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Site:LRP:The Two Immortals

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The Two Immortals

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Based on the available data, Site:LRP:Jesus stated, who he was. Flavius Josephus, the Jewish historian in his historical narrative confirms that he was referring to the historical Jesus of Nazareth. For the unenlightened, Josephus Antiquities of the Jews is a substantial historical narrative of the History of the Hebrews. Site:LRP:Jesus speaking in the Temple at Jerusalem made this statement: “Before Abraham was, I AM” - John 8:58 The context in which he made this statement is referenced here [ By his own words, he was stating his immortality, and his equality with the Hebrew God. This immediately upset the Pharisees, who determined to eliminate him, and prove him an imposter, apostate and a blasphemer.

More than 1.2 billion Christians worldwide subscribe to Jesus of Nazareth as the ‘Son of God,” and believe his statement: “I and my Father are ONE.” - John 10:30. Again, thus becoming an irritation to the Hebrews, who believed strongly, “Hear of Israel, the LORD, our God is ONE.” Jesus stated the equivalence and direct relationship with and as (Son of) the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses. Why is this significant? Jesus was saying that He was Immortal, and that He was sent by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel). He had a responsibility, and he came to fulfill his Father’s will, to fulfill the Law (Pentateuch – Law of Moses – written by the finger of God) and the Prophets.

Was Site:LRP:Jesus mad, or was he telling the truth? And what evidence do we have? What are our references? As stated earlier we have the Pentateuch (the Five books of Moses) the Prophets, the Flavius Josephus 'Antiquities of the Jews', and last but not least, the Gospels of Matthew Mark, Luke and John, the Acts of the Apostles, the Epistles to the Hebrews, Romans, Ephesians, Galatians, Corinthians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus, Philemon, James, Peter, John and Jude, and everything else contained therein including the Revelations of John on the Island of Patmos, as the New Testament in fulfillment of God’s Covenant with Israel. Everyone who wrote about Site:LRP:Jesus was of Jewish ancestry, with the exception of Luke, the physician, who was a non-Jew.

We also have testimony of the records of individuals who believed in the Old Testament, Pentateuch, and the Torah using them as guides, actually verifying their veracity and truthful nature. Ronald Eldon Wyatt was one such individual, who following the Biblical narrative, discovered the actual physical location of Noah’s Ark upon the mountains of Ararat in modern day Turkey, the actual crossing of the Red Sea by Moses and the Hebrew multitude, and the location of Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia. His discovery of Sodom and Gomorrah complete with sulpher (fire and brimstone) remains from their initial destruction located by the Dead Sea.

But Ron Wyatt's primary discovery of significant importance was the true location of the Ark of the Covenant outside the walls of Jerusalem, twenty feet below the crucifixion site of Jesus of Nazareth. This location is important, because it confirms the primary important facts related to Biblical prophecy regarding the Messiah.

Site:LRP:Akiane Kramarik was born into an atheistic household, she never heard of God or Jesus from her father or mother, and yet she heard directly from the Creator Himself, breaking through the human barrier.

Ark Discovery ~ Revealing God's Truth

The Blood of Jesus Found On The Ark of The Covenant

A Scientist Analyzes Mr. Wyatt's Chromosome Theory

Site:Ron Wyatt - Wyatt Archaeological Research

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The history of the Shroud of Turin provides an interesting fact of Jesus of Nazareth, that Jesus actually resurrected. We have the chronology of the safekeeping of the shroud itself, and the documents of recorded history, The Shroud itself is a recorded history of the actual event of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, based on the scientific discovery embedded within its fabric. Interesting clues and evidence were discovered shedding light on its authenticity [ But more importantly for me, is the fact that modern technology has actually enabled the extraction of the embedded record of the event of the Resurrection. The Shroud itself is a recorder of the actual event of the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, the historical Jesus, who was born in a manger in Bethlehem, who grew up to be a man and dwelt among us, as is recorded by Flavius Josephus, the historian to the Roman occupation of Israel during 33-60 AD, as an actual witness to that occupation. A skeptic recanted his testimony when he authenticated the Shroud of Turin, discovering that the Carbon dating of the fabric, not the rewoven cotton edge, but the linen fabric, actually revealed its true date.

