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Victor I. Klimov - "Energy From The Vacuum" - Verification by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor



"Victor Klimov in Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico has constructed a solar cell which can absorb the light of a specific wave length in such a way, that one photon can energize more than one electron. As soon as the electron absorbs a photon, it disappears for a very short moment into the quantum field. Being in the virtual state the electron can borrow 'energy from the vacuum' and thereafter appears again in our reality. Now the electron can energize up to 7 other electrons. This leads to a theoretical coefficient of performance (COP) of 700%. A COP = 200% can be readily achieved and it has been. The experiment has also been replicated successfully by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden Colorado." [Herb Brody, "Solar Power - Seriously Souped Up." New Scientist, May 27, 2006, p 45].

Quoting: "Make solar cells as small as a molecule and you get more than you bargained for." Could this be the route to limitless clean power?".,2006.htm


'Tom Bearden: Los Alamos National Laboratory constructs overunity solar cell'

Tom Bearden Explains: "Note that at about COP = 3.0, one could conceivably add clamped positive feedback of one of those output electrons to the input, replacing the original input, and the unit would be "self-powering" (powered by energy from the vacuum) while putting out the other two electrons as output." Simply stated: "The super-excited electron, after emerging from the seething virtual state vacuum immersion, actually splits into two or more electrons! So the output current of the solar cell process is freely amplified by excess energy from the local virtual state vacuum." "Note that at about COP = 3.0, one could conceivably add clamped positive feedback of one of those output electrons back to the "dive back into the seething virtual state vacuum" input, replacing the original electron input, and the unit would be "self-powering" (powered by energy from the vacuum) while putting out the other two electrons as output. Or by using some of the output current in a radiation-producing process, one could have the positive feedback input as a radiation photon, to replace the initial solar input entirely. In this fashion, once "jump started" by some source of solar radiation, the resulting "solar panel" system would become totally self-powering, taking all its input and output energy directly from the seething vacuum itself."

Source Reference:

Tom Bearden has attempted to inform high level officials within our own US Government, all to no avail.

Subject:Article on the Klimov work

From:Tom Bearden

Date:Sunday, April 24, 2011 6:16 pm

To:Leslie R. Pastor

Hi Les,

Try this following link to get a complete article on the Klimov work, that I wrote and Tony posted quickly on my website.

Best wishes,


Tom Bearden Interview ~ The Megabrain Report February 4, 1991



The Klimov "Energy from the Vacuum" Weapon Systems, it is believed, have been developed by Raytheon. This is the highest acclaim that any inventor such as Klimov can achieve. This is my definitive proof regarding the efficacy of Victor I. Klimov’s distinguished and demonstrable career. He has indeed discovered a limitless source of energy transference, thus verifying everything that Nikola Tesla stated in his research via his papers and his inventions. Star Trek, Star Wars and other so-called fictionalized accounts have now become REALITY.

Raytheon's Laser Weapon Shoots Down Drone

Self-Powered Laser Pistol Revolutionizes Warfare

Bearden on Klimov (Dale Pond Article)

Laser Weapon System Shoots Down UAV

Raytheon's Phalanx Sensors Used in Laser Shoot Down of Airborne Targets


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Correspondence: Tom Bearden


Nano-dot Lasers


Supporting Documentation

Richard D. Schaller, Vladimir M. Agranovich and Victor I. Klimov "High-efficiency carrier multiplication through direct photogeneration of multi-excitons via virtual single-exciton states." Nature Physics Vol. 1, 2005, pp. 189-194.

Richard D. Schaller, Melissa A. Petruska, and Victor I. Klimov "Effect of electronic structure on carrier multiplication efficiency: Comparative study of PbSe and CdSe nanocrystals" Appl. Phys. Lett. Vol. 87, 2005, 253102.

Richard D. Schaller, Milan Sykora, Jeffrey M. Pietryga, and Victor I. Klimov, "Seven Excitons at a Cost of One: Redefining the Limits for Conversion Efficiency of Photons into Charge Carriers," Nano Lett. Vol. 6, 2006, p. 424.

Victor I. Klimov, "Spectral and Dynamical Properties of Multiexcitons in Semiconductor Nanocrystals," Annual Review of Physical Chemistry, Vol. 58, No. 1, 2007, p.635.

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Hsiang-Yu Chen, Michael K. F. Lo, Guanwen Yang, Harold G. Monbouquette, Yang Yang, "Nanoparticle-assisted high photoconductive gain in composites of polymer and fullerene," Nature Nanotechnology, Vol. 3 (9), 2008, p. 543.

M.C. Beard, R.J. Ellingson, "Multiple exciton generation in semiconductor nanocrystals: Toward efficient solar energy conversion," Laser & Photonics Review, Vol. 2, No. 5, 2008, p. 377.

Quoting: "Now Victor Klimov and colleagues at the Los Alamos National Laboratory have designed nanocrystals with cores and shells made from different semiconductor materials in such a way that electrons and holes are physically isolated from each other. The scientists said in such engineered nanocrystals, only one exciton per nanocrystal is required for optical amplification. That, they said, opens the door to practical use in laser applications." ["Scientists Create New Type of Nanocrystal," PHYSORG.COM, Nanotechnology, May 24, 2007].

