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Site:LRP:Weather Engineering

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Weather Engineering by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


:What Those Climate Geniuses Aren't Telling You Bob Unruh - - June 14, 2015

'A.C. Griffith, discussing the Covert Aerosol Program'


Obama Ordered DHS to Control Hurricanes

Obama Ordered DHS to Control Hurricanes ~ Melissa Melton - October 30, 2012]

'''Weather Manipulation Between Two Ages Zbigniew Brzezinski -

Vandalism in the Sky

Weather Weapon of Mass Destruction

'Weather As A Force Multiplier - Owning The Weather In 2025'

'Cloud Seeding, Fracking, HAARP'

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Chemtrails - Finally Proven

Chemtrails Finally Proven

Air Force Chemtrails Whistleblower

Luke Rudkowski interviews Kristen Meghan

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The Engineering of Rain by Trevor James Constable

'The Engineering of Rain by Trevor James Constable'

Etheric Rain Engineering by Trevor James Constable

'Etheric Rain Engineering by Trevor James Constable'

Trevor James Constable Playlist

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'Times of India - Trevor James Constable'

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Cloudbusters & Cloudbusting

'James DeMao's Research Website'

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Site:LRP:CHEMTRAILS:The Control Paradigm: From the SKY

Video on Wilhelm Reich

The People and the Congress of the United States are powerless to stop Chemtrail activity. Those that have tried (Kucinich) have had their bills (chemtrails) removed/altered and then they themselves have been removed from office. So if the People and the US Congress is powerless to prevent chemtrail activity in the sky, then who is or are the real rulers and power within the United States. If Congress can't help, then why do we need Congress?

Site:LRP:CHEMTRAILS:The Control Paradigm: From the SKY

Chemtrails Poison From the Skies

Chenmtrails Over America [

Conspiracy Theories in American History ~ Chemtrails over America

Chemtrails - US Military Continues To Spray Chemical-Laden Skytrails

Flight Radar Commercial Aircraft (24) Hour Sequence

Chemtrails in the Sky & The New Microbes

GeoEngineering Watch

'''The Carnicom Institute (GeoEngineering Institute & Morgellens Data)

Ten Years into the Chemtrail Wars - The Breakdown Of The Immune System

Chemtrails: Special Report: Chemical and Biological Test on Human Beings: 2.19.03

Extremism: Prof. Richard Parncutt: Global Warming Deniers Should Be Given The Death Penalty


Weather Control is no Myth: Scientists Engineer Thunderstorms over Abu Ahabi

Laser Based Weather Control is already an active agenda Globally

Site:LRP:Weather Engineering is fact, not fiction. Nick Begich (a member of the influential Begich family of Alaska) and Jeane Manning (friend of John C. Bedini and an adviser to the NEC) co-wrote a book in 1997 which provided insight into Tesla technology enabling just such capability. At the macro level of control, the ionosphere can be manipulated (heated and energized) to conduct hidden variations in weather patterns via a variety of protocols, among them the redirection/alteration of the Jet Stream and the generation of earthquakes defined by Tesla and perfected via the Eastlund patents. To be sure the United States has not experienced normal weather patterns for the past and recent ten (10) years. Nikola Tesla a humanitarian provided his technologies to benefit mankind – intended as a defensive shield, but his intent was redirected, weaponized <pesn type= and ultimately reorganized as an offensive shield. Ultimately that technology came under the purview of the control paradigm worldwide. Global Warming or Climate Change (so-called) is a man-made phenomenon. Engineered specifically to control humanity ["></pesn> and used as a novel protocol to provide the basis for carbon taxes and credits within the new feudalism of the power elite, as was revealed by George Washington Hunt.