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Site:LRP:The United States Already Has Free Energy Systems

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'The United States Already Has Free Energy Systems'

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor



Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton D.Sc. originated my interest into what I recognized as Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm within the United States. As a student of Government I became intrigued by the role of Site:LRP:FIAT MONEY and how it was used by Site:LRP:The Federal Reserve System: The Global Cartel as an integral part of the Site:LRP:Central Banks, International Banks and The World Bank in their establishment of significant vehicles like the Site:LRP:American International Corporation which guided by Site:LRP:The Morgan-Rockefeller Influence transformed by Site:LRP:Western Technology & Soviet Economic Development into the Site:LRP:Military Industrial Complex of the entire world, something that Dr. Sutton and I, recognized as the Hegelian Dialectic, identified by our research as managed and controlled conflict.

While there were many who did not believe in Site:LRP:Conspiracy Theory And The History of Conspiracy I recognized the influence of Site:LRP:Daniel Coit Gilman: Incorporator: The Russell Trust Association and his significant introduction of that secret society at Yale University. The partnership of the banking fraternity and such ‘secret societies’ enabled men like Site:LRP:William Boyce Thompson: The Copper Magnate Who Funded The Russian Revolution to evolve as the driving force behind systemic control.

One merely has to look at Site:LRP:China & The New World Order to recognize the continuing effort of Site:LRP:The New World Order in shaping the West ‘nearer to the heart’s desire’ of the world socialists and the British Fabians. George Soros has been designated as the modern day version of WBT in solidifying that control permanently. It is apparent now that Site:LRP:The Conspiracy of The Control Paradigm has been conducted by a powerful Site:LRP:Illuminati influence.

July 14, 1999 - Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton D.Sc. sent me his (autographed) first edition manuscript of “The View From 4-Space.” It was significant, providing me with a phenomenal insight into a remarkable hidden world of 4-Space technologies. Dr. Sutton reexamined the work of Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell and Nikola Tesla. Dr. Sutton convinced me, that the phenomena of such technologies would enable the world to progress into a very interesting future. It was only within the United States that such phenomena were predominantly suppressed by the ‘control’ paradigm. Dr. Sutton also gave me a copy of his manuscript: “Cold Fusion - The Secret Energy Revolution” (1999). Both books compelled me to examine technology and the suppression of inventions and inventors. My research brought me to the doorstep of Thomas Eugene Bearden (Huntsville, Alabama) and John C. Bedini (Energenx, Idaho). My relationship with both gentlemen has been both compelling and rewarding in intellect and in experience.


In 2005 the New Energy Congress tasked me to find out if there really were Energy systems, that did not require fuel consumption. Depending on what one means by free, whether that means ‘fuel free,’ perpetual, or maintenance free is a matter of perspective and inclination. Newton’s first law of motion, is the law of perpetual motion, and that law pertained to the planetary laws of motion, the cosmos, and thus the entire construct of the ‘Creation.’

I came to the conclusion that Site:LRP:The Creation is One Big Perpetual Motion Machine and that everything within that “Machine” provided continuous movement. Whether it be rotation, frequency or oscillation, it is continuous, right down to the very atoms within the quantum mechanics, and unless countermanded remained a perpetual activity for time immemorial. There is enough energy within the construct of that “Machine” to last until the very structure of TIME ceases to exist. I also realized that Site:LRP:Rotation (Powerful Gateway) Needs to Be Explored since it defined and encompassed the very attribute of ‘time,' thus I needed to engage in Site:LRP:The Study of TIME & The TIME Factor itself.

When dealing with quantum mechanics and thus quantum physics, one discovers that they are dealing with the actual threshold of the ‘Creator,’ and the subject of matter, relativity and reality, appear to converge. Tesla knew that when he reached that point, he would not have the proper nomenclature to describe his discovery. Lest the reader find cause for disparagement, prior to Tesla, technology, such as the ‘rotating magnetic field,’ namely, motors, generators and oscillators based on his methodology of alternating current were not yet in existence. There were no electric fans to cool down domiciles, or ’tesla coils’ to power or transform frequency from one circuit to another. For that matter, there was no radio, and the telephone [ was in its infancy. The Wright brothers struggled to convince a disbelieving public (1903) that man could fly via a mechanism. The knee-jerk reaction was "ridiculous." Within thirty (30) years the 'airplane' was weaponized.

The Solvay Conferences provided an appropriate forum for the proper evaluation of the developing Quantum Physics and provided an aggregate venue for specialists within the breakthrough field of 'Quantum Mechanics'.'

