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Site:Ron Wyatt - Wyatt Archaeological Research

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Wyatt Archaeological Research

Ambiguity - Chronology - Discovery

The Wyatt Family Website

Ron Wyatt Testimonial

Ron Wyatt's Story of the Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant

The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant

Ark of the Covenant - Crucifixion of Christ

James Pinkoskie Documentation - Significant

The Ark of the Covenant by Mary Nell Wyatt - Originally published in Ron Wyatt's newsletter in Fall of 1996

Public Domain - Ron Wyatt Discoverer of Noah's Ark

Ron Wyatt's Discovery of the Exodus - Part 2 - Mary Nell Wyatt

The Red Sea Crossing

Ron Wyatt's Story of the Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant - Online Book Written by Mrs. Ron (Mary Nell) Wyatt - Ron's Wife

Danny and Ronnie - Ron Wyatt's Sons Discuss Their Experiences and Their Father

The Discovery of Noah's Ark

Discovery Noah's Ark Videos

Noah's Ark Book by Ron Wyatt

Ron Wyatt's Discovery of Sodom, Gomorrah, and the Cities of the Plain

An Amazing Artifact from Solomon's Temple, Discovered by Ron Wyatt, Given to the Israeli Museum for all to see

Amazing Bible Discoveries

Blackened Peak of the Real Mount Sinai Found by Ronald Eldon Wyatt

Anchor Stone International

Video Documentation

Biblical Archaeological Discoveries

Ark Discovery Video Documentation

Wyatt Archaeological Research Videos

Archaeological Highlights of Ron Wyatt's Discoveries in Israel - Zedekiah's Cave

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Archaeologist Ron Wyatt's sons Danny and Ronnie Wyatt back in Israel - 2007

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Ron Wyatt & Sons Interviewed After Release from Saudi Arabian Captivity


Corroborating Documentation

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The Mark of the Beast

The technology, structure and system of the “Mark of the Beast,” are already “in place” and can be activated at a moment’s notice. All that is necessary for its implementation, is for the “man of perdition” to compel everyone to accept (make a choice) his offer. The technology is comprised of UPC barcode applications on all items involved in distribution, sale, acquisition and consumption. It is already ubiquitous and apparent to everyone who buys and sells commodities, food stuffs, and merchandise appropriate to all. The UPC barcode has embedded within it the 666 signature, the left, middle and right barcode lines are the number 6, thus signifying the orientation, format, and nature of the numerical sequence within the process (pricing, distribution, availability).

Genetically modified Food engineered to modify Humanity, genetically, materially and ideologically, is already “in place” and is already being consumed by everyone who ingests these items as food, such as GMO corn, rice, potatoes, as well as all dairy products that have GMO items fed to cows, cattle, and livestock. The GMO Corn byproducts are then transferred into High Fructose Corn Syrup and translated as additives to other food byproducts such as cereals, candy, sweeteners, for soft drinks, fountain drinks and commercial applications as packaged goods (potato chips, etc.,). Genetically Modified Food is already replacing Creator originating-replicating seed (food) stocks with Terminator Seeds (Monsanto and other Chemical firms) which grow only once, thus needing to be replaced/renewed, the ultimate monopoly system of totalitarian control.

RFID chips are already being used (embedded) to track merchandise, animals and some individuals who elect to have it implanted physically within their bodies. These RFID chips will become the defacto currency, commerce and logistics system for the entire global community, when the “man of perdition” reveals himself and compels everyone to adhere to the new economic global structure.


Photos of the Ark of the Covenant Excavation Site