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Walter Burien/CAFR Another Aspect Of The Control Paradigm by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor










'Unbeknown to most hardworking Americans living within their State, Federal and Local districts throughout the United States are CAFR Reports that reveal hidden investment strategies that have sequestered one third of all their tax payments and have been placed in hidden ongoing investment accounts that have accumulated trillions upon trillions of dollar investments.'

'Walter Burien has kept a detailed inventory of these CAFR Reports revealing that they do exist. The question remains: "For whom do they exist? And why are they ongoing? If these accounts do exist, then why aren't they used to pay off our huge debt, so that we can get out from under the $9 Trillion debt that is hamstringing the United States economy and its people? Something to think about!'


George Noory Interview of Walter Burien -- Significant and Important

Contributions to CAFR1: 02/14/13 through 02/14/14.

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Ending Taxation In America - Now Possible

'Are You Ready For Real Change?'

Wikipedia has Destroyed ANY Reference to Walter Burien

There is a concerted effort to destroy Walter Burien, his identity, his record, and his work. Please take note of his biography. Wikipedia, which is supposed to be a universal people based information tool, has become a disinformation target.


Documented Links: Help People Now




According to Walter Burien your State, Local and Federal Governments are keeping two (2) sets of Books, thereby hiding the truth from you, the taxpayer. Secretly, Governments have taken over the entire (complete) investment portfolio of the nation, while showing you the taxpayer, they are in need of your tax dollars to maintain themselves.

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This is the biggest news to hit the airwaves since radio was invented, and you're not hearing about you want to know why? Then read on...(below).


A Debt Free City Led By An 88 Year Old Woman


Walter Burien - The Biggest Game in Town

Walter Burien speaking with George Noory (Coast To Coast Radio Program) was suddenly cut off, after two (2) hours, just before he was to reveal the most incriminating documentation regarding government wealth, corruption and subject-matter related to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (each and every state, federal and local government).



Back in the 1980s Walter Burien discovered a significant (hidden) anomaly, a fact so serious, that if revealed would awaken the righteous indignation of every living man, women and child on the American continent. His discovery, revealed a hidden strategy, run by oligarchs, who using the machinery of government, surreptitiously siphoned off the wealth of the people of the United States, under the color and guise of capitalism, which in reality is "state" capitalism, used by these self-serving oligarchs, for their own hidden agenda and secret purposes, known only to themselves. The American middle class was forced to fund, these activities, via their taxes, and their labor. Property taxes were used to fund and finance their strategy of control over those being taxed, primarily, while sales taxes, and user fees (tolls and licenses) added more funds for private investments, enabling a lifestyle, that far surpassed the fiefdoms of all of the empires previously recorded in modern history. Additional funding was extracted from the people, via mandatory (by law) funding via insurance fees, (homes, cars, liability, life, and now via Obama, health insurance). The other side of the equation of control, prevented the average American, those funding these extravagant investments, from benefiting from the ownership of those investments, via the control of all stock market transactions by a little known company directly under their control. This information was deliberately withheld from the people of the United States, so that the strategy of such control could continue unabated and unencumbered.


Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) The Unknown Company

In brief, they process the vast majority of all stock transactions in the United States as well as for many other countries. And - and that's the real interesting part - 99% of all stocks in the U.S. appear to be legally owned by them.


Walter Burien's Revelation Regarding the "H1N1" Patents


Without Walter Burien’s significant revelation, none of this would have surfaced, and no one would have been the wiser. We have been massively abused, indeed raped and pillaged on a scale far grander and more magnificent than even Genghis Kahn, Attila the Hun, and the Roman Emperors combined could ever have envisioned for themselves. Assuming that the strategy of these oligarchs has been achieved since the early 1980s and continued till the present, it is safe to assume, that these hidden ‘investment’ strategies have garnered $$$ Trillions $$$ of dollars for those lucky to have been a party to the strategy and the deception.

Walter Burien has provided detailed and elaborate documentation regarding these hidden activities. And he has been a vocal proponent of uncovering this subterfuge via detailed references, both printed and stated from a variety of sources enabling the average American to familiarize themselves with this grand deception.

The point that I’m making by presenting this documentation, is that the taxes being extracted from the American public, were used not to benefit the taxpayer, but to enable those in power, under the color of law, and the color of government, to continue their control over "we the people" forcing "we the people" to remain ‘poor’ while these oligarchs became the de facto rulers over "we the people." All of this transpired, without our knowledge, and without our ‘consent.’

In essence the wealth of the United States originated from the extraction of monies mandated by government (state, local, federal) from its "citizens," and then used for purposes of control, that does not benefit those "citizens" at all. None of the proceeds from those investments funded the "citizens" (state, local, federal) or their needs (roads, communities, infrastructure).

