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William Boyce Thompson: The Copper Magnate Who Funded The Russian Revolution by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


William Boyce Thompson is unknown to most Americans, but he was one of the richest persons living in America at the turn of the previous century. He was worth $400 million (in 1917 dollars) and was a significant speculator in copper mining stocks, one of the best in the business. His success enabled him to broker influence among the rich and famous, ultimately landing himself a role in the Federal Reserve, as a Class B director of the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

Thompson was the founder of the Newmont Mining Corporation.

But more importantly, he played a significant role in the Russian Revolution, funding the Bolsheviks to the tune of $ 1,000,000.00 (in 1917 dollars). His goal was to make of Russia a captive technical colony of the United States, specifically, to the special interests on Wall Street.

Antony C. Sutton provides significant mention, regarding this in his book, 'Wall Street and The Bolshevik Revolution:' William Boyce Thompson did all of this while still a Class B director of the Federal Reserve.

In private email discussions with Dr. Sutton, he complimented me on my knowledge of William Boyce Thompson, stating that when he received emails regarding "William Boyce Thompson," he felt vindicated that his efforts to provide the data regarding this subject-matter were not falling on deaf ears. Dr. Sutton provided significant source documentation from State Department Decimal Files and from private correspondence (internal papers, documents from the 1917-18 period of the Russian Revolution).

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'"Historians must never forget that Woodrow Wilson, despite the efforts of the British police, made it possible for Leon Trotsky to enter Russia with an American passport." '


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