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While the people of the United States are distracted by the Obama Administration and their Socialist Agenda for the United States, a serious effort is being made to control the United States water supply by significant opportunists, corporate socialists and world leaders, intent on subverting the American people.

Water is more important than oil, coal, shale, wind, thermal and nuclear power combined. It is the most fundamental element of the entire Universe, for it contains properties beyond the scope of human intelligence and understanding. What we have learned about water is most intriguing. And deserves serious and significant examination.

Fundamentally, without water, all life-forms begin to die, and ultimately will die unless hydrated and liquid water absorbed within tissue, cell structure and fibrous plant structure. Water enables photosynthesis and the manufacture of sugar in plant life via chlorophyll and direct sunlight, thus enabling all plants to breathe, which enables human beings to breathe as well, via the production of oxygen. As plants produce oxygen, human life produces carbon dioxide and continues a never ending cycle of exchange, within the intricate balance of sustained natural life on this planet. Eliminate all plant life upon the Earth, both on land and in the oceans and waterways, and human beings together with animal life will cease to exist in short order.

Human beings require water to enable the process of cleansing the internal cell structure of their bodies, Water crystals are uniquely designed to pick up contaminants within the individual cells of the human body, thus enabling the cells to function properly and efficiently. The removal of unwanted obstruction within the cell walls can only be accomplished with water that is pure in crystalline form. Recently it has been established that ’clustered water’ in it purest form enables maximum cleansing of the human cell structure. Water hydration enables blood flow, body chemistry, and the electro-chemical system of the body to engage properly and efficiently. Properly hydrated, the human body retains and also regains its proper strength and stamina.

This is all accomplished by water in its purest form, untainted, and unmolested by extraneous and extra ordinary intervention via external factors deliberately arranged and structured by secret human intervention, hidden from the general public.

Modern methods of water delivery to human populations deliberately include the addition of toxic chemicals, and additives, which actually kill the human cell structure and debilitate (medicate) the human brain. Water is being deliberately altered for hidden purposes and hidden objectives, unbeknown to the American population. And unless the American water supply is safeguarded and tended to properly, we are in serious jeopardy as a nation.

What most people drink is DEAD WATER, stale and immobile, thus creating an unconscious water, unable to facilitate maximum efficiency in its ability to heal the human body. As Victor Schauberger has demonstrated, water must be ALIVE, constantly moving, mobile and actively restructuring itself in order to facilitate LIFE. The natural world provides for the continuous movement of water, such as springs, streams, rivers and oceans, with their continuous rivers of currents, which sustain the life blood of this planet, enabling the maintenance of a continuous equilibrium. Upset that equilibrium, and nature alters its course, restructures, and rehabilitates in order to regain equilibrium, upsetting the normal and previous order, in some cases permanently. The movement of water is fundamental for life on this planet.

Aside from the natural and normal attributes of water as a resource for human and plant consumption, water is actually MYSTERIOUS, and is fundamentally UNKNOWN, having qualities and properties that defy human intelligence.

Dr. Lee Lorenzen - The Resonance of Water

Structured Water

The Power & Simplicity of Water: Victor Schauberger

Brown's Gas

My first encounter with Tom Bearden, was via a presentation to him of my original findings regarding “water”. His response to me, produced a significant examination of his theoretical perspective regarding the nature of highly specialized ‘engines.’ His revelation produced a lifelong desire to understand the intricate nature of the hidden variables factored within the construct of the ‘Creation’ and its significant attributes.

As a member of the New Energy Congress, I was given a unique opportunity to resolve my questions, when I was tasked to visit with Tom in 2006 at his home in Huntsville, Alabama. That relationship continues today, and I have sustained a significant knowledgebase because of the generosity and openness provided by Tom Bearden.

For those interested in my research papers regarding that relationship, it is available on my profile page at the NEC in part II which deals with the nature of energy and systems based on energy transformation (freely derived from energy without fuel) by inventors (Nikola Tesla, John Bedini, and Tom Bearden, etc.,).

Jacques Benveniste

We now know that Jacques Benveniste was correct regarding the "Memory of Water." The Naysayers were obfuscators and delayed the knowledge regarding the physics of water, which was suppressed by the French Government. This kind of brutality has been experienced, continuously throughout history, for time immemorial, ie., Site:LRP:Cold Fusion, Blacklight Power, etc, etc.

The most interesting discovery, is that a significant attribute of water, is that it has a MEMORY. It remembers, it can encode information, and more importantly, it can transfer information.

Jacque Benveniste “The Memory of Water”

“Excellent documentary about the late Dr Jacques Benveniste (1935-2004), a French Government scientist and pioneer of laboratory research into homeopathy. This was to be his downfall as he was pilloried by the French scientific establishment. Dr. Benveniste is famously known for his theory of the 'memory of water' which he used to explain homeopathy.”

'Jacque Benveniste: Labeled a Heretic: He was obfuscated and Destroyed'


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Water Has Memory

Water Has Memory is probably the most important discovery regarding water, since it explains several significant points. Water retains information, transmits information, and therefore water itself contains information, which is transmitted to those who receive it. This is important, pertaining to water treatment, and its ultimate usage by those who receive it. The manner in which water is treated, determines how it will effect the user. Nature appears to be a significant graphical user interface. The "intent" of the user is a significant factor and a deliberate impact upon our natural environment.

Documentation: Recent Discovery Shows Water Has A Memory

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This has serious implication regarding our modern method of water purification.