Seo, Hye-won Tu, Li-wei Ho, Cheng-ying Wang, Chang-kong Lin, Yuan-ting. "Multi-Junction Solar Cell," United States Patent 20080178931, July 31, 2008. A photovoltaic device having multi-junction nanostructures deposited as a multi-layered thin film on a substrate. Preferably, the device is grown as InxGa1-xN multi-layered junctions with the gradient x, where x is any value in the range from zero to one. The nanostructures are preferably 5-500 nanometers and more preferably 10-20 nanometers in diameter. The values of x are selected so that the bandgap of each layer is varied from 0.7 eV to 3.4 eV to match as nearly as possible the solar energy spectrum of 0.4 eV-4 eV.

J. R. Minkel, "Brighter Prospects for Cheap Lasers in Rainbow Colors," Scientific American (website), May 25, 2007.


Victor I Klimov

Seven Excitations at a Cost of One: Redefining the Limits for Conversion Efficiency of Photons into Charge Carriers

Super Solar Cells? Certain Nanocrystals Shown To Generate More Than One Electron (Science Daily February 10, 2009)

Victor I. Klimov ~ LANL Chemistry Division

'Mechanisms for Photogeneration and Recombination of Multiexcitons in Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Implications for Lasing and Solar Energy Conversion'

'Quantization of Multiparticle Auger Rates in Semiconductor Quantum Dots - V. I. Klimov,1 A. A. Mikhailovsky,1 D. W. McBranch,1C. A. Leatherdale,2 M. G. Bawendi2'

Victor Klimov FREE-ENERGY System - 100% Proven

Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics, Optical Amplification, and Lasing in Nanocrystal Quantum Dots

Strong Photon Bunching in Individual Nanocrystal Quantum Dots Coupled to Rough Silver Film

Energy Extraction from the Vacuum Field


Nanocrystalline Quantum Dots (Victor I Klimov)

International Journal of Modern Physics - World Scientific

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Publication Reports on Victor I Klimov,2006.htm



Extracting Heat and Energy From The Vacuum - Puthoff


The work by Dr. Victor Klimov at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is the rigorous scientific proof, including nanocrystalline scientists easily building and demonstrating actual working systems.

Klimov and his team have produced ultra-tiny nanocrystalline solar cells that freely output far more electrical energy (voltage x current) than the tiny amount of energy that is input via the incident photons. Also, the input photons can easily be freely furnished by a tiny bit of photon-emitting materials (such as tourmaline).

This excess output electrical energy is FREELY taken directly from the seething virtual state vacuum, and that has been rigorously proven by Klimov's working models. Thus the Klimov team has proven and demonstrated practical "free electrical energy from the vacuum" for all time.

Real physical systems have been readily produced, and the process and the entire area has been rigorously validated by two great U.S. national laboratories (LANL and NREL).

This Klimov work has been openly published thoroughly in the leading physics journals worldwide, and it has also been published thoroughly in the leading nanocrystalline journals worldwide. This has been true for several years now (about four). IT IS ALREADY ACCEPTED AND PROVEN IN PHYSICS AND NANOCRYSTALLINE SCIENCE, AND YET THE POLITICIANS, PUBLIC, AND NEWS MEDIA CONTINUALLY IGNORE IT.

We stress again: It is already rigorously proven and accepted scientifically, worldwide. It never has to be proven again.

Never mind that the electrical engineers do not know it, and that it completely violates their terribly flawed old 1892 standard electrical engineering model that contains at least a dozen known falsities. The practical solution is there, it's proven, it's validated, and it's already widely published technically and accepted in physics and nanotechnology worldwide - which means many other nations have also now validated it.

And repeating: The Klimov free energy systems are easily made self-powering, since there are various materials (such as tourmaline) which continually and freely emit the necessary "incident photons" that are input to the tiny solar cells. Just mix a tiny bit of one of those materials in the nanocrystalline buildup, and the photons inputted are thereafter and forever furnished freely, as thus is the tremendous output electrical energy from the very small Klimov devices.


One points out that Klimov is a Russian scientist who came (or was sent) to this country, apparently to work at Los Alamos National Laboratory. You can Google his personals on the web at a website etc. about his work and get information about the team he directs at LANL.

Here's the weird part: Since the Russians have apparently already developed these systems, and since they have already developed precursor engineering (the direct engineering of physical reality itself via controlled patterning of the tickled Dirac Sea vacuum in which physical objects or physical processes are ongoing), it appears that this is a deliberate "gift" to the U.S. from Russia. Russia is already in the process of very, very slowly releasing some very useful (healing) aspects of its long-developed precursor engineering, apparently planning to gradually increase the amount released very slowly over about 30 years or so.

