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Image:CD Motor Harwood 95x95.jpg

Apparatus objective is to mimic the exotic results claimed by Robert Adams, yet at low cost, with ubiquitous materials.


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I don't see why I should be forced to post my content into the PESWIKI to prove anything. We all know the Egroup ran, got results, and worked. Can people kindly refrain from vandalising this page, and making comments that are flat out untrue? I've posted the temperature probe shot. It came from someone in Australia, and was 100% independent. Timharwood 07:49, 22 Feb 2006 (EST)

The low level harassment has continued, computer hacking, etc, despite my non activity in over-unity area for the last 18 months. So I decided to upload some basic maths of over-unity in direct retaliation for this invasion of my privacy, with plenty more to come, if I am not left alone. Guys, take the hint. Unless the nonsense stops, I'll upload the real stuff. Full technical schematics, test data, freeware, patent free, public domain, for anyone to copy and build. Timharwood 11:56, 29 May 2007 (EDT)

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