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Site:LRP:The Westinghouse - Tesla Collaboration

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The Westinghouse - Tesla Collaboration by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


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Nikola Tesla together with George Westinghouse CREATED the Alternating Current Paradigm. Tesla came to the United States in order to convince Thomas Alva Edison of the efficacy of alternating current as an energy mode. Tesla conceptualized, designed and built the generating process which enabled the formulation of alternating current, and then established that process of energy formation, by creating motors and generators to run specifically on alternating current. Tesla designed and built that system with the aid of George Westinghouse, which entailed the entire process of energy transmission (transformers, oscillators), and the appropriate frequency necessary to deliver that power over huge distances, enabling the interconnectedness of entire nations. Without Tesla and Westinghouse none of this would have been possible. Edison vehemently fought Tesla every step of the way, in a battle known as the ‘war of the currents.’ Tesla for years traveled to many nations and throughout the United States in an attempt to convince the ‘electricians’ that alternating current was the answer to their energy needs. No one listened.

They (the electricians) absolutely believed that Edison’s DC power generating system was the standard, refusing to allow any other alternative, J. P. Morgan being Edison’s principal financial backer.

George Westinghouse, the inventor of ‘airbrakes’ (trains and rail transportation) decided to intervene, after listening to Tesla. Westinghouse purchased Tesla’s forty (40) US Patents on alternating current. Together, they built the AC system of transmission, the AC mode of energy formation, and the apparatus necessary to be used with that system. Tesla and Westinghouse designed and built the first AC generators that were used at Niagara Falls, New York. This was an historical first, primary development of the AC generating paradigm, followed by the collaboration of Tesla and Westinghouse in developing electrical motors based on that formulation. The development of these systems, created by Tesla’s seminal framework, together with Westinghouse’s funding, and manufacturing facilities, enabled the establishment of the second (American) Industrial Revolution. The first having been created via the invention of the steam engine.

Power Stations based on DC were inefficient, sporadic, and limited to concentrated locations. DC necessitated the close proximity of facilities (both the facilitators and the recipients) and they did not enable long range power transmission. Most required fuel to generate power, and those that used natural modes such as waterfalls were only effective within a radius of one to two miles.

:List of Nikola Tesla's Patents

Were it not for the heroic efforts of just a few determined individuals, none of this information would be available today about the Tesla - Westinghouse collaboration to provide the documentation of the benefit of Tesla’s seminal invention. Most don’t even realize that after the creation of the Niagara Power Station, Westinghouse was ruthlessly destroyed by J. P. Morgan via the Panic of 1907. They don’t even realize that Westinghouse was ejected out of his own company, having been forced out by the J. P. Morgan firm. Replaced by Morgan’s own investment strategists and advisors, Westinghouse became a controlled company within the Rockefeller Morgan Syndicate. Shortly after Westinghouse was unseated from his own company, he died soon thereafter, probably from a broken heart.

Site:LRP:The Morgan-Rockefeller Influence

Even today, many are attempting to discredit Nikola Tesla’s priority in creating the AC paradigm. The obfuscators are attempting to modify history to obliterate this fact.

Lest the reader assume that I am disparaging the efficacy of Direct Current and Edison’s contribution, I’m doing nothing of the kind. On the one hand Tesla provided what was necessary in 1887, the ability to transmit power over tremendous distances, enabling many to benefit from electrical power distribution from natural sources of power via natural means, (Niagara Falls) as Alternating Current. Today however modern technology recognizes the significant contribution of Direct Current usage, especially in our modern appliances and hand held portable devices.

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