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What is Truth?

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


What is Truth?'For me Truth is evidence, documentation, references, that corroborate testimony, accusation, and empirical proof, substantiating criteria determining the structured thinking of professionals involving significant schools of professional standards and thought, whether it is police work, the scientific method, or professional opinion. Critical thinking involves the verification of the evidence, corroborating proofs and adherence to the scientific methodology available to every significant profession dealing with ‘evidentiary standards,’ whether it be in forensics, lab work or measurement technologies. These all deal with empirical proof, based on observation and examination within the milieu of professionally accepted standards.But what happens when there are ‘standards’ that cannot be based on ‘observation’ as the ‘corroborating proof’ criteria, such as the ‘foundations of physics’ or the ‘ELS codes of Harold Gans?’ <pesn type= How does one prove a ‘non-observable’ and by what criteria? For that matter, how does one prove the existence of God (life, spirit, wind) which require proofs in the form of ‘signs or signals’ as the only empirical evidentiary proof as substantiation? These are the exact questions that initiated the research activity of Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell and Nikola Tesla. Their discoveries were so novel that they provoked indeed necessitated the introduction of the quantum theory by our modern physicists. Fortunately all of the ground work has been accomplished for all of us, and the documentation is readily available for all those who diligently search for it, due to the technology available to all of us (Search engines and the knowledgebase provided by the information age.). The only impediment being the political correctness of the prevailing dogma, impeding ‘novelty of fact’ criteria.' 'The ‘novelty of fact’ of the Quantum Theory necessitated the novel creation of new schools of thought which had to be articulated (formed and structured) under the auspices of the Solvay Conferences, bringing together like-minded physicists who would communicate the ‘new science’ within a newer ‘reference’ involving the topology of a novel ‘group theory’ involving ‘quantum mechanics’ and the higher math necessary as a unification of the novel discoveries uncovered by its membership. For an example, ‘string theory’ necessitated the topology of eleven (11) dimensions and multiply connected ‘space-time.’ The problem being: how does one articulate any of this, unless, evidence is provided, demonstrating activity outside of the ‘time domain?’Moses and GenesisWithin Jewish and Christian circles, and to some degree, also within Muslim circles, Moses is recognized as the actual ‘author’ of the Book of Genesis. Even to this day Moses is still revered as a ‘Prophet,’ in Saudi Arabia. Moses writing in ‘Hebrew’ wrote within a structured format detailing ‘events’ that had not yet occurred at the time of his original ‘writing’ while stationed at Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia (Jebel el Lawz). Moses a well-educated ‘prince of Egypt,’ the son of Hebrews living within Egypt encountered a ‘novelty of fact’ when he recognized an interdimensional ‘anomaly,’ a Deity, known to him as “I Am that I Am,” referred by many today as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Five (5) Books of Moses are a historical fact, about historical events and facts that both preceded his own existence and detailed events that would occur after his eventual death. How could this be, that Moses was able to provide details historically accurate and historically precise, when he himself had no personal knowledge or foresight regarding the events personally?The only answer that is plausible to me (personally),---the Deity exists outside of the ‘time domain’ existing outside of the “Creation” itself----and therefore recognizes the entire ‘construct’ of the ‘Creation’ as separate and distinct as a perpetual ‘event’ or ‘motion’ that the Creator ‘recognizes’ at once in its ‘totality,’ in essence ‘knowing’ in perpetuity without limitation or dimensional constraint, incorporating a mathematical precision, cognizable and thus recognizable by those who deign to investigate the Creator’s authorship and authenticity. Thus Moses as the “Deity’s” scribe wrote as instructed incorporating the precision of the Hebrew language and the foreknowledge of the Deity Himself, recognizable by modern humans today as mathematically accurate---but more importantly verified by ‘coded’ messages hidden directly within the Torah itself---identifiable only within the Masoretic Hebrew texts, all of this coming at a time in human history when faith in the Deity is in short supply. If this doesn’t blow your mind, then nothing will.The Hebrew Tanakh (Masoretic text only) and the Torah (Masoretic text only) confirm that “Jesus” is indeed “Emanuel,” and if you are looking for an “Extraterrestrial” or a “signal” [Sign"></pesn> look no further than the Torah/Tanakh itself---for embedded within the text itself are the ‘Gematria’ providing evidence of the hidden hand of the Creator and Author of the Creation itself. How then did the Jews living in and at Jerusalem during the time of Jesus Christ, know that He would be riding on a colt of an ass into Jerusalem on a particular date, day and time---unless it had been foretold for them already within the Tanakh/Torah---that the Messiah would be entering Jerusalem---on that particular day, date and time period---think about it---and if that doesn’t blow your mind---nothing will.ISIS/ISIL refer to Christians and Jews as the ‘people of the Book’---and I might also add---everyone that has proceeded from the loins of Abraham are also ’people of the Book’---which includes the Arab (Muslim) Nations as well. Abraham is known as the father of many nations---having received the promise that his children would be as numerous as the sands and stars of the Creation---an imponderable and innumerable quantity. Prior to Edwin Hubbell this appeared to be an implausible possibility---we now know that the stars just like the sands of all the seashores upon the Earth are indeed innumerable, for it was Edwin Hubble who discovered the existence of the Andromeda Galaxy completely outside of our own Milky Way via the Cepheid Variable and the Standard Candle.The Jews---the ‘children of the Book’ have indeed been blessed (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) despite their backsliding, having persisted throughout history, creating consternation and mayhem, in an effort to fulfill their perceived role as “God’s Chosen People”---notwithstanding their desire to create the perfect environment for the “Messiah.” Likewise the Arab Muslims---also the ‘children of the Book’ have indeed been blessed (Abraham) having persisted throughout history, creating consternation and mayhem, in an effort to fulfill their perceived role as paving the way for the “MAHDI.” The Christians---the ‘children of the Book’ have remained a steadfast wedge betwixt the two direct descendants of Abraham throughout human history---via their message of Jesus Christ written within the Gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke and John). Had the descendants of Isaac and Jacob (Israel) adhered to the teachings of Moses (Torah/Tanakh) they would have recognized their “Messiah,” when He came 2,000+ years ago, instead the twelve (12) tribes of Jacob (Israel) were broken up and dispersed. They did not---suffering for their failure via the Babylonian captivity and the Roman destruction of Jerusalem (Temple) and their complete dispersal throughout the Roman Empire and beyond. Jesus himself warned that all this would happen until---the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled---which is NOW. Henry Makow alludes to the prevailing difficulty inherent within Jewish circles when he addresses the fact that Jews today worship an Egregore and not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Gematria and Torah Codes confirm the ultimate Truth---in reference to the hidden messages---as they were written down by Moses as instructed by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. If you want to know why Jewish Scribes throughout human history were instructed to follow the precise Hebrew (Masoretic) texts of the Torah/Tanakh---because the Message came directly from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob from outside of the ‘time-domain.’ He already knew the End----from the Beginning.'

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