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There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - New field of novel hydrogen chemistry. BlackLight Process generates light, power, plasma, and a vast class of new compositions of matter. (


Blacklight Fizzle

Hale Ade wrote Nov. 16, 2008

"One cannot justly conclude that the Blacklight technology "fizzled" when undergoing third party verification over the last few months at Rowan University. It would appear Blacklight only wanted confirmation of over-unity, and it seems Rowan was able to do that confirmation through those single bursts. Given Prof. Jansson's description in the video and in a Venture Beat article of

the bursts he observed, significant heat outputs were measured over many iterations, representing about 100 times what could be expected from the normal chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen.

Mills did say at this URL:

" .... he has purposefully kept knowledge of how to loop the reaction within the company, so that his own researchers can remain a step ahead in their work on the 50KW reactor the company earlier announced."

So, given everything I've seen on the Internet, it doesn't seem Blacklight has knowingly misled anyone into thinking that fully self-running 1- Kw and 50 Kw systems were sent to Rowan for evaluation. It very much seems to me that self-running versions of those devices are operating at the Blacklight lab. Neither you nor I know that Blacklight is "not even close to a

continuous output scenario" since neither of us has seen evidence in the Blacklight lab itself to come to that conclusion."

Hydrino Pollution?

On May 31, 2008, Trond Andresen wrote:

I have been following the alternative energy scene for many years with

increasing interest. Blacklight Power's process (BPP) seems especially

promising. I write to you since you sem to be quite updated on the topic.

My concern is: assume you have a scenario with a lot of power

stations, vehicles and aircraft driven by the BPP. Obviously one can't

capture the hydrinos for "novel compounds" in all these applications.

Then they are instead emitted in the form of dihydrino gas, or reacted with

oxygen to form a new type of water(?). What is expected to happen here

and what is its possible environmental impact?

I am a bit suspicious since I can't find anything about this issue on

the BP website. The dihydrino gas is said to be reactive, which should

be a source for a certain concern, but this reactivity is wholly

considered to be an asset (since it leads to "novel compounds").

Another interesting question is: Will these new type of hydrogen atoms

remain like this forever or wil they revert naturally to normal hydrogen?

Hydrino and Ozone

On May 30, 2008, Harry en Nellie van Trotsenburg asked:

[Will] the emission of hydrino gas, [...] harm the ozon layer? As this hydrino gas is chemically equal to H2, it will bind with Ozone!

- - - -

On May 30, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Robert A. Nelson of responded:'

Not likely... the system will be closed, and any leak-reaction will form water long before it reaches the ozone layer.

Significant Technology

On April 14, 2008, There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] wrote:

There is nothing novel here (at least from what I have already learned previously). There is no question that Randy Mills is a significant genius. His ability to lower the ground state of the hydrogen nothing short of a spectacular (physics) achievement. I followed his significant arguments on the Hydrino Study Group, where he valiantly sustained arguments in defense of his process. Let me remind you, that it was Peter D. Zimmerman (Hydrino Study Group) who sabotaged the first Events:Conference on Future Energy, and got Sec of State Madeline Albright to remove COFE from Commerce as well as State.

It was Antony C. Sutton who apprised me of Peter Zimmerman and his associate Robert Park (Voodoo Science). These two individuals were instrumental in having our own NEC member Tom Valone fired from the Patent Office. It was the arbitrator (Robert T. Moore) who discovered that nefarious action on their parts. Antony C. Sutton sent me information explaining how this was accomplished:

Randy Mills defended his "blacklight" process valiantly only to be challenged by Peter Zimmerman every step of the way. That challenge, being reflected, in an awarded patent being overturned and ultimately reverted and removed.

Antony C. Sutton and Jeane Manning once belonged to Dale Pond’s SVP (Study) Group Dale had kept a permanent record of those discussions until he changed his format. It was a significant historical record, which I respected and appreciated. That record documented Dr. Sutton’s attempt to finger the "smoking gun" and to ultimately understand the political intrigue that followed.

That is when I realized that there were [indeed] powerful forces well placed within government, who were there for only one purpose, that being, to prevent any and all "novelty of fact" discovery from coming into fruition, that would successfully challenge the existing paradigm (hot fusion and Tokomaks).

In any event Randy Mills is well positioned, well financed, has a fully accredited Board of Directors, who could jump start a significant modern energy paradigm under his auspices.

Only time will tell….

- - - -

Research: [Supplemental Documentation],2006.htm

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--Penny Gruber 03:33, 26 October 2008 (PDT)

Leslie with all due respect I have listened to interviews of and read writings of "Dr." ( PhD obtained from diploma mill Kennedy Western ) Tom Valone and find his representation of physics to be grossly ignorant of established facts. I applaud Dr. Bob Park for standing up against the pseudo-science nonsense promoted by Tom Valone during his rightly truncated tenure at the PTO. When one espouses as for example Tom Valone has that a heat pump COP > 1.0 amounts to overunity, they express a fundamental ignorance of thermodynamics that should deny them an undergraduate degree, much less any advanced certificate. I for one do not wish to see patent applications evaluated by persons who either do not understand undergraduate physics or choose to deliberately ignore them.

A Sad Day for Rowan University

Penny Gruber 03:15, 26 October 2008 (PDT)

Science is about dispassionately conducting experiments and formulating theory that explains those results and reliably predicts results of future experiments. Sadly Dr. Jansson's calorimetry work paid for by BLP has been misrepresented by BLP as a "replication" of their claims. It is not. His experiments establish that he measured conversion of some portion of a feed stock into heat output under the experimental conditions. Because Dr. Jansson did not have control over generation of the feed stock, validation of BLP's central claim that they have a something for nothing fuel source did not occur.

Worse, Dr. Jansson appears to be a willing participant in promotions created by BLP. The available facts only tell us that Dr. Jansson's experiments confirm consumption of a fuel source in the test cells with an associated release of heat energy. They do not confirm BLP's claims of hydrinos, or their claims of a new and cheap fuel feed stock. This latest episode is IMO an embarrassment to both Dr. Jansson and Rowan University. It is up to Dr. Jansson and Rowan University to protect their respective reputations against inappropriate exploitation. BLP has long made claims that they have failed to evidence. If they continue on such a path, Dr. Jansson and Rowan University are likely to come out looking both very foolish and parochial.