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Hello team,

first of all let me express my admiration for the job you are doing here on this extensive source of alternative information for exploring and exploiting energy. Your pages really enthrall me from time to time with original views and paths towards more intelligent, more distributed, safer energy for our lives.

However I must point out some discrepancy very often used on your pages - so called "anti-gravity". This term is used very broadly and frequently and by this very different phenomena are described and denoted.

Most frequently, numerous magnetic effects, which are responsible for fighting off influences of the Earth gravitational field, are labeled to be an "anti-gravitation" or "anti-gravity effects".

It is a very unlucky choice. In the mind of the scientist, who has passed any rigorous study and training touching gravitation, the preposition "anti" to "gravitation/gravity" is automatically and rightfully evoking an item which is of the exactly same kind but acting reversely or in opposing direction, effect etc. The best and notoriously known example would be electrical forces which are of two kinds - of positive and negative sign/direction/effect but of the same kind of natural phenomenon.

And thus "anti-gravitation" denotes really exactly what is denoting - the force of the same kind but of the opposite effect.

It is very clear that although a helicopter can fly and thus fight off the effects of overall gravitational field of the Earth, this is not caused by an "anti-gravity mechanism" inside of a helicopter.

And so many of the great inventions of free minds presented on this fantastic wiki are not "anti-gravitational" ones but just inventions which in their produced effects are able to overcome the effect of the overall gravitational field of our Earth in the direction one chooses.

What is the intent behind my post?

The mainstream science very often uses this inaccuracy in using terms to point out that the achievements conquered in the field of alternative energies are not serious and are produced by people which do not have the clear view even in the basic technical terminology in the field.

Yes, to use the term "anti-gravity" can attract an attention as to find "anti-gravity" is one of the biggest scientists' dream in about 50 years.

But on the other side, one seriously seeking the answers to nature's secrets cannot give false labels only because they look then much more attractive.

So no, one cannot make bombastic statements which are not honestly correct. Quite the contrary, one must admit, seriously, and in full humbleness, that we are still stalking the anti-gravity prey unsuccessfully and instead of it we are using much more known forces to give us stronger effects than those of gravitation.

Yours seriously

Dusan Kulisievic