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Site:Water/Fuel Converters Project

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The Water/Fuel Converters Project is specifically designed to clarify how hydrogen based fuels can be used to enhance carbon based fuels.


The purpose is to educate the general public about the simplicity of on-demand electrolysis technology and the ease of integration into already existing infrastructure. The project is designed to especially clarifiy the distinctions and commonalities between Brown's Gas, Rhodes Gas, Oxy-Hydrogen, HHO, and the production methods thereof. By providing information to aid in the understanding of these technologies a clear picture is forming about how each gas can be utilized in consideration of their respectively unique properties.

A main aspect of the project is to provide free information whereas other website attempt to capitalize on the situation. By presenting free information the general public now has the best possibility to become informed about how the near future of the energy industry will evolve. The concept of fuel enhancement is a topic of great interest to the general public, small business, and large corporate entities. Its popularity is growing quickly and clear, accurate information is a requirement for factual information to begin dissemination. The Water/Fuel Converters Project is leading the way in presenting the simple facts of a technology obscurely addressed by mainstream media.


PowerPedia:Noah Seidman is the creator of the Water/Fuel Converters Project. The idea was created during his college experience, and is continueously evolving as time passes.

The Project

The Water/Fuel Converters Project Homepage

Water Fuel LLC Company Homepage

Press Releases

A Hydrogen Based Fuel Enhancement Initiative

Consolidating Analysis of

Water Fuel LLC Produces A Novel Modeling of Electrolytic Automotive Fuel Enhancement Systems


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