Using chemicals to purify water, such as chlorine and fluoride is not only harmful, but it can remain active within the memory of water, long after it has been diluted and actually removed from the water supply. A far better method of water purification would be the use of ozone, used as a gas injected directly into water, thus killing all harmful bacteria and viruses. Since water is gaseous, the ozone can be easily removed from the water, filtered and then used harmlessly by the general population.

Water as Fuel

Site:LRP:Stanley Meyer - The Water Fuel Cell

From Brown’s Gas <pesn type= to Stanley Meyer" str=" (not forgetting Andrea Puharich" str="it is acknowledged that “Water As Fuel” is no longer a Jules Verne novella, ["></pesn> but an established fact. Via the rearrangement of the water molecule and the correct understanding of the circuit formula (resonance vs. frequency) it is understood that water can now be used economically to power motorized vehicles. With the imposed (enforced) radical global warming/climate gate protocols upon the Western world, the use of these technologies will enable a smooth transition to water based fuel protocols.

Andrea Puharich:

Stanley Meyer:

Glenn Beck:

Jay Leno:




Stanley Meyer Documentation [


Cold Fusion


Cold Fusion once ridiculed and much maligned, is not going away. It has consistently been verified by highly placed sources both within the US continent and on the European mainland. Cold Fusion more correctly known as low energy nuclear reactions continues to remain a much investigated ‘technology.’ Gene Mallove <pesn type= was murdered, just before he was to initiate full scale production research. He was murdered on his family’s property in Connecticut shortly after giving an interview on a Canadian Broadcasting Company news program. His killers were never identified, nor brought to justice. His death remains a complete mystery. There is sufficient documentation regarding the actual LENR-CANR ["></pesn> reactions, that anyone can view and study. An annual symposium meets once each year so that qualified researchers can compare progress and notes.

The War on Cold Fusion - The Hidden Truth Exposed: [

Jean-Louis Naudin’s Cold Fusion Research Verifications:

Blacklight Power

Blacklight Power founded by [ Randell Lee Mills and based in New Jersey is probably the most important research facility, since the creation of nuclear energy. Dr. Mills demonstrated a superior ‘novelty of fact’ when he lowered the ground state of the hydrogen atom, and in the process not only discovered a new form of matter known as the hydrino but demonstrated a significant ‘novelty of theory’ form of energy demonstrated as a form of plasma. Dr. Mills having been much maligned by significant US government intervention from the State and Commerce Departments, nonetheless received significant support from other well placed sources of influential power groups.

Article Congratulating Dr. Mills: The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics:

John Kanzius - Salt Water Burns




John Kanzius while looking for a cancer cure, <pesn type= discovered that saltwater can burn. ["></pesn> This was a very interesting ‘novelty of fact’ and essentially is a novel building block to a paradigm shaping ‘novelty of theory’ application. A discovery of this magnitude is significant because it allows for a major possibility to alter the world’s energy resource from fossil fuels to the more abundant saltwater laden oceans of planet Earth, which cover roughly 2/3 of the Earth's surface.

Water Documentary



When I checked EK and his references among them, I noticed that James Randi (the Magician) was now the spokesman for the organization. Randi’s name rang a bell, concerning Jacques Benveniste.

On my Site:LRP:Water page I provide detailed information pertaining to water – and its critical importance to human life, in many, many ways. My first contact with Thomas Eugene Bearden was via an email regarding his analysis of water “The Structure of Water: A View from 4-Space.” – was my response to his work. I was just getting my feet “wet” regarding the subject-matter of water.

Jacques Benveniste while examining the anomaly associated with homeopathy discovered that when a foreign chemical was removed from water via a series of dilutions, to the point of complete physical removal with no possible trace of its previous existence within the water—the memory of the foreign chemical still remained within the water as if it still physically remained in the water itself. This was so profound to him, that as a scientist, he was determined to publish his findings in Nature—a peer reviewed magazine for the science community. John Maddox refused to publish until he could investigate the matter as is recorded in the following link: The investigation was a complete sham—a witch-hunt, with an already predetermined analysis, that what Benveniste discovered was complete nonsense, based on error, or a practical joke played by one of his lab technicians. Maddox and Randi were determined to expose fraud and in the process label Benveniste a quack scientist.

Jacque Benveniste attempted to share his findings at Stamford University and at the Cavandish Laboratory—all to no avail—the damage had already been done. Within a few short years his life ruined and his profession destroyed-- Benveniste was found dead. Were it not for his wife—his young child would have been orphaned. The message is clear—the control paradigm did not want this information out. It was too powerful for people to know this information—for it would expose the agenda of the control paradigm.

As it turns out Jacque Benveniste was correct: water does have a memory, as is attested by the research of others:

Water Has Memory Documentation:

The reason why the "Control" paradigm does not want this information to be made available to the general public, is because it has a good [positive] side and a bad [negative] side. The information can be used to kill us all, without even knowing about it, or it can bless us with good health and a long life.

My advise to Inventors of merit--Do not seek so-called "peer-review" for it has been a sham and a trap for anyone who discovers 'novelty of fact" "novelty of theory"

energy systems. For if it is significant, it will be sequestered, weaponized and deleted from the memory of history (Patent reversal or Top Secreted). If you attempt to publish your significant findings in so-called "peer-reviewed" trade papers - you will be labeled a heretic or worse, marginalized and possibly even assume room temperature.

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