Well, why would the Russians give us such a startling and tremendous "free gift"? We refer you to the statement by Soros that the U.S. Government should be eliminated and replaced by a World Government. As superb chess-players the Russians always look many moves ahead on the chess board, to ascertain which way things are headed. So they consider this powerful but secretive movement toward World Government (which would eventually subjugate every present national government, and thus lead to total world dictatorship) quite unacceptable. They have no intention of allowing Mother Russia to be returned to a dictatorship, and they thus will be taking very odd moves having the power to deviate the world from that hidden objective of what is called The World Order, etc.

Next Bearden describes one of the weapons applications made immediately possible by the new discoveries: very small but powerful lasers which never run out of "ammunition" (i.e. energy). This type of weapon alone would change warfare forever. One can only hope it might make future warfare unthinkable.


The result of the Klimov work at LANL is the emergence of very tiny self-powering systems having startling - even mind-boggling - output electric power to power loads, and never needing any further energy input from the operator himself. If you build very powerful energy weapons based on the tremendous output energy freely furnished by the Klimov process, then you will have just dramatically revolutionized warfare as it is presently known and conducted.

It has now been realized (in several nations of the world) that this new PROVEN Klimov process allows, e.g., superpowerful ultra-lasers which are self-powered and also are very, very small yet startlingly powerful! And that is a total giant revolution - a very abrupt one - in warfare itself. A relatively small superlaser pistol (with a Klimov power unit the size of your thumb) can continually and freely emit huge energy bursts capable of killing entire groups of people at a mile and a half distance or even further. The pistol never runs out of "bullets", and it needs no energy input from the operator except aiming at the target and pulling the trigger.

An ultra-laser the size of a present bazooka, carried in one hand by an infantryman, will emit a mind-boggling blast that will destroy a huge steel and concrete building in a single shot. And it can continue to freely provide such shots indefinitely. It will destroy trains, ships, aircraft carriers, groups of attacking tanks, all sorts of attacking vehicles, shoot down airplanes, destroy incoming ballistic missiles, etc. With a small sensor added, it can also detect and destroy incoming field artillery rounds fired against the infantryman's position. And it never "runs out of ammunition", so that the infantryman can just continue to shoot freely and indefinitely (even for years).

This produces an infantryman carrying a formidable weapon or series of weapons that totally and abruptly change warfare as we have known it. Indeed, any army that does not have these weapons, will quickly and easily be destroyed by one that does have them.

These are just two examples, but as you can see the coming quick deployment of such weapons will immediately revolutionize warfare forever. And such weapons will be rolling off the assembly lines this year or no later than early next year, in several nations of the world.

Now for the good news... The same technology can also be used to solve the world's energy crisis forever. Anyone who has studied the "free energy" field will have become aware long ago that the energy-from-the-vacuum technology is a double-edged sword. Free energy systems allow terrible weapons to be developed. Humanity needs to grow up and transform before accepting Nature's great boon. Remembering that Energy is a kind of wealth one can begin to envision an Earth transformed.


If the Klimov work is used to provide a power unit for your car, a little power unit about the size of your thumb will power a normal but powerful electric car freely and indefinitely (for many years - even for your lifetime).

A little power unit about double the size of your thumb would power your home, freely and indefinitely (again for many years or even for your lifetime). Such units can easily be powering trains, aircraft, ships, trucks, factories, homes, cities, etc. without any need for fuel at all. We can move rapidly to eventually replace the highly dangerous nuclear powerplants, the filthy coal-burning plants, the burning of fuel in our automobiles and trucks and trains and ships and aircraft, etc.

And the powering is completely "clean" and "green" since no hydrocarbons are emitted and exhausted into the earth's biosphere.

Yet eerily the news media hasn't picked up on this startling - even spectacular - PROVEN and epochal scientific development. The newsmen and the public are almost completely unaware of it, as apparently are our politicians, congressmen, officials, etc.

Anyway, I just wanted you to be aware of the mind-boggling changes that are coming right away first to warfare which will be almost totally revolutionized (e.g., visualize combat vehicles self-powered this way, as well as a range of superweapons and ultra-lasers etc.). If it is then openly applied, it will also revolutionize transportation, travel, powering of our homes and cities, factories, etc.

After the startling Japanese disaster, Germany has apparently decided to get rid of its nuclear powerplants. The Germans may well replace them by basing its electrical grid power on new Klimov generators that power the grid and the electricity supply absolutely freely, consuming no fuel at all, having no carbon footprint at all, and having no radioactive wastes produced at all.

You can also see what emerges when the "bad guy" nations start getting such ultra-weapons. And the chaos that is coming when bad guys or groups like the Mexican Mafia start getting them (e.g., the ultra-laser pistols, e.g.) and using them across our country in many of our large cities such as Los Angeles, California, and New York City.

Just wanted you to be aware of this eerie and very startling scientific development, which is rapidly and very quietly occurring (in the frenzied R&D programs of several nations right now).

Again, please have a good physicist familiar with nanocrystalline science examine the Klimov work and brief you on his results and conclusions.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

LT COL, U.S. Army (Retired)

BS Mathematics, minor in Electronic Engineering

MS in Nuclear Engineering

U.S. Army 1181 course graduate (equivalent of MS in Guided Missile Engineering).


