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T100:Manual Tally Procedure

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Procedure for manually tallying the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] listing. Instructions compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan on Sept. 12, 2008 for Susan Carter, who has "observer" status with the NEC.


Step One

Copy the raw votes under "open polls" at

into a word doc. Just start at the top and go down.

Include the url of the YahooGroups poll.

Add a space after the "reference" url so it turns into a hyperlink.

Omit the actual radiobuttoned answer options, but include everything else.

Step Two

The next step will be to modify the doc as follows:

(Don't need Table of Contents that's just busy work.)

Suggested doc file name: NEC T100 Voting Snapshot {Date and Time of Day}

Add headers/footers to the doc

header/title: NEC T100 Voting Snapshot Sept. 12, 2008, 12:00 pm Mountain

footer: page number

Each poll can begin on a new page.

At the opening of the doc, add:

"Compiled by Susan M. Carter, who has NEC "observer" status.

(had to lodge “abstain” vote in order to access the information to compile this report)"

Step Three

The next step in this process will be to tally the numbers into Excel to create a Raw Votes listing in a spreadsheet. Add Revision number to each file when submitted.

As a point of reference, the finished spreadsheet should have three presentations of the information:

A. Official Top 100, #1-100 (actually it's more like 80) (only including technologies for which more than 50% of NEC votes ranked it somewhere in the T100 and where at least a quorum was represented. Quorum = 25% of NEC members will come to about 12 people once our present voting on new member ratifications is complete.)

B. Entire List ranked according to points/vote (low score wins)

C. Raw votes

Since A is derived from B, and B is derived from C, let me first describe the contents of C:


The Raw Votes listing sequence is the same as the Word document tally that has been assembled.

Only the non-crossed-out votes should be counted in the Raw Votes listing.


"Total # Voting" is a tally of all votes in that row (should not include those voters who are crossed out)

"Votes" is a little tricky. The sum is derived from these four elements:

- Include T2 through T100

- Include "NotT100"

- Don't include "Abstain", "Need more time", "Recuse" (these are irrelevant to this tally)

- Multiply "Not Enough Info" by 1/3. (this factor weighs a little)

"Not T100 if < .50" is a little tricky too.

It comes from an NEC policy that a technology will not be included in our Top 100 listing unless at least 50% of those who voted on it place it somewhere between (or including) T2 and T100.

So the denominator will be "Total # Voting"

The numerator will be the sum of votes in the T2 - T100 columns. Also, "recuse" counts as "T100 or above" for the >50% rule.

The sum of votes at the bottom of each column is interesting but not required, and can be done later for kicks and grins.

Memo: (fyi)

- Some polls dropped the "need more time" option.

- The "recuse" option was added about a year ago, and is a subset of "abstain".

Step Four

The next step is to generate a ranked listing of all technologies voted on -- list "B" above.


Items in the T2 column will be multiplied by 2x

T5: 5x

T10: 10x

T20: 20x

T50: 50x

100: 100x

Not T100: 200x

Another column should be added for "Not Enough Info". This will be calculated as (1/3 x rawvote) x 200 and will be added to the sum.

The reason for this change is to create a wider spread of numbers in the "points per vote" tally, to significantly reduce the incidence of two technologies having the same tally.

"Total Points" is the sum of the above: (T2 x 2) + (T5 x 5) + (Tn x n...) + (T100 x 100) + (NotT100 x 200) + (NotEnoughInfo x 1/3 x 200).

"Total Votes" (should probably be renamed: "Total Weighed Votes") is as described in step 3 for "Votes" in Table C, Raw Votes. Ditto for "Total # voting", and "Not T100 if