The study of reality or precursor engineering as defined by Paul A. M. Dirac was several decades in the future, 1933 to be precise. When one reaches that threshold of the Creator and the Creation, they are no longer within the realm of 3-Space but have crossed into Site:LRP:PRECURSOR ENGINEERING: THE PHYSICS OF REALITY.


The United States has been a nation of inventors and invention, but it has also been a nation of corruption, greed and control. Any system or invention that did not conform to that control was terminated, either obfuscated, diverted, bankrupted or in extreme cases the inventor either disappeared or was found dead.

As long as the invention fit within the parameters of control, it was allowed to proceed to market, full production, and sold to the individual buyers. But as soon as an inventor and his invention did not adhere to the controlled paradigm, subject to either peer review, government (US Patent Office) agency regulation, or hidden factors, the full weight of the media, academia and the science community bore down on the inventor and originator.

As a member of the New Energy Congress, I was in a unique position to actually examine first-hand several of the inventions and to meet with several of the inventors. Those that did not demonstrate ‘over unity’ were bypassed since they did not meet the criteria which I had established, namely, it must be ‘novelty of fact’ and meet ‘novelty of theory’ structures, clearly demonstrating either non-fuel based systems, or continuous motion.

Merely stumbling upon an anomaly, or discovering ‘continuous energy’ was not a significant factor for me, since the Sun, wind, waterfall, and the motion/rotation of the Earth, all demonstrated ‘continuous energy’ as a systemic function. Discovery without knowledge of theory, physics or experimentation such as the application of the ‘scientific method,’ including the modern physics of Dirac, Prigogine, T. D. Lee, etc., was more important for me. What good is it, if one discovers an anomaly, but then can neither replicate, nor scale that discovery into an actual paradigm enabling energy acquisition into a usable format for an entire society.

I discovered two systems of continuous energy output by two very interesting inventors. [1] John C. Bedini at the recent Site:LRP:Renaissance CDA Conference - November 13, 14, 2010 which I attended, demonstrated fundamentals not immediately understood by those who were at the Conference. Attendees came from all over the world, they were given miniature three pole monopole kits to build and to take home with them. John Bedini circulated among those attendees, and actually demonstrated real technologies of over unity involving no fuel whatsoever. I sat in the front row and I recognized the systemic structure of the large 12-14 foot Bedini Ferris wheel.

'The July 2011 Renaissance Workshop Conference':

'How to Run your Home and Vehicles on Renaissance Technology and Keep your Batteries.':

'John C. Bedini speaking with Anthony Craddock during the Filming of the Bedini "Ferris" Wheel explains:'

'“It uses a modified “Bedini-Cole” switch”'

'“It’s a dual function machine”'

'“That’s the Current……’s at Zero”'

'“It's Running On forty- six (46) Watts of power”'

'“It's Outputting to the Batteries forty- two point nine (42.9) Volts”'

'“It's Outputting Two Hundred Fifty Seven point Four (257.4) Watts of power”'

'“It has to develop forty-four (44) Foot pounds of torque to keep moving”'

'“There is the perfect wheel motor”'

'“It’s a real no “BS” free energy machine”'


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'For those who still have doubts, they can now purchase an actual kit, build their own 13ft Ferris Wheel and see for themselves how the mechanism works.......'

Tom Bearden Documentation

At this point it is important to mention that Tom and I have worked together for the past and recent half decade in an attempt to explain his work with the MEG and his discovery of the phenomenology of the physics which explain the science involved in this important study. In the interest of brevity, I will provide the links only for review purposes:

Site:LRP:Motionless Electromagnetic Generator [ M.E.G. ]

'''[[Site:LRP:Collaboration with Dr. Thomas Eugene Bearden on Simplification:Procedural Process of the M.E.G.|Collaboration with Dr. Thomas Eugene Bearden on Simplification:

Procedural Process of the M.E.G.]]

Site:LRP:The Suppression of the M.E.G. by General Electric

Site:LRP:Evaluation of the M.E.G.

Tom and I also looked into how Nikola Tesla was suppressed and prevented from pursuing his goal to provide the United States with unlimited energy without the need for fuel. He was ultimately murdered to make sure that he would not be able to fulfill his objective: ( 'That information was provided to me by email, via a primary source' ):

Site:LRP:The Deliberate Curtailment of Nikola Tesla's Primary Energy Source

Site:LRP:Supporting Documentation:Deliberate Curtailment of Tesla's Primary Energy Source

Site:LRP:The Conspiracy To Destroy/Obfuscate Nikola Tesla

Tesla's Radiant Electricity -- John C. Bedini

Stanford R. Ovshinsky

Another individual who was curtailed and obfuscated by General Motors regarding the EV-1 was Site:LRP:Stanford R. Ovshinsky who attempted to provide a powerful battery for the EV-1, but it was bought up by Chevron-Texaco and then GM substituted the less powerful Delco battery.