Hi Les and everyone,

That is truly great news, and highest congratulations to you, Sterling, for publishing it.

This now adds a third "proven example" of COP>1.0 energy systems and methodologies, with the Black Light Power work joining (1) the also-independently-replicated Klimov COP>100% nanocrystalline solar cells and (2) Kanzius' epochal use of negative energy/negative probabilities (apparently unwittingly) to provide a cancer cure and to also provide a watergas mechanism -- both conventionally inexplicable.

The Kanzius work is particularly significant. As the late Gene Mallove well knew (he published Dotson's exposé of the rip-out of negative energy from physics by the Western physics community), the physics community in terrible fright desperately tried to rip negative energy/negative probabilities out of physics and particularly out of Dirac's relativistic electron theory, in 1934. They had glimpsed a mind-shattering view of the portent: Once one applies a controlled mix of (1) positive energy/positive probability interactions and (2) negative energy/negative probability interactions to the local vacuum, one has entered into precursor engineering -- the direct engineering of physical reality itself (which of course has always been the final goal of physics). One can not only "happen" an observable thing or process or effect, but can also "unhappen" it.

And as Dirac pointed out, it is easy to produce that negative energy in the local vacuum by use of simple sharp gradient little pulses -- exactly the method that Kanzius uses and has adjusted for efficiency.

Also, scientists such as Site:LRP:Dan Solomon - Rauland-Borg have now published very rigorous scientific papers in the hard literature, again pointing out that the arbitrary removal of negative energy and negative probabilities from physics in 1934 was a serious error.

It's a great time to still be alive and see such technologies and their physics basis now established to the full requirements of scientific method -- independent replication and verification by qualified laboratories, universities, and agencies.

Here's another odd little fact you may be interested in considering: Small tellurium crystals act as "small self-powering batteries", and have the unique capability of emitting light (photons) in the far infrared region, freely and continually, without losing or depleting their dipolarity and its broken symmetry. As Nobelist Lee pointed out, broken symmetry is actually a basic mechanism whereby "something previously virtual has become observable". The broken symmetry of a source charge and its surrounding polarized virtual state vacuum produces a steady emission of observable photons, which continually form and replenish the so-called "static EM field" of the source charge. The proven broken symmetry of a source dipole does the same thing it absorbs virtual state energy from the vacuum interaction and outpours a steady stream of observable photons, thus producing its "static fields". DeGeus, who died mysteriously in Douglas International Airport late last year while on his way to obtain tremendous financing to develop self-powering batteries, had apparently discovered some other materials that either did -- or could be induced to do -- that tourmaline "self-powering battery" effect, and even amplify it with a view toward eventual self-powering electric automobile batteries.

Some persons who were working with DeGeus are still alive, and the work is not vanished or destroyed -- just highly concealed and hidden. Unfortunately I've given my word not to reveal who they are.

However, if the proven Klimov and the COP = 200% very small solar cell technology (which is now spreading through the nanocrystalline research community, with laser amplification already envisioned) should combine freely input photons fed from a "self-powering-battery tellurium crystal" into a COP >100% nanocrystalline solar cell, then the two to seven electrons produced from the solar cell via dipping excess EM energy from the virtual state vacuum will be freely produced without any further input by the operator at all. The total photon energy input required to sustain the process will be furnished freely by the tellurium crystal which is somehow taking the energy from its vacuum interaction.

Let us hope that this possibility also gets developed before too long. I do know (but am not able to reveal just yet) that DeGeus' work will not die with him after all, but it is still extant, being preserved, and hopefully it will be further seen again in the future.

Very best wishes,

Tom B.


Tom Bearden Regarding Tourmaline'''

From:Tom Bearden

Date:Tuesday, January 06, 2009 11:56 PM

To:'Leslie R. Pastor'

Cc:'Jeane Manning' 'Todd Hathaway' 'Sterling D. Allan' 'Robert Pritchett'

Subject:RE: New Page: Breakthrough Physics Sustains Breakthrough Power

Hi Les!

You have a very, very important webpage there and it is very much needed. If this nation of ours is to survive economically, we simply have to have some real breakthroughs in new energy, and working systems have to be brought to full production and world-wide marketing as quickly as humanly possible.

As you know, Klimov's work at Los Alamos National Laboratory, fully replicated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden Colorado and published in the leading scientific literature in 2005 and later, resoundingly proves that real EM systems taking and using excess EM energy from the vacuum can be built. In Klimov's replicated work, nanocrystalline solar cells easily provide a coefficient of performance of 200%, with a theoretical maximum of 700%. When struck by a photon, the tiny nanocrystalline solar cell emits an electron which promptly dives back into the virtual state, gathering lots of energy there and emerging again in super-excited condition. This super-excited electron, after emerging from the seething virtual state vacuum immersion, then actually splits (collapses) into two or more electrons! So the output current of the solar cell process is freely amplified by excess energy from the local virtual state vacuum. With Klimov's experimental proof and its prompt scientific replication, this clear example of extracting and using excess EM energy from the seething virtual state vacuum has now been proven permanently, strictly by the scientific method.

