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US Congress In Session 2011 by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor



The people of the United States voted for a total unknown, a nonsequitor, an individual, who came prepackaged, and sold to the people of the United States as a ‘savior,’ a person who would ‘change’ everything for the better. Someone you could believe in. Are the people nuts? Apparently.

The only solution to the ills of the United States is, and has always been the US Constitution and our belief in “one nation under God.” Finally the American people woke up and demonstrated their determination to stop the ‘change’ and ‘save’ the Republic (Article 4, Section 4 - US Constitution). They voted in enough Tea Party Republicans to regain control of the House of Representatives. These newly elected TPR’s are now attempting to stop the economic insanity of the Obama Administration. Regained - The Senate is Now also in the hands of newly elected "Republicans" but they do not yet have a veto proof majority.

This page will attempt to provide a documentary outline demonstrating their efforts to stem the tide of the prolificacy of the Obama Administration. If they fail, the United States will cease to be a nation of prominence, much less a viable nation-state. If they fail, we will simply self-destruct, and disintegrate.

What the American people fail to understand is that they are the victims of a significant subterfuge, a hidden agenda, pawns within a deadly game, for the creation of a New World Order. On the one hand you have members of the Russell Trust Association (Skull & Bones), while on the other hand you have members of the world socialists (Fabians, Marxists, nihilists) who want to destroy this country’s middle class. Neither of whom represent the people of the United States. Both groups have an agenda inimical and anathema to the US Constitution, which is precisely why the socialist Democrats and RTA Republicans want to scrap it.

The TPR will also need to regain control of the US Senate, replacing old-line stalwarts, with fresh blood, more in agreement with the Tea Party Movement. Ideally, they will also need to elect a candidate for the Office of the President, who will follow the mandates of the US Constitution……to the letter of the law of the land.




The United States Debt Clock is the only barometer we have which indicates the true value of the US Dollar. The more dollars we spend, borrow, create, the less value each individual dollar retains. We need to stop borrowing money, pay down the debt, and start saving money, so that it can be reinvested within the infrastructure of the United States economy. If we fail to do that we will FAIL as a nation and collapse. <pesn type=" str=" ["></pesn>


Since each US Dollar is a debt instrument, an obligation of the US Government, the only way to pay down the debt, is to abolish the creator of the debt instrument, the Federal Reserve System. That is why Rep. Ron Paul has consistently called for the audit of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States. Rep. Ron Paul succeeded in gathering enough votes in the US House of Representatives, calling for an actual ‘AUDIT’ of the Fed. This is unprecedented and much needed, in order to expose the hidden “private” agenda behind the Federal Reserve, which was signed into law by a democratic Presidency (Woodrow Wilson) after a rather shoddy ratification process, rubber-stamped by the then Secretary of State (Philander Chase Knox).

Why Are The People Of The United States NOT ASKING the RIGHT Questions regarding the US Debt?

How and Why did the US accumulate this tremendous DEBT? Why did the Government of the United States go to China for help on the US Debt? [

The Fact is that Inflation has been hidden throughout our modern history within our foreign investments. When we purchase Oil from foreign sources, dollars were held by foreign governments, who held on to those dollars, which never returned home to the United States. When the Russians and the Chinese purchased our technology with our dollars, those dollars remained there and in mainland Europe.

The actual amount of US Dollars in foreign hands is an unknown quantity. As long as foreigners held on to the US Debt, no tangible, or tacit debt became apparent. In reality we have significant inflation, but it is deliberately withheld from our CPI reports.

The US Debt Structure under the Obama Presidency had rocketed beyond the ability to repair our normal entitlement programs. The US Congress must stop the hemorrhage before it destroys the US dollar, and people’s faith in its soundness evaporates.

After the Federal Reserve is replaced with sound money created by the US Treasury ( Article 1, Section 8 ) as US Treasury currency, backed up by real value, (non-Fiat), then the people of the United States can get back to business, and restructure the United States, under its original US Constitutional mandates. Eliminate all taxes, and you will see the American people become one of the wealthiest nations on planet Earth. You will see newer technologies, and a greater productive capacity, never before witnessed in the history of mankind. Unfetter the American people, release them from the bondage of fiscal slavery, and they will reinvigorate the entire planet……as originally intended by our Founding Fathers.


President's 2012 Budget Request [

Republican Response to President's 2012 Budget Request

House Budget Committee

Rep.Paul Ryan

Rep.Jeff Session


The people of the United States wishing to stop the shortcomings of the Russell Trust Republicans during the Presidency of the Bush Administrations essentially elected the wrong individuals to fix the problem. The Obama Administration has exacerbated the problem, making it even more difficult to solve for the next and succeeding administrations. Americans need to elect Representatives and Senators who will act with fiscal restraint and adhere to the mandates within the US Constitution. There is no other way to solve our problems, and to resolve the issues that most Americans hope to solve, such as entitlements, and our economy. The nature of our currency (debt structure) has got to be addressed prudently and competently.

The Federal Reserve needs to be replaced with sound money based on solid values, not the ambiguity of quantitative easing. The printing of FIAT money with zero value merely begets more fiscal irresponsibility, and promotes irresponsible spending by the liberal left, and the conservative right.

The people of the United States having worked and provided significant value to this republic for the past forty (40) years will not tolerate the lies coming from a non-responsive US Congress, which has squandered their wealth. They are now beginning to realize that, they have been robbed of their savings, their retirements, and their property, simply because they trusted in their governments, which demanded their loyalty and their work ethic. If they hold fast to their political will, and do not acquiesce to the liberal left or the Russell Trust Republicans, but retain control of the US House of Representatives in the hands of the American Tea Party Movement and its leadership, while gaining control of the US Senate, including electing a US Presidency who will address their concerns, such as the elimination of the Federal Reserve, substituting the FRNs with US Treasury notes based on silver and gold, and the elimination of the bureaucracy of the IRS, (by instituting a minimum flat tax across the board, and adhering to that fixed flat tax in perpetuity), downsizing government by eliminating all of the non-performing agencies, such as, the EPA, US Dept of Education, and the US Dept of Energy for starters. These are all doable and fiscally responsible actions that can be addressed right now. Local and State Governments need to be addressed at the local level not via the bureaucracy of Washington DC. The people need to adhere to the tenth (10th) Amendment of the US Constitution and keep the Federal Government out of the independent jurisdictions of the sovereign States of the Union. The people of the individual States know best what their individual needs and concerns are. They need to address these at the local level, not from Washington DC.

Those who are interested in understanding ‘liberalism’ and the liberal worldview have only to view the political statements of significant liberals in the US House of Representatives, when they rise to speak on the floor of the House as they challenge their conservative colleagues in the House Chamber.

The goal of the liberal members of the US House of Representatives is to gain total control of the machinery of the US Government, thus enabling their ability to promote and push their liberal agenda into actual force of law. An attempt is being made to unseat the conservative Justice of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas thereby making the US Supreme Court a solid liberal bastion. Liberals by and large (once in power) have never tolerated conservatives, only acquiescing when they lose control and political influence. Once in power, they attack the conservative agenda, stifle conservative commentary and silence the conservative perspective. Their ultimate aim is to make sure that they succeed in their worldview. And unless challenged or mitigate they can and they will.

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