Site:LRP:General Motors Created The EV1:General Motors Destroyed The EV1

GM ultimately was bailed out by the Obama Administration and then shifted their production outside of the United States. They now have more plants located outside the country than in the US. Apparently Site:LRP:NAFTA was a complete success for the Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm but a disaster for the 'middle class' of the United States.

The Physics of Energy

Site:LRP:Dan Solomon - Rauland-Borg

'There Is No Limit On The Energy Extracted From A Dirac Quantum State'

Dan Solomon of Rauland-Borg has provided significant papers which explain the appropriate physics that enables the extraction of energy from 4-Space also known as the vacuum. The physics is rigorous and solid and explains information regarding the discovery of P. A. M. Dirac regarding the Monopole and Negative Energy. It was John C. Bedini who recognized how to structure the Monopole, enabling the discovery of Tesla's 'wheelwork' of nature. The 'energy' that actually powers the Universe.

'By 1908 Tesla was able to provide a source of 'energy' that did not require fuel or any external means to power a circuit':

For rigorous proof, see T. W. Barrett, '"Tesla's Nonlinear Oscillator-Shuttle-Circuit (OSC) Theory," Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie, 16(1), 1991, p. 23-41.' Barrett rigorously shows that EM expressed in quaternions allows shuttling and storage of potentials in circuits, and also allows additional EM functioning of a circuit that a conventional EM analysis cannot reveal. He shows that some of Tesla’s patented circuits did exactly this. So Tesla's special circuits could dissipate electric power where and only where he wished in his circuit, powering different parts of the circuit independently. [Paper is carried on the website at internet link]

'Note: Barrett is one of the co-founders of ultrawideband radar and a higher group symmetry electrodynamicist'


'Broken symmetry discovered in 1957 enables bar magnets to self-power, which in turn enables Magnetic motors to function':



Site:LRP:Anisotropic Permanent Magnets

Stanley Meyer invented a fuel injector that actually dissociated water, that then enabled the resultant gases to be ignited within the combustion chamber of an ordinary gas engine of an average automobile (Volkswagen).

Shortly thereafter he died running out of a restaurant claiming he was poisoned.

Site:LRP:Stanley Meyer - The Water Fuel Cell


Jacques Benveniste

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm recognizing the significance of Stanley Meyer's invention decided to control the entire water resource of the United States. It is the most important resource on this Earth. Not only does it support life, but depending on its usage, determines the quality of life for everyone living on Earth. Jacques Benveniste discovered that water has a memory.

The nature of that discovery so startled the French Government, that they immediately suppressed Jacques Benveniste and began a campaign of ridicule and the destruction of his reputation and ultimately his life. We now know why he was obfuscated and destroyed:

Jacque Benveniste “The Memory of Water”

“Excellent documentary about the late Dr Jacques Benveniste (1935-2004), a French Government scientist and pioneer of laboratory research into homeopathy. This was to be his downfall as he was pilloried by the French scientific establishment. Dr. Benveniste is famously known for his theory of the 'memory of water' which he used to explain homeopathy.”

'Jacque Benveniste: Labeled a Heretic: He was obfuscated and Destroyed'


kZkQtHDLE-w Part 1

Qh9uOnPf7m0 Part 2


Water Has Memory is probably the most important discovery regarding water, since it explains several significant points. Water retains information, transmits information, and therefore water itself contains information, which is transmitted to those who receive it. This is important, pertaining to water treatment, and its ultimate usage by those who receive it. The manner in which water is treated, determines how it will effect the user. Nature appears to be a significant graphical user interface. The "intent" of the user is a significant factor and a deliberate impact upon our natural environment.

Documentation: Recent Discovery Shows Water Has A Memory

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This has serious implication regarding our modern method of water purification.

Using chemicals to purify water, such as chlorine and fluoride is not only harmful, but it can remain active within the memory of water, long after it has been diluted and actually removed from the water supply. A far better method of water purification would be the use of ozone, used as a gas injected directly into water, thus killing all harmful bacteria and viruses. Since water is gaseous, the ozone can be easily removed from the water, filtered and then used harmlessly by the general population.

