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Wiki-Leaks Historical Documentation by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor




'Gov. Mike Huckabee: "If we want to keep our Nation's Secrets, we should store them where President Obama stores his college transcripts and birth certificate"'


WikiLeaks Documents Prove Saddam Had WMD Threats (April 20, 2011)

The Doha Debates on Wiki-Leaks

New WikiLeaks Cables Show US Diplomats Promote Genetically Engineered Crops Worldwide


Because of the massive control paradigm that has been erected by our current US Government, we have no rational basis to form a logical comprehensive analysis regarding US policy within the global community.

In simple terms, our media is highly leveraged and absolutely controlled. We no longer have ‘free’ press, and the media is a product of ‘universal’ corporatism. We no longer know who controls what, or who is making decisions that affect our daily lives. Hence the arrival of WikiLeaks upon the global horizon. The fact that the US Government under Obama/Clinton/Democratic Control is voicing their objection to the leaks, is a good indication in and of itself, that something is radically wrong with the present paradigm.

These leaks, while highly unusual and therefore suspect, indicate that there are those in officialdom, who are objecting to the current policies, and allowing those objections to be heard. These leaks would be meaningless, if the American public fully believed their ‘official’ reports, these leaks clearly indicate that they do not. Information therefore has become a premium, and it is therefore suspect.

An open society requires open objectives, necessitating revelations, but what we have is information or rather the continuance of ‘disinformation’ not the normal attribute of a qualified objective news reporting system. We no longer know what is happening from one end of the country to the other. We no longer have qualified information from quality news organizations. We are relying on the Internet, emails and our connectedness with each other for general information regarding subject-matter pertinent to us all.

Wikileaks cable reveals U.S. conspired to retaliate against European nations if they resisted GMOs

Leaked Cable Ignored By Mainstream Media: Hike Food Prices To Boost GM Crop Approval In Europe

Wikileaks Cables Claim U.S. Supporting Egyptian Revolution

Julian Assange: The 60 Minutes Interview Part 1 Part 2 Overtime

The fact that the elite are objecting to this kind of ‘private’ news from coalescing, indicates that these ‘private’ measures on the part of our nationwide community, are actually right on point, and therefore objectionable, from their viewpoint. In the following video which provoked Leaker Manning to contact WikiLeaks, the footage launched foreign reporters to provide the following:



In the above documentary, WikiLeaks reported a disturbing incident, that became an embarrassment, and it became a revelation that incidents of this nature are indeed apparent. It demanded at the very least accountability, disclosure, and a humanitarian gesture on the part of the US Military, for any and all collateral harm inflicted upon the noncombatants, those who were not engaged in the war. Civilian casualty is a fact of war, as is collateral damage, but the leaked film footage provides serious lack of protocol on the part of those doing the (shooting) targeting. Such incidents are provocative, incite retaliation, and may lead to further military action in the future, thereby prolonging the war.



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Julian Assange Arrested by Scotland Yard


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WikiLeaks: U.S. Spied on NATO's Top Official

February 11, 2011, CBS News/Associated Press

Leaked U.S. diplomatic cables appear to show that the United States has been snooping on NATO's top official using secret sources on his own staff. Confidential cables from the U.S. mission to NATO released [on February 11] by WikiLeaks, ... said American diplomats received information on the private conversations of Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen from "a member of the NATO international staff." Instead of the staffer's name, the phrase "strictly protect" was inserted in a cable dated Sept. 10, 2009. The cable dealt with Fogh Rasmussen's proposal to improve ties with Russia by establishing contacts with the Collective Security Treaty Organization, a Russia-dominated security alliance. The cable was signed off by U.S. ambassador Ivo Daalder. There has been no known [previous] case in the past of a nation spying on the secretary-general.