We point out that a tourmaline crystal, finely ground, is a dipole (like a little battery) and it continually and freely produces near-infrared radiation from the vacuum, without ever losing its dipolarity. In short, it is an asymmetric EM system a priori since it continually overcomes its own back emf. We are hoping that, in the future, the tourmaline crystal or some other similar reactant can be directly coupled with Klimov's COP>100% nanocrystalline solar cell to freely furnish the input radiation energy required for free and sustained electron output current by the resulting solar panels. If so, then self-powering solar panels can presumably be produced which will freely furnish current even when the sun is not shining, or when the panel is underground, in a building, in a vehicle, in a ship, etc. This would be closely related to the work that DeGeus was doing, prior to his suspicious death while parking his car at Douglas International Airport. He was preparing to get on a plane and go to the Netherlands where he had the necessary funding waiting for him. DeGeus was apparently well on his way to developing self-powering electrical automobiles, using such a reaction or a similar one for a self-powering battery.

Please hang in there and keep that webpage going. It is very, very important, and my feeling is that it will likely play a growing role in the future!

Also, sincere congratulations to Sterling Allan for his efforts in getting the information out there, to Jean Manning for her new and very important book, to Todd Hathaway for his tremendous support of these promising inventors and their efforts, and to Bob Pritchett for being a solid rock and a very stabilizing influence.

With the efforts of stalwart folks such as you five, our country does have a chance to survive what is coming toward us economically and in the energy field as oil prices again resume their climb.

Warm regards and thanks to all of you,




From: Leslie R. Pastor []

Sent: Monday, October 20, 2008 4:58 PM

To: Sterling D. Allan

Cc: Tom Bearden Ken Rasmussen

Subject: Re: [FE_updates]Blacklight replicated by Rowan U Navy>br> launches PowerBuoy Aptera top 10 Telsa Motors in trouble

BlackLight's Electricity Production from Hydrino independently validated by Rowan University

Thanks Sterling,

I love it!........It's about time!.......Glad you posted it!

Top 100: Hydrogen / Plasma > Blacklight >

Rowan University Replicates BlackLight Power's Novel Energy Source -

Rowan University has confirmed BlackLight's new energy source based on the hydrino technology which is capable of providing a primary, clean energy source. The university validated both the 1 kW and 50 kW sizes. (PESN Oct. 20, 2008)

I've been researching Blacklight Power since 1999. And I've been waiting for significant replication. Now we've finally got it.

That should stop the naysayers and the pundits. Now what is needed is the fulfillment and development of the technology into useful, practical home heating systems and commercial applications, so we can get away from toxic and pollutant forms of energy such as coal, oil and atomic energy systems. While I don't have any animosity towards any energy system, since we benefit from all of them. We need sources that are abundant, ubiquitous, and readily available to everyone.

Thanks for the good news........

All the Best,

Leslie R. Pastor


The Bedini Monopole Groups

'Building and Testing The John Bedini Monopole Mechanical Oscillator Energizer With Simplified School Girl Circuit'

Purchasing "Energy From The Vacuum" Series DVDs will provide you with relevant documentation and references to get up to speed and will fill in the gaps that are missing in your knowledgebox: Site:LRP:Energy From The Vacuum

Joining these groups is probably the only method of teaching via hands on experience and experimentation, the reality of this subject-matter and thus alleviates the problem of Site:LRP:The Ambiguity Factor.


Correspondence: Tom Bearden: Cheniere Website

'Thirteen Year Old Genius Has a Solar Power Breakthrough'

Site:LRP:Energy From The Vacuum

Videos: Energy from the Vacuum series

The following DVDs can be purchased directly from:

In the News

Image:Dr-Victor-Klimov Los-Alamos-National-Laboratory 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Quantum Particles > Site:LRP:Victor I. Klimov - "Energy From The Vacuum" - Verification - Victor Klimov in Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico has constructed a solar cell which can absorb the light of a specific wave length in such a way that one photon can energize more than one electron. As soon as the electron absorbs a photon, it disappears for a very short moment into the quantum field. Being in the virtual state the electron can borrow energy from the vacuum and thereafter appears again in our reality. Now the electron can energize up to 7 other electrons. (PESWiki / Leslie Pastor commenced October 2008)

"Victor Klimov in Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico has constructed a solar cell which can absorb the light of a specific wave length in such a way, that one photon can energize more than one electron. As soon as the electron absorbs a photon, it disappears for a very short moment into the quantum field. Being in the virtual state the electron can borrow 'energy from the vacuum' and thereafter appears again in our reality. Now the electron can energize up to 7 other electrons. This leads to a theoretical coefficient of performance (COP) of 700%. A COP = 200% can be readily achieved and it has been. The experiment has also been replicated successfully by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden Colorado." [Herb Brody, "Solar Power - Seriously Souped Up." New Scientist, May 27, 2006, p 45].

