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Site:LRP:Vitamins and The Control Paradigm

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Vitamins and The Control Paradigm by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor



The human body is a mechanism, a machine, specifically a servo-mechanism, that requires appropriate maintenance (exercise, nutrition and energy) to remain operational. Access to appropriate fundamental nutrients enables the optimum function of the physical body. Without appropriate nutrition, you essentially malfunction and then you begin to deteriorate, until you die, from complications caused by the lack of the appropriate nutrients (vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins) which your physical body requires to sustain itself optimally.

Vitamins were discovered when doctors began to observe phenomena related to human disease factors. Research revealed improvement in health when certain fruits and vegetables were eaten by formerly ill patents. Chemists interested in such phenomena, investigated and made significant discoveries starting in 1905. They began to isolate and then extract and ultimately synthesize specific organic compounds identifying them as necessary for nutritional requirements of humanity. This information is relatively new, and was generally speaking, a recent development enabling humanity to live longer and healthier, causing a significant explosion of the world’s human population.

The Control Paradigm is attempting to challenge and to check this advancement via legislation, protected research, and the deliberate manipulation of the construct of the “Creation.” Understanding the significance of Vitamin development is an important factor in appreciating its significance, therefore I will provide insights into specifics regarding this important subject-matter.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi]<pesn type=" str="discovered how the phenomenon of Vitamin C actually works in the human body, for which he received the Nobel Prize, he also was attempting to find a cure for cancer when the “control” paradigm intervened to stop his research [,4563931&dq=albert+szent+gyorgyi&hl=en"></pesn>. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi interested in Quantum Mechanics, and thus how the sub-atomic world worked with regard to the cell structure of the human anatomy, discovered that ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) enabled electrons to jump from one atom to another, essentially holding the fabric of the human body together as a composite whole. In essence ascorbic acid acted much like a glue tying all of the cell structure together as a complete composite. When ascorbic acid is removed from the human body, it becomes unglued, separates at the sub-atomic level, and thus at the cellular level, recognizable as a condition known as scurvy. Vitamin C therefore is very important for human health. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi: Teaching and Expanding Knowledge

Nobel Prize Speech:



In my research page: Site:LRP:The Pandemic Control Paradigm I provide vital information regarding H1N1 linked to Vitamin D deficiency and a fact sheet on Vitamin D3 <pesn type= in the form of a Video Exposé it is suggested by those in the know" str="that Vitamin D3 prevents the need for a Flu shot. Also the possibility exists that live H1N1 may be in the Flu shots themselves ["></pesn>

Vitamin D, Vitamin D Receptor, and Macroautophagy in Inflammation and Infection

Vitamin D3 is created when the Sun’s rays touch the surface of your skin. The combined process creates the vitamin and then the skin absorbs it into the human body. That is essentially why you do not get sick in the summer time. In the winter months, you are less exposed to the Sun’s rays, (and unless you have a sun-room you are) being deprived of the Vitamin D3 nutrient, and that is why you come down with colds. Lack of exposure to the Sun prevents the manufacture of Vitamin D3 on the surface of your skin, since you are bundled up and insulated from the frigid cold of winter.

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