Victor I. Klimov

Tom Bearden in a recent email provides the appropriate introduction to Victor Klimov's work at two (2) US Government Labs. Klimov is a Russian national, thus I consider his magnificent work as a gift from the the Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia)

Site:LRP:Victor I. Klimov - "Energy From The Vacuum" - Verification

Again in a recent email Tom Bearden has provided significant information filling in the gaps regarding the Klimov work:

quoting: "Given a sufficient power source, laser weapons could essentially have limitless ammunition."

quoting: "Tesla was noted for claiming that he had developed what he called a 'teleforce' weapon, or death ray. This death ray could 'send concentrated beams of particles through the free air, of such tremendous energy that they will bring down a fleet of 10,000 enemy airplanes at a distance of 250 miles (400 km) from a defending nation's border and will cause armies of millions to drop dead in their tracks', as said in an article. He offered this invention to the U.S. War Department and to several European countries without success. Various conspiracy theories persist regarding the nature of this device and the whereabouts of Tesla's model or schematics[16] for it."

Quote: "Laser Rifles - A staple armament of the Armored Core, the laser rifle is a high efficiency weapon, with a medium firerate, high power-per-shot, and zero ammunition cost. Laser rifles burn through enemy armor, and are an effective anti-AC weapon. A poster weapon of the Armored Core series is the KARASAWA weapons line, a class of high-power, long-range laser rifles that can shred enemy forces in seconds."

Quote: (July 19, 2010). "In a grainy, black-and-white video that looks like a home movie of a UFO attack a sleek aircraft streaks through the sky one minute, only to burst into flames the next and plummet into the sea. The silent video, which Raytheon Co. debuts Monday at the U.K.'s Farnborough International Air Show 2010, however, is not science fiction. The defense contractor says it depicts part of a test conducted in May during which the U.S. Navy used a solid-state laser to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles over the Pacific Ocean."


The Bedini Monopole Groups

'Building and Testing The John Bedini Monopole Mechanical Oscillator Energizer With Simplified School Girl Circuit'

Purchasing "Energy From The Vacuum" Series DVDs will provide you with relevant documentation and references to get up to speed and will fill in the gaps that are missing in your knowledgebox: Site:LRP:Energy From The Vacuum

Joining these groups is probably the only method of teaching via hands on experience and experimentation, the reality of this subject-matter and thus alleviates the problem of Site:LRP:The Ambiguity Factor.

VYtUL8OU7s4 _on5Xvw1sEY -9anvz_y_Zs

Site:LRP:Energy From The Vacuum

The following DVDs can be purchased directly from:


'Excellent article by Hank Mills:'

Aether Flow -- The True Electric Current? - Could it be that the flow of aether in the form of electric field is the true "electric current", and electron flow is only a byproduct? Some researchers, including potentially Nikola Tesla, seem to think so! (PESN January 27, 2012)'''

Pretty much sums up what I've been presenting to the New Energy Congress via my research papers, along with my collaborated research with Tom Bearden and demonstrated via my applied research via the 30 coil monopole system, designed, engineered and built by Renaissance Charge LLC and paid for by me personally. John Bedini has effectively vindicated Nikola Tesla via the 30 coil monopole system, licensed by him, and paid for my myself, giving Rick Friedrich the right to build it for me.

Tesla’s radiant energy was Dirac’s ‘negative’ energy captured via the mechanism of the ‘monopole.’ Eliminate the current flow within the circuit and the ‘negative’ energy which Tesla termed as radiant energy will flow within the circuit. Structure the circuit, so that the negative energy can be captured, stored within a capacitor (battery), so that it can then be redirected as ‘static’ voltage. Then, re-structure the circuit converting the ‘static’ voltage into alternating current flow.

For those who are not aware of it, the 30 coil monopole system is the upgrade to the original Jim Watson machine from the 1984 Conference at Colorado. Site:LRP:The Thirty (30) Coil MONOPOLE System

I elected to have Rick Friedrich build the 30 coil monopole at Renaissance Charge LLC because of the close proximity to Energenx and John Bedini. I knew that those two gentlemen would effectively permit the construction of my device, under absolute and rigorous protocols of quality control. Since my device contained thousands of parts and involved significant protocols, pertaining to magnetism and timing protocols involving movement, I knew the serious difficulty that could be encountered, which at any time could derail the project. Because of the tenacious persistence of Renaissance, and Rick Friedrich's dogged desire to provide quality results, I knew that eventually they would succeed in providing the result hoped for by myself and Tom Bearden. My hopes were not in vain, they were successful and as a result they have literally vindicated Nikola Tesla regarding his claim of Radiant Energy and the 'wheel-work of nature' Site:LRP:James Clerk Maxwell

All the Best,

'Leslie R. Pastor'

John Bedini - Radiant Electricity

John Bedini - A Potential Radiant Charge = A Dipole