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Latest: Directory:Organizations / Directory:Time Travel > Directory:Anderson Institute's Time Control Technology - Dr. David Anderson and his associates at the Anderson Institute allegedly are able to actually control time. There are also ramifications for free energy in the research they are doing. (PESWiki March 25, 2010)


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Anderson a Phony?

ON March 25, 2010 9:59 PM Tim Cook of Grand Rapids, Michigan wrote:

Hi Sterling,

Love your website and the energy articles that are endlessly fascinating. Great work from you and your team.

I noticed one of your featured stories today was a little blurb about David Anderson and his Institute--the institute that no one has ever seen. All very top secret. Ha . . .

Before PESN runs down Mr. Anderson's odd little rabbit hole too far, I wanted to pass along some information about Anderson's background, or lack thereof. Recently, in a note to physicist Jack Sarfatti, physicist Stanton Friedman had this to say about David Anderson:

On Feb 20, 2010, at 12:30 PM, Stanton T. Friedman wrote:

: Subject: Dubious article about time travel

: Jack:

: Here below is a link to what purports to be a scientific article by one David Lewis Anderson. He recently appeared on Coast to Coast radio for three hours. Among his many claims are that he has a PhD in physics, a patent on a Time Reactor, there is an Anderson Institute in Rochester NY, Anderson Multinational also in Rochester. He was reluctant to answer specific questions about his background. I got suspicious. There is no PhD thesis listed for him from anywhere (he says he has 2 .. one in physics from Edwards Air Force Base possibly with California State University, another in Philosophy from University of Minnesota). He is also heavily involved in kickboxing. I was able to determine that he had received a BSEE at WV University in 1983, was born in Weirton , WV, in 1959. Makes frequent trips to Romania, sponsors stuff for kids. The patent office says there are no patents in his name nor any pending. The Calif. State University systems has about 23 campuses. Except joint programs in Education, they don’t award PhDs. That is left to the 9 Campuses of the Univ. of California. One address in Rochester is to a mail box at a UPS store. The other has been forwarding mail to an apartment in a poor part of town. We have been unable to locate any published journal articles. We did discover that he was a Vice-president for Bosch Securities, a major company, from 2002 until 2006 also in Rochester, although he hadn’t mentioned that little detail. I suspect the linked article is lifted from other people’s work. Oh yes. He had also claimed to have worked with Julian Wang from Princeton University on Time research. Wang has an impressive resume, but he was at NRC Research in Princeton and not the university and his first name is LeJun.

: Is there any way you could look at the article? None of us wants frauds to get away with selling phony or other people’s materials. He is always seeking funds for his institute.


: Gratefully in advance,

: Stan Friedman

You may want to read the entire exchange between Sarfatti and Friedman at this link:

So it seems Mr. Anderson is not exactly who he say he is. He has not earned a PhD, he has no institute, and no associate or professional colleague has come forward to verify one word of what he's been saying.

To remain a credible news source, PESN should exercise caution when reporting on people like Anderson. My recommendation: On your Peswiki page about Anderson, you should advise readers that (1) Anderson's claims about his education appear to be fraudulent and (2) that the "Institute" appears to be only on paper, unless someone can come forward and provide evidence to the contrary.

PESN should be--and normally is--a trusted venue for news about real inventors and breakthrough technology that can be viewed and tested. Please steer clear of hucksters like Anderson who make incredible claims but offer up nothing but a few entertaining radio shows.

- - - -

On March 25, 2010 10:20 PM Mountain, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan responded:

Hi Tim,

For what it's worth, Stanton Friedman was one of the biggest let-down interviews I ever did. He struck me as a disinformation agent, not as an "in it for the good of the planet" kind of guy. I was so unimpressed with our interview that I didn't even post it in our list of interviews. I do have a copy [mp3] of it, though, if you would like to listen to it.

A red flag goes up for me in how Friedman describes Anderson's Rochester mailing address. He makes it sound like it's Mickey Mouse, when the contact page makes it clear that that address is for receiving mail, and that their facility is in New Mexico.

His description of Anderson could be a hatchet job, per his assignment to discredit legitimate stuff.

I know from other situations that education history can be tampered with, and obliterated.

As somebody who personally knows Dr. Anderson

As somebody who personally knows Dr. Anderson I would suggest those listening to focus on his message. He is not looking for investors, only for transparency, disclosure and the free exchange of information. I served with him at the AFFTC, on DARPA and AFSC projects and attended some of the same higher education programs for military scientists. The references above misquote Dr. Anderson. I listened to the same interview twice and he never stated working with Dr. Wang or having an Institute in Rochester. Regarding higher education, since I sat in the same room with the same instructors as Dr. Anderson I would suggest those doubting this to look at the special joint programs that California State and the United States Navy had with scientists working in advanced research and development. I think it would clear up some of the confusion. Again, I would encourage those reading this to focus on the message being sent by Dr. Anderson. That is what is most important and based on my personal experiences, most critical at this time.

M. Clark, Colonel, USAF Retired

As some else who personally knows Dr. David Lewis Anderson

Thank you, Colonel Clark. I have also known Dr. David Lewis Anderson for over 10 years. As one of the Senior Directors and Advisors of the World Genesis Foundation, I will state that Dr. David Anderson has been highly recognized as a global philanthropist and Ambassador for Youth under the aegis of UNESCO. As mentioned, he has served in the USAF where his extraordinary level of expertise in physics was acquired and applied. The military has offered him full access to resources unknown to Princeton, MIT, Harvard or Stanford. Unlike a number of his critics, he is also an engineer allowing him to thoroughly test his theories hands-on. Dr. Anderson has come forth with his findings at tremendous personal risk, having to utilize great caution due to serious security issues for himself, his research and his institute. He is a staunch supporter of education offering free access to document downloads on his website and countless resources to schools and universities. The revenue from his videos and other ancilliary products is utilized to support the World Genesis Foundation, which he helped to found. WGF is an international charitable outreach organization affliated with UNESCO. Dr. Anderson has forthrightly made several outreaches offering an open forum for discussion and dialogue to discuss his theories and findings and to exchange ideas and to provide his documentation and credentials to those who posed questions (Dr. Stanton Friedman among them). There was no response. We should be urged to follow Dr. Anderson's example to treat this debate and discovery (along with the crucial need for disclosure) with the integrity it so deserves - to approach it with an open mind in the true spirit of discovery and quest for understanding. At this most critical time in the history of our civilization and our dying planet, we cannot allow even one voice of reason such as Dr. Anderson's to be silenced if that voice carries some hope of gleaning the mysteries of our world and our place in it, and the possibility of our ultimate survival. Let's proceed to find the real answers together without derision, denial or distortion of the true facts. On this Memorial Day, thank you, Colonel Clark and Dr. Anderson, for your selfless service to our nation.

Mary Ann Martini

Metropolitan Opera Association

New York City