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Wyatt Archaeological Research (Updated)

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Wyatt Archaeological Research - Wyatt Museum

The Cave of Machpelah Mary Nell Wyatt - Wyatt News Letters

The Cave of Machpelah Ron Wyatt - Ark Discovery]


'It is of interest to me personally that the graves and their location have not yielded the physical remains of the Patriarchs no mention has ever been made of the ossuaries (containing the bones) of Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob, not to mention Moses and his family, and for that matter Joseph (second only to Pharaoh) which were carried out of Egypt by Moses during the Exodus, or Noah and his family in Turkey (near the “mountains of Ararat”). My interest extends from my belief, that when Messiah resurrected in 33AD, He brought with Him, all of the Patriarchs, and those that honored God (of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) bodily out of their resting places, appearing (with them for a period of time) in human form as a testimony among the people of Israel. After which, they bodily went up with Messiah to Paradise (Heaven). Pure conjecture, not really, since the scriptures reveal and allude to the Messiah’s power to resurrect the very elect of God (of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob). '

The Cave at Machpelah (Burial Site of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, their families (Wives, Friends and Family) Documentation: Documentation Location

'While ‘evidentiary’ evidence is lacking due to the lack of the physical presence of the Patriarchs, we have primary source documented ‘historical evidence’ in the form of artifacts, and the actual locations of the ‘physical’ evidence of the results of contact with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is indisputable (to me) that Ronald Eldon Wyatt , did indeed locate (1) Noah’s Ark in Turkey (2) Sodom and Gomorrah (on the plains of the Dead Sea in Israel) (3) the actual crossing site of the Children of Israel, who were led by Moses out of [ Egypt at the Gulf of Aqaba (4) the actual location of Mount Sinai (within Saudi Arabia) where God spoke with Moses directly. The “mountain of God” was found by Ron Wyatt, and that information was given to the Saudi Government, who promptly secured it. Actual pictures exist, showing the Mountain peak is black from (carbon) smoke, including altars that were erected by the children of Israel within that very location, including pens for animals. But most important of all---the Rock at Horeb where millions of gallons of water exploded forth splitting the sixty (60) foot Rock, carving channels into the very bed rock of that area. All of this can be viewed by the naysayers, doubters and obfuscators on Google Earth. The truth is indeed “out there,” and in plain site/sight.'

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