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Site:This concept could harness free electricity from gravity and water

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Free and Clean Electricity Generation Project


This document outlines a concept and product that will produce free and environmentally friendly hydro-electric generation, for domestic and possibly industrial electricity.


I want to start an initiative that can revolutionise the world and possibly save the precious planet we all call our home. Yes it would probably be like fighting all the armies of the world, and many critics would say this is a dream or a claim to fame, No if that’s the case I wish to be anonymous. If no one else has made a start then I want to at least start to make difference, hopefully as more people get on board this project can become global. Included in this document is my concept and a diagram on how this could save everyone a lot of money. I don’t want any cash or fame from this I only want that this knowledge be freely available to everyone, and for anyone that is willing to help in getting this initiative going. No secrets just an open source forum and community.

The concept

This project is inspired from conspiracy theories, that Governments and Oil companies holding the public at ransom for energy sources that are now a basic necessary part of our lives. Some of these rumours lead us to believe that the oil companies have convinced car manufacturers to stop producing the cleaner and lower maintenance electric cars we were so promised a few years ago. The intention is to change people’s conception that fuel driven cars are the way to go, by introducing the guzzling Hummer, and flashy sports cars, and hoping that everybody has forgotten about the electric. There are no real concerns for the environment and the damage we are all guilty for, regarding the depletion of our resources, although they may at times pull the wool over our eyes with media stunts and press releases of how cleaner their fuel is and how they are reducing the pollution in the world, we have 20 or 30 years more of fuel left (more time for them to make money), business is the only importance as it drives the economy. How will this economy help us when the environment is gone? The truth is that, Oil tycoons are all in bed to drive, Sales, and their own pockets. They have by now all the money in the world to do whatever they please. Since money buys power, they have all the power. Governments are dependent on them since they get kickbacks and everyone else is also dependant on them. How come governments can drive oil companies and car companies to make cleaner fuels and cars (that still pollute anyways), but cannot drive them to create electric cars. Why is it that every person who has ever come up with an alternative energy source, either mysteriously disappeared, or had their ideas slandered, that this would never work or only makes the problem worst. In the case of the electric car they said it only shifts the pollution to another place (I believe it does make a difference). Instead of spreading the pollution by everyone using cars, reduce it to the one that is still there anyways(power stations) then work on solution to get rid of these PowerStation’s (hopefully the idea I have in mind can take care of this). Everyone Fights for Human rights, peace, oil, crime, or who can build the best in nuclear technology, etc. but no government ever signs a declaration for coming u with a cleaner free source of energy. Think of how much of money the world could save (and use for poverty) by creating a freely and cleanly available energy source from what the world has masses of, Water and gravity. So what if this necessity becomes freely available, yes they will lose out on a lot of money, but in a free and “open source? world crime is much lower. In my personal opinion I think that if they found a way to charge people for the air we breathe then they would.

Another rumour states that the American government has been in contact with extra terrestrials from the 1700’s. It states that ET’s have been providing the US government with technology for cleaner fuels and better use of our environment, and possibly anti gravitational vehicles, but the US Gov. obviously protect the oil companies and car manufacturers, and instead use this new technology to the benefits of their military, and pockets.

I started this website initiative in order of “open source.? Just like open source codes and programmes on the net. A place where everyone can contribute ideas and help one another to generate an efficient, free and clean power source for the human race, Creating forums for good positive and negative criticism. This initiative is not to create a source of income, get or make money, but create an initiative to the free and fair power that everyone deserves.

Image:Free eectricity.jpg
The Product

Looks confusing yup I know, although someone may say it’s dangerous or expensive, too big, or even will not work because of Newton or John’s law or whatever. This is just an idea, and it can work.

Think of a standard “generator? (yup the thingy they used in Cape Towns power outages), too much noise, yes, but what makes the noise? Not the generator but the engine that drives the generator. A "generator" and "motor" is essentially the same thing: what you call it depends on whether electricity is going into the unit or coming out of it.

A generator produces electricity. In a generator, something causes the shaft and armature to spin. An AC electric current is generated, as shown in the picture (lighting bolt).

Lots of things can be used to make a shaft spin - a pinwheel, a crank, a bicycle, a water wheel, a diesel engine, or even a jet engine. They're different sizes but it's the same general idea. It doesn't matter what's used to spin the shaft - the electricity that's produced is the same.

Let’s eliminate the noisy engine and only take the generator part to use in my idea. What this diagram is, is a simple contraption whereby water from a top reservoir(1) flows through a funnel shape using gravity to concentrate energy onto a Water wheel(3) and falls into the lower reservoir(2). This energy spins the water wheel (3) which is attached to two pulleys via a rod. The first pulley (7) drives a generator (8), or possibly more generators (9, 10).

The Second pulley(4) drives a water pump(5) which pumps water back into the top reservoir(1) via a tube(6) creating a never-ending cycle that is driven by gravity. This contraption is just to show the inner workings, but the shape can vary. Oh my gosh, wont the water evaporate? My original idea is that the lower reservoir should extend right to the top and seal the top reservoir to ensure the water doesn’t evaporate, or else this cycle would come to an end on a very hot day. The secret for this to work is to make sure that you maintain a balance between the water going down and the water being pumped up again (easily done by inserting an adjustable valve in-line). This contraption might look ugly in your yard, I agree, but so would your geyser. Because of the fluid nature of water, we could build something like this into a garage ceiling, or better still this could easily made into a fibreglass rock waterfall feature in the garden, that could conceal all the ugly looking parts, and leave only a spinning waterwheel. Noise Factor? Hmmm, how bad is the sound of running water compared to a generator that is costing petrol, especially since this will cost nothing but water to run. Couldn’t something like this save a household tones of $$$ to use on other things? If this device can generate enough power for every house to run on a free source of electricity thus saving everyone exorbitant electricity bills, I’d leave my computer TV and everything on just because I can afford to. If businesses and manufacturers could take an initiative they could possibly reduce their electricity bill drastically, just by making a bit of a bigger version. Do you think if they save on electricity with this contraption, the prices of everything could come down again? Hmm that’s a tough question, but one thing I know is that electrical companies could save a lot on replacing stolen cables, or even ugly looking dangerous pylons. Think ships, I’m sure they are big enough to have something like this fitted to charge batteries and go electric, this I‘m not sure of, but do the math, it could work. I’m no scientist, this is just an idea, and it could work. I just want the opportunity to give it a shot. If a plastic manufacturer or somebody that can help me design the parts, and possibly a generator manufacturer. The start up cost to design would be high but I’m sure with supply and demand the manufacturers of these components could end up making this very cheap to produce. Affordable even for people staying in the rural areas to have their own free source of electricity. Who knows maybe electric cars could make a good comeback well at least become a demand. With this we could all charge our electric cars for free at home go to work and our houses would run on free electricity, think of how much more we could save. How much could the world save, maybe the saved money could go for the much needed charities and much more useful things.

This concept is not to generate megawatts of power to run a city, but independent units to fuel individual buildings. The main component and problem I am faced with is to find a reliable generator/manufacturer to build one that is sufficient enough to sustain a daily household / business requirement. I would like to take this idea forward and hopefully see more people demanding something like this instead of more polluting alternates. Maybe the world will stop fighting for oil. Any other enhancements and ideas are welcome

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