So where do the $$$Trillions$$$ of Dollars go to, from those 'investments,' I asked Walter Burien recently, via a private phone conversation?

Walter Burien, by nature is a skilled (trained) investment strategist, having a nomenclature that is difficult at best to follow, but I will extrapolate from our recent conversation: "Governments by law are not allowed to own more that 5% of any financial entity, but they get around this by sharing their resources, and then pooling their influence." A State is comprised of municipalities, towns, cities, counties, each of which are allowed to own 5% of a financial entity (stock in a company, corporation, financial institution), thus enabling them collectively, to actually control those investments absolutely, (select, elect, nominate, members of the board of directors) thus weaving together a fabric of control that extends (soup to nuts) not just financially, but politically as well. This is fundamentally, absolute control, over the entire fabric of life.

In essence, these (hidden) oligarchs control, every aspect of the machinery and mechanism of everyday life of every "citizen" living within our state and local governments. They accrue all the benefits of control, while those being ‘controlled’ have to work to maintain the very controls being used against them.

These oligarchs accomplish their agenda of control via hidden layers of surrogates, who are well paid for their accomplishments. These surrogates are the law firms, investment firms, and advisers who are preselected (Harvard, Yale, Columbia, etc.,) to manage this entire superstructure. Their reward for such loyalty, is a lifestyle, befitting, a rank of nobility, knighthood, as in the days of the feudalistic empires of the middle ages. They are recognized as the upper middle class in American life, having homes within selected communities that distinguish their rank. This economic infrastructure is enabled via taxation, and a deliberate monetary policy used to both subjugate and regulate every aspect of the fabric of human life within the United States.

A good example of one such surrogate was J. Richardson Dilworth, who was hired by the Rockefeller Family to manage their vast economic empire throughout the world. The extent of their holdings is such, that five (5) floors of One Chase Plaza, NYC, was strategically allocated to manage, maintain, and thus control, every investment, ownership, stock, commercial and financial transaction, that was triggered by the daily strategies triggered by global events. The machinery that triggered such strategy, ultimately sustained the entire fabric of Wall Street, including the investment houses, law firms, and economic advisors, and ultimately the influence peddlers, who controlled the media, who influenced, ultimately the working class, to buy into the prevailing (control) strategy.

Walter Burien

Walter Burien CAFR - Radio Interview (Audio) (Part 1)

Walter Burien CAFR - Radio Interview (Audio) (Part 2)

Communication From Walter Burien Regarding US Government "Derivative Investments"



Walter Burien Explains in Greater Detail During a Discussion with Alex Jones Exactly How and Why These Oligarchs via their Surrogates and Bureaucrats Succeed in their Agenda. According to Walter Burien, these Oligarchs During the Process Accumulate Wealth for themselves and Debts for "We The People." It is a system of control against the Middle Class, and it is Deliberately Obfuscated and Muted From the General Public, with the Connivance of the Media, and the State, Local, and Federal Government. (Listen to the Interview):

Alex Jones Interview of Walter Burien

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Part 1Part 2 Part 3Part 4 Part 5 Part 6Part 7 Part 8Part 9Part 10

Part 11Part 12Part 13


In a recent email sent to me by Walter Burien he explains: CAFR1 NATIONAL POST:

Here are a few big pointers for everyone's comprehension:

1. ENRON promoted their profit and hid their debt. Government on the other hand promotes their debt and hides their profit. The reason being is that as government promotes their debt to the public at the front door, and through the back door they are using their own investment funds to fund their own debt and thus locking in the public for repayment to guarantee a substantial profit. This is done through several methods. The basic is through investment accounts held through domestic and "international" banks, Insurance companies, and brokerage firms. The internal way of doing it is for a state to start a Financial Enterprise Operation as was the case back in the 90's in Missouri through the creation of The Missouri finance Authority (State created and run operation created without taxpayer approval or general knowledge thereof being that it had no taxing authority) whereby all of the Cities Counties School Districts and State agencies invested through. Example: City (X) invests $100,000,000 and the same City (X) has three bond issuance's totaling $100,000,000 that are funded by the Missouri Finance Authority. Well, if city (X) was asked "Are you funding your own debt? They could honestly answer "No". If they were asked: "Do you have $100,000,000 invested with the Missouri Finance Authority and is the Missouri Finance Authority funding approximately 100% of your $100,000,000 in bond offerings, then the honest answer would be "Yes". This practice started back in the 70's across the country and come the year 2000 many local governments were 100% self funded using their own investment assets and as was the case with Missouri back in the 90's, the outstanding bond issuance that were funded by the private sector they came in and refinanced themselves a a .25 (1/4) pt lower. The only response I received from the investment manager of that authority when I contacted him back in 1999 was: "Look at what a good job we are doing investing the public funds, we got them a quarter point lower then they could have got from the private sector"