Quoting Klimov, Victor" "Carrier multiplication actually relies upon very strong interactions between electrons squeezed within the tiny volume of a nanoscale semiconductor particle. That is why it is the particle size, not its composition that mostly determines the efficiency of the effect. In nanosize crystals, strong electron-electron interactions make a high-energy electron unstable. This electron only exists in its so-called 'virtual state' for an instant before rapidly transforming into a more stable state comprising two or more electrons." [Lead project scientist Victor Klimov]

Documentation: <pesn type=" str="["></pesn>

Site:LRP:Cognitive Dissonance and the lack of understanding regarding the advancement of Site:LRP:Electrodynamics indicates that Site:LRP:Our Models & Physics Laws Are Not Absolute as they are currently written in our outdated University textbooks, and has unfortunately prevented many from understanding that 'energy from the vacuum' systems are already a fully functioning reality within the United States. If the United States refuses to develop this technology as a source of ubiquitous energy for everyone, then others, namely China and India will do so, and bypass the United States altogether. (in response to Mark Dansie's commentary).

In response to the unqualified comments by the "Ghost/Spook" Mark Euthanasius [06/27/2012 04:40 PM demonstrating his complete lack of knowledge pertaining to the subject-matter of overunity: Dr. Klimov provides demonstrable proof of the reality of overunity. Self-Powered Laser Pistol Revolutionizes Warfare.

High-Efficiency Carrier Multiplication in Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Implications for Solar Energy Conversion

Nanocystals Improve PV Cells

Blasting Missiles From The Sky

'"Carrier multiplication actually relies upon very strong interactions between electrons squeezed within the tiny volume of a nanoscale semiconductor particle. That is why it is the particle size, not its composition that mostly determines the efficiency of the effect. In nanosize crystals, strong electron-electron interactions make a high-energy electron unstable. This electron only exists in its so-called 'virtual state' for an instant before rapidly transforming into a more stable state comprising two or more electrons."'

[Lead project scientist Victor Klimov, quoted in "Nanocrystals May Provide Boost for Solar Cells, Solar Hydrogen Production," Green Car Congress, 4 Oct., 2008.]


Tom Bearden's Magnum Opus:

Free Energy Generation

Both books can be purchased directly from: recently updated with more information.


My due diligence with respect to this subject-matter, namely hundreds of hours (since 2006 to the present) of conversations with Lt. Col. Thomas Eugene Bearden (Retired) over the phone and in written emails, has effectively demonstrated to me that Site:LRP:The "Educated Idiots" Have Missed The Point Completely and that because of ‘cognitive dissonance’ they refuse to acknowledge the reality of the subject-matter which has been proven by Dr. Victor I. Klimov in two (2) US Government laboratories since 2008, and weaponized by the Raytheon Corporation and used by our military in the Middle East defensively. Tom Bearden and John C. Bedini have been working in this (technology) field independently (to my knowledge) since 1980, and the physics has been rigorously verified, defended and demonstrated by Site:LRP:Dan Solomon - Rauland-Borg

'Leslie R. Pastor'

New Energy Congress

'June 29, 2012'

And in further answer to the two gentlemen, who are in agreement, I personally verified Bearden’s M.E.G by first visiting with Tom at his lovely home in Huntsville, Alabama in 2006, when I was asked to investigate Bearden’s claims by members of the New Energy Congress. I subsequently contacted Jean-Louis Naudin (Fountainebleu) Paris, France via email, who acknowledged that his demonstrator built directly from the US Patent application does indeed work, is real and has been suppressed via a novel methodology of ‘sweeping the cash’ protocol by our own banking system and US Government.

After years of research with Tom Bearden and direct communication with Gary and John Bedini, and subsequent discussion with Rick Friedrich, they agreed and did build Site:LRP:The Thirty (30) Coil MONOPOLE System for me which was openly demonstrated at the CDA Energy Conference in 2011.


Site:LRP:Motionless Electromagnetic Generator [ M.E.G. ]

'''[[Site:LRP:Collaboration with Dr. Thomas Eugene Bearden on Simplification:Procedural Process of the M.E.G.|Collaboration with Dr. Thomas Eugene Bearden on Simplification:

Procedural Process of the M.E.G.]]

Site:LRP:The Suppression of the M.E.G. by General Electric

Site:LRP:Evaluation of the M.E.G.

Site:LRP:The Deliberate Curtailment of Nikola Tesla's Primary Energy Source


'Jean-Louis Naudin'

From: JNaudin509{at}

To: lrpastor{at}

Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2005 2:47 AM

Subject: Re: Bearden's MEG

Dear Leslie,

Yes, my MEG is still fully operational and works also well.

Today, I can say about my MEG replication that :

- the Bearden's MEG works as claimed in his paper,

- I have been able to replicate the output waves presented in his paper and in his patent,

- the "apparent" COP that I have measured is fully in line with the claim

Differents measurement methods and equipments have been already used :

- A full calibrated Tektronix THS720P digital oscilloscope in 2000,

- A PM3215 2x50 Mhz Philips analog scope with 1/10 corrected probes in 2002,

- A Fluke 123 digital oscilloscope with a current clamp CIE CA-60 in 2003.

