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You have reached the discussion page for OS:Bedini SG for the Bedini School Girl (Simplified) project.

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DISCUSSION: comments about the page or project == hydrogen byproduct, frequency nodes

Oct. 21, 2004 2:43 am

I was talking to my neighbor this evening who has been tracking my progress on this project (he taught me how to solder). He had a couple of interesting insights.

First, a byproduct of lead-acid battery charging is Hydrogen. With these systems of rotating the batteries around, what if the hydrogen were harnessed for use? Right now it is just venting (in non-sealed systems).

Second, regarding the resonant frequency, and my mention that I heard it intermittently at 470 (?) ohms, he suggested that there will be nodes, but one primary frequency of which the others are harmonics.


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Directory:Bruce Pereault:Nixes Bedini Circuit Says this circuit is not a radiant energy circuit. Sept. 26, 2004


Please will you look at the circuit , it works like a sort of switch mode power supply , the wheel acts like a switch with the circuit , it is going too slow to produce any good out put.

You will charge the out put battery , so will any switch mode power supply , but the in put battery will go down in charge sooner or later.

But there are ways to charge a battery at the same time taking power from it and keep it charged over 14 volts , it can be done.

In the school girl motor the inductor adds the the input battery and charges the out put battery.

So out put battery goes up ,input battery goes , you find out by testing

Sorry all the best Roger

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