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Latest: Directory:Biofuels > Directory:Biofuel:Asian Carp - Ted Karson proposes harvesting the millions, if not billions of carp that have infested the Mississippi River system, to use for food, fertilizer, and biofuel turning a pestilence into an opportunity. (PESWiki June 16, 2008)


Barge Harvesting Proposal

On October 11, 2009, Jim Miller wrote:

I am pursuing a possible business venture by harvesting mass quantities of Asian Carp, sorting out the live game fish for return to the river, processing the larger carp for food and grinding what is left, boiling the mush, extracting the oil and selling the fish meal or using it in compost. A rendering barge would follow the harvester. I have three potential partners, one in FL and one in AZ. I also have some ideas on how to fund the equity part of a federal grant for matching funds.

I wonder if anyone has tried an IC on house boats on rivers? A floating community. Think of it. One boat is the harvester, which passes the fish mush to the second boat - a barge - which passes the oil, dried fish meal to the third boat -- the fish processing "mother boat" which takes the live, larger fish from the harvester. I have the plan on paper and am fleshing out the details. The house boats, which support the entire crew and workers, come along at the rear and tie up to docks during the night. On another barge we could have a biodiesel plant, taking its feedstock fish oil directly from the rendering barge.

Like Popcorn in the Water

On July 3, 2007, esoxlee wrote:

Holly Crapola, or should I say Carpola. [...]

Unbelievable. It's like freaking popcorn on the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, they're like aquatic locusts taking over everthing. Natural Resource people are crapping bricks because of fears they'll reach the Great Lakes.

Something to Carp about


When I saw the carp being tossed into trenches to be buried in the news, all I could think about were the poor starving folks and animals that could have benefitted. I was surprised that you were able to cover that as Energy news, but liked how you segued it into Energy discussions and brought your guest back on track. Nicely done!

Somehow it sounds a little fishy (pun intended) to get Green Energy to possibly take carp and use them as a source for petroleum. But I do know fish pellets exist! Fish fertilizer might be a more profitable way to go. ^)

We sure could use some carp in our backyard pool! We keep feeding the Hawks, Storks, Blue Herons and Ducks with our dwindling fish population. Congress:Member:Robert L. Pritchett