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Talk:Academy:Bearden Energy from the Vacuum

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Thank you for this site. I have always wanted to learn this subject. Do I understand that we will have help to learn the stuff in Tom's book well enough that we can do some of the things ourselves?

Alyn Olson


This study will take a few days or a week to get organized. We do not know who will be involved in it to help people understand Bearden's work. We assume that as the work progresses more people will be involved. We expect that the book will explain many of its difficult terms in later parts or that answers can be found in other text books without the help of graduate level students and professors. The book has a large glossary which defines many words, phrases or concepts. You will need to buy the book from Tom Bearden's web site to benefit from this study. For several personal reasons the book EFTV was given in its advanced form (see the Foreword). There is not yet a primer for this study. As we wait for one we will begin this study. We hope to focus on the primary thesis, which is the most important subject, as a primer would do. There are many advanced subjects in this massive book that may not be necessary to know in attempting to understand the main point. Thus, primary subjections will be focused on more than secondary subjects. This book is not exhaustive but is essential to understanding Bearden's theories of free energy. It may be the most comprehensive book on free energy from the vacuum. This book should help us understand the free energy theory enough to be able to construct some of the free energy machines already under patent or on the web sites Bearden links to. The plans for such machines are not as easy to construct as John Bedini's School Girl Simplified (proof of concept) machine. It appears that people need to take the time to learn the theory before the larger machines can be properly understood and safely built to run. The Bedini SG project should help people get a very basic introduction to this theory. Other machines from Bedini and others should be examined while reading this book and eventually people should be able to learn how to build their own. The student needs to learn to reflect about the theory and do some experimentation. They will need to learn how to work with their hands or have others make coils, spinning wheels and rotors, wire circuits, etc.

Rick Friedrich