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Butanol is compatible with gasoline. It uses the same air/fuel mixture and has the same energy content. It can be mixed with gasoline in any ratio in unmodified engines. Butanol can be produced at an estimated cost of 85 cents per gallon, and is a direct replacement for gasoline.


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I would only talk about BIObutanol --Mac 15:40, 27 Mar 2007 (EDT)

Here is article from Tulane University on a process they have been working on for Butanol. Posted August 25th 2011. --[[User:Deggertsen|Deggertsen] 14:13, 31 August 2011 (PDT)

This article seems to be an ethanol bash-fest. Many of the statements under the 'Advantages' section are just plain false. For example:

Higher energy content than ethanol. (Energy content doesn't equate to combustion efficiency.)

Not as corrosive as ethanol. (It's more corrosive than ethanol.)

Uses an air/fuel ratio which is close to that of gasoline. Ethanol does not. (So? Modern cars are EFI, anyway. Just reprogram their brains or get a flex-fuel vehicle.)

Can be shipped through existing fuel pipelines where ethanol must be transported via rail, barge or truck. (Gasoline is already transported by truck.)

Can replace gasoline any percentage up to 100%. Ethanol can only be used up to 85%. (Ethanol can be used up to 100% in warm weather and for cold weather, a small ether system can be incorporated cheaply.)

Gives better mileage than ethanol. (This is because the engine is tuned for gasoline, which has similar attributes. Of course it will get better fuel economy. Make a few modifications and ethanol will perform just as well.)

Safer to handle than ethanol. (Butanol is more toxic than ethanol. Butanol fumes cause loss of hearing, liver and kidney damage, and neurological problems. Ethanol, like beer, can cause damage in excess but only when consumed.)

Will also assist in the conversion of vegetable oils into biodiesel. (This is also true of ethanol.) SOURCE: --Cobalt 17:32, 11 Jan 2012 (MST)

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