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SkyFuel Linear Power Tower

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SkyFuel's The Linear Power Tower (LPT) is a concentrating solar power system for utility-scale solar thermal power plants. LPT is a high-temperature linear Fresnel system with molten salt storage.

Official Website

How it Works

Solar heat is concentrated by the long mirrors onto the linear power tower, heating salt to its melting point. The molten salt then is used to make steam and drive a generator, producing electricity.

The system uses a Fresnel-lens style array of mirrors.

The set up enables panels to be laid out flat, close to the ground in a North-South configuration, then tilted side to side to track the sun across the sky. The long, thin panels then reflect the sun's light toward a single horizontal tower to gather the heat.



Company: SkyFuel

SkyFuel hopes to build the first tower by 2011.



In the News

Google News > SkyFuel

Image:Skyfuel skytrough 95x95.jpg

Skytrough Brochure - The “world’s most advanced parabolic through concentrator” features three major improvements: a 35% reduction in the cost of the solar collector assembly, shatter-proof mirrors made with ReflecTech® Mirror Film technology, and rapid field assembly. (SkyFuel Oct, 2008)

Image:Linear Power Tower 95x95.jpg

DOE Selects SkyFuel to Develop CSP - SkyFuel was awarded a grant by the U.S. Department of Energy to develop its advanced Concentrating Solar Power system known as the Linear Power Tower for utility-scale solar thermal power plants. LPT is a high-temperature linear Fresnel system with molten salt storage. (Renewable Energy Access Dec. 4, 2007)

SkyFuel's DOE grant will help develop solar technology - SkyFuel Inc., a solar startup, will receive a $435000 grant from the US Department of Energy to continue developing concentrating solar power (CSP) ... (, NC - Dec 3, 2007)

Pueblo Chieftain SkyFuel to use 'power tower,' salt to gather sun's energy - MONTE VISTA - Should SkyFuel decide to locate a 1000-megawatt solar power plant near Del Norte, the company hopes to use a new technology that would make ... (Pueblo Chieftain, CO - Dec 7, 2007)

Solar thermal draws grants - Four grants from the US Department of Energy totaling $2.5 million are going to Lakewood-based Abengoa Solar Inc., formerly known as Solucar, and SkyFuel ... (Denver Post, CO - Nov 30, 2007)

DOE To Fund $5.2 Million For CSP Development - ... Infinia in Kennewick, Wash. PPG Industries in Pittsburgh Skyfuel in New York Solar Millennium in Berkeley, Calif. and Solucar in Lakewood, Colo. ... (Alternative Energy Retailer magazine, CT - Nov 30, 2007)

EER Study: Concentrated Solar Power Gaining Traction - ... Solar Millennium, Abengoa Solar, Ausra, BrightSource Energy, SkyFuel and Stirling Energy Systems - which are looking to leverage their specialized ... (Solar Industry (press release), CT - Dec 12, 2007)

DOE to Invest More than $5 Million for Concentrating Solar Power - SkyFuel, Incorporated will develop a high-temperature CSP system, using linear Fresnel reflective technology, designed to use molten salt heat transfer ... (NewsBlaze, CA - Nov 29, 2007)


Great for Offsetting Summer Surges

On Dec. 14, 2007, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Advisor:Kenneth M. Rauen wrote:

In the least, the southwest can benefit from

something like this, as its electricity is produced

when the sun is shining, which also corresponds to air

conditioner use in the hotter times of the year.


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