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Talk:Article:Jack Durban's experience with Steve Marks Toroid Generator

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Questions for Jack

Download (1:57 hr 27 Mb) - On March 19, 2008, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan conducted a 'special 2-hour, live interview' with Jack Durban as part of the Free Energy Now radio series.

The following is a list of questions that were asked Jack during this interview:

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Q. Similarity to Tesla Patent?

''On March 17, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Ken Rasmussen wrote:


You have a fascinating story on Steven Mark today. Busy as I am this week I will probably not be near a computer to hear your interview live. So here is an important question to ask him.

The Steven Mark device looks very much like a device Tesla patented in 1888. It is most certainly open source now, but few look that far back in patents for anything today.

Specifically patent number 381970

Filed May 1, 1888

I think he gave it a vague title like "switching device" when in reality it was switching power from an unidentified source, probably the earth's various energy fields.

You may remember me remarking I recognized a patent attorney in one of his [Steven Marks] videos. From my brief interaction with that attorney, I know he was one of the most thorough guys in the industry and turned over every stone in his own investigations. Not an easy guy to do a snow job on, and you have to have something pretty credible in the first place to even get his audience. Steven Mark was playing big time. Sorry to hear, just like Pantone, apparently killed his own golden goose.

On March 17, 2008 3:41 PM, Jack Durban wrote

: This is true. I have believed all along that Tesla was intentionally cloaking his patents. I have told others on youtube to look into the 381,970 patent as a hint. The coil configuration indeed resembles the Mark coil.

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Directory:Solid State Generators > Directory:Steve Marks Toroid Generator > Article:Jack Durban's experience with Steve Marks Toroid Generator - Former key associate in a non-mechanical technology that allegedly extracted copious free energy from the environment, is ready to tell all, after more than a decade of silence. He says that the technology worked, but that Marks was less than honest in his business dealings.

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