The results are still same... The probes calibration have been checked and re-checked each time before and after

the measurements. All the measurements that I have done on the MEG are reals... I have used high tech equipement fully

calibrated ( at the tests date ), so the measured values are corrects.

Unfortunatelly, I have not yet succeeded in the closed loop and in spite of the "apparent" power measured,

the RLoad resistor doesn't heat up too much, it is only a bit warm. I think that it still remain a possibility

of a measurement artifact ( not a measurement error ). ... A COP >>1 will be fully confirmed only with a closed loop and a self-running device...


Jean-Louis Naudin

Email: JNaudin509{at}

Web site :

Source Reference:

Global Institute For New Energy Technologies

Jean-Louis Naudin’s Research Regarding the M.E.G.

Jean-Louis Naudin's Website Map

Jean-Louis Naudin's Cold Fusion (LENR/CANR) Research

Jean-Louis Naudin & The Quest For Overunity

Site:LRP:Cold Fusion [Condensed Matter Nuclear Science]

Site:LRP:Skeptics And Skepticism

Victor Klimov FREE-ENERGY System - 100% Proven

Laser Weapon System Shoots Down UAV

Bearden on Klimov (Dale Pond)

Los Alamos shows path to 'nanocrystal quantum dot' lasers

NerdTrek Commentary Regarding Disappearance of Technology

Self-Powered Laser Pistol Revolutionizes Warfare

Commentary: Leslie R. Pastor: July 25, 2012 -- As I have explained many times before I do not tolerate blog-artists, and especially by those who claim to be skeptics. The fact of the matter, it’s easy to be a skeptic, just deny, denigrate and obfuscate, it’s that simple. Unfortunately, well placed skeptics have been successful in influencing significant lack of advancement of serious inventors and inventions from progressing forward into the public domain, delaying significant technologies. And when they have fulfilled their mission, they simply disappear from the scene of the ‘crime.’ A New Physics Paradigm - Challenged and Destroyed

Site:LRP:Blacklight Power

I followed Dr. Randy Mills significant arguments on the Hydrino Study Group, where he valiantly sustained arguments in defense of his process. Let me remind you, that it was Peter D. Zimmerman (Hydrino Study Group) who sabotaged the first COFE, and got Sec of State Madeline Albright to remove COFE from Commerce as well as State.

It was Antony C. Sutton who apprised me of Peter Zimmerman and his associate Robert Park (Voodoo Science). These two individuals were instrumental in having our own NEC member Tom Valone fired from the Patent Office. It was the arbitrator (Robert T. Moore) who discovered that nefarious action on their parts. Antony C. Sutton sent me information explaining how this was accomplished:

Randy Mills defended his "blacklight" process valiantly only to be challenged by Peter Zimmerman every step of the way. That challenge, being reflected, in an awarded patent being overturned and ultimately reverted and removed.

Antony C. Sutton and Jeane Manning once belonged to Dale Pond’s SVP (Study) Group Dale had kept a permanent record of those discussions until he changed his format. It was a significant historical record, which I respected and appreciated. That record documented Dr. Sutton’s attempt to finger the "smoking gun" and to ultimately understand the political intrigue that followed.

That is when I realized that there were [indeed] powerful forces well placed within government, who were there for only one purpose, that being, to prevent any and all "novelty of fact" discovery from coming into fruition, that would successfully challenge the existing paradigm (hot fusion and Tokomaks).

The only reason why you don’t have full support for Blacklight Power and Cold Fusion is because it would overturn the existing paradigm of oil, coal, and nuclear power. Any significant technological advancement of fundamental merit is and has been examined by DARPA, and if found to be real has been weaponized, such as the Klimov work. Anyone who has mitigated the establishment’s intent to maintain their control paradigm has assumed room temperature. The skeptics are either ‘agents of influence’ or ‘agents provocateur’ conditioned by outside influences or susceptible to direct conditioning by hidden forces determined to obfuscate data, documentation or references, unbeknown to them, making them ‘useful idiots.’

Tom Bearden provides the appropriate documentation within his ADAS Technical Summary for CY 2008, dated April 20, 2009:, verifying that overunity is achieved once broken symmetry is realized. The document also verifies my participation within the research protocol.

Tom Bearden's Response to ARPA-E

Related/Supporting Correspondence

Heaviside Papers Discovered in his handwritting (Under the Floorboards of his Garret Apartment at Paignton, Devon in 1957)

From: Tom Bearden []

Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2012 11:17 AM

To: Respondent

Cc: Leslie R. Pastor []

Subject: RE: 'The 30 pole monopole Energy System'

Hi Sara,

Well, here's the absolutely essential background for any free-energy system.

First, you MUST be aware of Group Theory, and the difference between "symmetrical system" and "asymmetrical system". Note that electrical engineers normally do not receive any group theory in their curriculum.

