components. It seems to be a mixture of toy Radio Shack-type breadboards and discarded modular components from a computer or similar devices. The battery appears to be that of a cordless phone. Many of the compents appear improperly connected or connected to nothing whatsoever. There is also a cute and silly-looking "mad scientist" doll in the photograph.

This is surely a joke. Someone is probably having a good laugh at how seriously this site appears to be taking it.


ZPE is a way of creating energy from a vacume. The idea and prosses for it came from the Casimir effect which is the efect that 2 objects with no charge have on one another inside a vacume. more or less it is that if u put 2 mettle plates facing eachother in a vacume thay will slowly move twards one another. if the plates where to have oposing charges added to them and wires leading to a energy storage divice (battery) the plates moving together would create a charge. as u can see from the pic there is nothing there that chould come close to being a vacume air tight container so it is ABSOLUTLEY A FAKE!!!!!!

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Image:Bernard Haisch 95x95.jpg

Energy from the Vacuum Parts 1 through 4 - Tom Bearden’s correspondence with L.R. Pastor purports that our current energy systems tap the 'vacuum' in a deliberately inefficient manner that disturbs equilibrium. The nature of the 'ZPE - Energy From The Vacuum' and Tesla's "wheelworks of nature." (PESN July 24, 2005)

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