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Paul Bellezza wants to be able to mass produce his "Highly Efficient Thermoelectric Generator," an invention that would produce electricity more efficiently than anything now on the market. He knows the invention works. He hasn’t yet been able come up with a way to reliably reproduce it.


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"He knows the invention works. What he hasn’t been able to do is come up with a way to reliably reproduce it." - the most obvious sign of vaporware I've seen yet. Does this mean its just theory or he has done it once and can't get it to work again. Layered and stacked thermoelectric systems are not new but to work each layer needs to be a different substance with a different optimal thermoelectric operating temperature. Thermoelectric systems have an inherent problem their efficiencies max out at 18% efficiency. If the thermo flow is to high the P and N dopeants start to migrate and mix, or weld in the case of metals, producing the loss of the P/N boundary. Some have tried AC, reversing the current flow for a few seconds to restore the boundary but that work appears to have gone nowhere since the 1990's. Wesleybruce 15/2/2008

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