Any dipole in the universe is already a "free energy" machine, certified by modern physics. A dipole is a broken symmetry, hence rigorously it continually absorbs virtual (less than quantum-in-size) energy particles from the seething modern quantum vacuum. It then INTEGRATES the virtual energy to observable (quantum) in size. It then re-emits the integrated energy as a steady stream of real, observable photons. A "static voltage" is not "static" at all, but totally dynamic. It's "static" only in the sense of a "static waterfall". Every part of it is continually being created and destroyed by the steady flow of water (energy). Indeed, a static voltage from a standard dipole is actually a steady outpouring of real photons, whose observable energy has been absorbed and integrated from the virtual energy of the vacuum.

So every dipole in the universe is already a PROVEN free-energy system, in modern quantum physics.

Now please check out Viktor Klimov's work at 'Los Alamos National Laboratory'. He has had working model nanocrystalline little systems for more than 6 years. His work is printed also in leading physics journals worldwide, and thus accepted, validated, and approved by physics itself.

In 1937, Tesla powered a Pierce-Arrow automobile on "static voltage" from the relatively small battery it contained.

Sadly, there is no move to use this (by Los Alamos National Laboratory) to help normal American citizens power their homes and autos. Instead, the plan seems to be to power the super-laser pistols now going into production, so that (1) the pistol can fire shot after shot without ever being reloaded, powered by a nonlinear crystalline device the size of your thumb, and (2) each shot can kill people at three miles distance or so, knock off sides of buildings, etc. In short, to overcome the normal small arms possessed by the American people themselves. These super-laser free energy pistols will be used to arm the million-man civilian defense force hired by homeland defense folks.

So yes, free energy is real, easily demonstrated (any dipole!) and already being used. But NOT to the advantage of the American civilian populace in powering our homes, autos, etc.

And please go check (rigorously) the history of the sad and terribly mutilated old electrical engineering model formed in 1892 and taught in all our schools. The evil J. P. Morgan paid Lorentz to steal the work of H.A. Lorenz, which had symmetrized the Heaviside vector equations to make them "beautiful". In short, this removed all COP>1.0 systems for our electrical engineering model, right from its very birth. And it is that sad old EE model that is still taught in all our schools to our electrical engineers. Ugh!

Anyhow, you see the magnitude and the cussedness of the problem, of the DELIBERATE mutilation of electrical engineering right at its birth.

The answer is to correct the sad old EE and the textbooks, and teach an ASYMMETRIC set of Heaviside equations to our EEs.

That isn't likely to happen!

'Best wishes',

'Tom Bearden'

'ADAS Technical Summary for 2008'


'Mark Dansie castigated and then denigrated my work on Victor I Klimov, but in a recent obituary notification he reveals his knowledge of an inventor of self-powering batteries, and self-powering electric cars. '

Arthur Manelas - Self-powering Electric Car Pioneer

Image:Arthur-John-Manelas sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Obituaries > Free Energy Blog:2014:12:07 - Dunn writes: "He developed a system that produced more energy than it consumed -- a true over unity energy device that powered his house and his home-made electric car without having to be plugged in to any power source." (Free Energy Blog December 7, 2014)
Victor I. Klimov

Tom Bearden in a recent email provides the appropriate introduction to Victor Klimov's work at two (2) US Government Labs. Klimov is a Russian national, thus I consider his magnificent work as a gift from the the Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia)

Site:LRP:Victor I. Klimov - "Energy From The Vacuum" - Verification

Again in a recent email Tom Bearden has provided significant information filling in the gaps regarding the Klimov work:

quoting: "Given a sufficient power source, laser weapons could essentially have limitless ammunition."

quoting: "Tesla was noted for claiming that he had developed what he called a 'teleforce' weapon, or death ray. This death ray could 'send concentrated beams of particles through the free air, of such tremendous energy that they will bring down a fleet of 10,000 enemy airplanes at a distance of 250 miles (400 km) from a defending nation's border and will cause armies of millions to drop dead in their tracks', as said in an article. He offered this invention to the U.S. War Department and to several European countries without success. Various conspiracy theories persist regarding the nature of this device and the whereabouts of Tesla's model or schematics[16] for it."

Quote: "Laser Rifles - A staple armament of the Armored Core, the laser rifle is a high efficiency weapon, with a medium firerate, high power-per-shot, and zero ammunition cost. Laser rifles burn through enemy armor, and are an effective anti-AC weapon. A poster weapon of the Armored Core series is the KARASAWA weapons line, a class of high-power, long-range laser rifles that can shred enemy forces in seconds."

Quote: (July 19, 2010). "In a grainy, black-and-white video that looks like a home movie of a UFO attack a sleek aircraft streaks through the sky one minute, only to burst into flames the next and plummet into the sea. The silent video, which Raytheon Co. debuts Monday at the U.K.'s Farnborough International Air Show 2010, however, is not science fiction. The defense contractor says it depicts part of a test conducted in May during which the U.S. Navy used a solid-state laser to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles over the Pacific Ocean."