2. Most local Government pension / retirement investment funds are set up as "strictly participatory". What that means is it is like buying a ticket on a train. You get to ride from point A to point C but you do not own one piece of the train when you get off at point C. For the local government employees participating in this type of program they get a ticket to ride under set terms but do not own 1c of those funds, the local governments own the fund balance and holdings... This gives a very big incentive for the local governments to play actuarial projection games to inflate the balances being that they are growth in their power base. I put up as an example the NY State Retirement Fund listing of investments for several years for viewing. I note that as you look down the listing of domestic and international investments held you will notice in order of the top profit makers rolling over returns of 200% to 600% over a few years in order of the top four: Pharmaceutical Companies Bank / Financial Companies Oil / Energy Companies War industry Groups. Personally I say that's a tad bit of a conflict of interest towards the underling motives for policy set me says.. Now you will not find one specific government fund owning by statutory restriction more than 5% to 7% of any one company but from the thousands of government funds large and small you will have in collective totals controlling interest held in these companies both domestic and foreign. (Those collective 5%'s held add up quickly). Now here is where the monopoly of control sets in. Many local governments will now participate with private associations established with nice sounding government acronyms. There may be several hundred if not several thousand local governments that are members. By being members they can assign proxy voting rights to these private associations whereby collective ownership exercised can determine policy and if needed replace the entire board of directors if policy edicts suggested are not followed. This includes mandatory outsourcing to accomplish higher rates of returns for investments held.

Did you just have one of your biggest Ah, Ha moments of your life?

You will never see collective ownership totals by collective local government talked about or qualified anywhere officially for obvious and condemning reasons. The world is not as we are spoon feed to believe it is when government collective ownership totals are tabulated and digested.

An important note here when looking at the above referenced report is that when it comes also to debt held by the private sector either by mortgages or credit cards, please look at the investments shown below the listing of domestic and international companies, You will see the billions in cash loans bonds held real-estate held (Condo apartment shopping malls) etc. Investment ownership by government branches out into many different arenas which before reading this most probably assumed were held by private investment and not government.

On a last note, let me qualify how a profit is turned into an "advanced liability". Here I will use a county run recycling plant as an example. The public is pitched that recycling is a good thing and passes a fifty million dollar bond issuance to build a recycling plant. The plant is built and mandatory recycling is enforced in the county. I note that this is supposed to be a "NON-PROFIT" government run enterprise operation Well, within the first year the recycling plant generates 45 million dollars and its cost for operation is 35 million so the buy more equipment and expand there personnel to eat up the extra 10 million to be a not for profit operation, BUT they know their curve is going to yield a 25 million dollar profit next year, SO they contact an actuary and say: "We are doing so well that in fifteen years we are going to have to expand our operation five times fold, how much money are we going to need?" The actuary then takes into account land equipment personnel transfer costs etc., and comes up with a figure of say 780 million dollars needed 15 years down the road to get this done..... SO, then the recycling plant as expected makes a 25 million dollar profit BUT monthly or quarterly makes a payment into the advance liability account equaling 25 million dollars listing it as a line item operating liability payment and voi'la' no profit for the year. The same happens each following year as the fund of 780 million is built. Now if they want to take it a step further in year five and they make a 45 million dollar profit for the year but funnel 55 million dollars into the advance forward liability account, they can come back on the residents and say: "Gee we all know that recycling is a good thing, but we are operating at a 10 million dollar deficit on our "operating budget" and we are going to have to raise collection fees". This is one way of turning a profit into an advance forward debt Well, if the public does not know about the advance forward liability account the increase in fees slides right in without opposition where as in the alternative if the public did know that an advance liability account existed of several hundred million dollars (only "discreetly" accounted for on the books of the county enterprise operation's Annual Financial report and not the County's AFR), they would in most probabilities organized to cancel any collections fees and take a very close look at government operating as a for profit enterprise under mandatory terms in their own back yard.

I hope I have given some substantial food for thought to the readers here. When there is great wealth the potential for great theft exists.

Walter Burien

P. O. Box 2112

Saint Johns, Arizona 85936

(928) 445-3532


Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs!

If you want to see what Banking Company was holding 90 trillion ($$89,997,271,000,000) dollars in derivatives as of March 2008 that obtained for their institutional clients several trillion dollars in net profits generated through those positions held from the collapse at the end of 2008 primarily acting as clearing agent for their large institutional clients (primarily local and federal accounts by investment behind most of that amount and profits generated), take a look at the following government accounting report and go about 2/3rds down in the report to "TABLE 1" - then think and learn..... the numbers are noted shown in millions so add six (6) zeros.. Get your education quickly.. you were not intended to know due to the money and control involved ... but, it is all there "if" you look ... government needed to have it's own accounting records ... but for some minor reason it appears they left you out of the loop for the last 70 years as "They Took it All over by investment"...