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Under patenting process,TWPEG is a unique Energy Conversion Device capable of converting Tides and Waves motion directly to rotary motion to turn a generator always in the same direction. TWPEG is scalable in size depending on sea depth, from knee deep water to any reasonable depth, provided there is some waves. TWPEG can produce 2kW per metre square of sea surface. A very crude prototype has been tried and has performed well.


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Variant of Salter's Duck

On Oct. 2, 2006, a person from the Tidal industry offered the following comment to be presented anonymously

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To the inventor’s credit he has actually built a functioning device. Granted it is a low budget effort and consequently unrefined. However, it shows some promise as a micro scale niche market device.

This TWPEG is a variant of the old Salter’s Duck device and like the Salter’s Duck faces the difficult challenge of getting vertical action of the wave converted to useful rotating mechanical torque and does so with the use of a ratcheting mechanism (weak link as these are not designed for anything but very slow rotations). The main reason why the Salter’s Duck never floated was likely due to excessively high tooth loading exceeding material limits and that will be problem here as well. The inventor might consider a Scottish Yoke mechanism as a more efficient method to deal with the problem.

Wave and tidal resources have two very distinct hydrodynamics: tidal is generally the full water column, and wave is the surface action.

I have some difficulty seeing the TWPEG being of any value in converting tidal action into useful power.

No Particular Advantage

On Oct. 2, 2006, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Kenneth M. Rauen wrote:

Tidal energy will be insignificant compared to the wave energy. There are so many marine hydroelectric methods of comparable value. This one has no particular advantage that I can see.

No Particular Advantage -- Response

On Oct. 2, 2006, User:DigitalSaint wrote:

Perhaps a later, more effient model run in series with others could provide energy for remote coastal locations. Portable units could be used for vacationing or stowed in emergancy kits on boats for 24/7 power.

With all new technologies of this type they only need to find their niche. Keep up the good work!


On Oct. 2, 2006, Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan, responded:

Yes, tidal energy has great potential. That is not what is being disputed. The point is that the mechanism of harnessing that energy needs to be optimal. There are a good number of good mechanisms that have already been developed, which are further along in their progress. We would not want to discourage this particular approach, for it may hold promise as one of the contending methods. It's still too early to compare it fairly, though.

I welcome any inquiries and proposals from interested parties

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