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Talk:Article:Nanoparticle coated electrodes and carbon nanotechnology

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Discussion page for Article:Nanoparticle coated electrodes and carbon nanotechnology

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Directory:Nanotechnology > Article:Nanoparticle coated electrodes and carbon nanotechnology - From vastly increasing efficiencies in solar power to reducing costs of hydrogen generation, the alternative energy sector is seeing a range of nanotech developments. Reducing the amount of raw product necessary for technology production, carbon nanotechnology cuts costs and conserves our precious non-renewable resources. (PESWiki Aug. 13, 2008)


Nanotube Efficiencies

On August 15, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Former Member:Daniel Bowers wrote:

Image:Nanotube efficiencies nanoener jp70.jpg distributes the tubes from Klean industries.

I am not really too interested in getting into the structural differences of each type of carbon nanotube. I.E. single wall and multi wall structure and the different applications of them.

What I will say is this, plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition is the most effective means of making nanostructures.

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