Additional historic evidence: Hungarian Prayer Manuscript: the empty shroud: zigzag lines of the herring bone weave: a set of L shaped burn holes. (1352). Dark char around each hole. (Hungarian Prayer Manuscript). This is much earlier than this carbon 14 dating. Suderium of Ovidedo. Face Cloth of Jesus. Put them together and the blood of the Suderium lines up with the shroud. The date of the shroud must have a date much earlier than the initial carbon 14 dating.

Gundailia connifornium (polen) Jerusalem. Found on the shroud. The image needs to be understood on a microscopic level. The image is on only one layer of fiber. It is that superficial. There is no gradation of color. Only one color, it is repeated, it is made out of dots, a 3-D image. How did the image get there. Truly the X-files of Christianity. Scientists don’t know how that image came to be. Maybe it truly was the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A by-product of the resurrection. Radiation/Light generated the image. (John Johnson) How could this be: The answer seems obvious: The Resurrection: based on Scripture: and based on Science: an Explosion of Light, and then gone.

An understanding of how light works (either straight up or diffused). Much of the light never made it on to the cloth. Where did it go? Particles that don’t hit the target. The Universe has hidden dimensions: Hologram: All of space-time may be a hologram. The Holographic Universe. The gospel of Thomas. Steven Davies.

Ray Downing’s 3-D Imaging Team: Dr. John Jackson. Fr. Jonathan Morris (Priest). Jesus: Transformed into LIGHT: then gone! (Resurrection). The living moving likeness of the image on the shroud of Turin: the face of Jesus. The story of from death to life. Fast prototyping: Death Mask of the Shroud of Turin.

Light: radial or directional (no information) in between: slices in order to do it: narrowly focused slivers of light: a desktop scanner. Light being transported across the document. Full sculpture in 3D profile. That closed the circle. Science and religion appear to have come together….

The Shroud of Turin is an interesting study……….indeed!

Its authenticity is no longer a mystery.

:The Shroud of Turin - Evidence it is authentic by J. Michael Fischer, adapted from the original article by John C. Iannone

Source: Site:LRP:Jesus

:Site:LRP:The God Compendium


The History and Mystery of the Blood of Christ, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Return of the Messiah

Ron Wyatt's Testimony

Printed Transcript of Ron Wyatt's Last Interview - June 1999

The Four (4) Angels That Guard The Ark of the Covenant

A Scientist Analyzes Mr. Wyatt's Chromosome Theory


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Miraculous Healing in Jesus Stuns Israelis Israel Today - January 5, 2014

The Shroud of Turin - Evidence it is authentic by J. Michael Fischer, adapted from the original article by John C. Iannone

Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Ronald Eldon Wyatt



The Key to knowing the nature of Immortality is to know the God of Israel, specifically His Name.

The Tetragrammaton, is the four Hebrew letters or symbols that comprise His Name

The God of Israel






Tetragrammaton = DNA

Image of Tetragrammaton = DNA




For those subject to cognitive dissonance, immortality is already demonstrated in the Natural World via the Immortal Jelly Fish, which never dies, continuously regaining its youth, just before procreation, thereby sustaining its continuous life cycle indefinitely, unless of course eaten by a predator. In my previous research analysis regarding precursor engineering, I was afforded the opportunity to work with Thomas Eugene Bearden in research of this unique phenomenology. Understanding this subject-matter is appropriate to those wishing to learn the immortality phenomenon.

Site:LRP:Precursor Engineering And The Falsification of Modern Physics


Yet more evidence emerges that our universe is a grand simulation created by an intelligent designer



The Other Immortal is revealed as "Demonic" and is made apparent with respect to "The Real History of Satanism" and is expounded by a book written by William Guy Carr Satan - The Prince of this World


Former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson Lectures on the Illuminati


Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr

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Satan - The Prince of this World

Radio Interview with Ted Gunderson - Illuminati Mind Control - Fritz Springmeier

Mind Control Programming Documentation

Fritz Springmeier is a significant Christian and a follower of Jesus. His revelations of the Illuminati, their culture, and their hidden mysteries, forced the Illuminati to curtail his activity by imprisoning him on trumped up charges. His discovery and revelation of the Illuminati mind control formula, demonstrated that this mystery has been handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. It is a Satanic system of ritual child abuse, enabling multiple personalities or alters to switch from a front alter of normal personality in appearance and observation, to a deviant, or Satanic personality, as needed, in fulfillment of any type of action that is secretly required of any of their members at any given timeframe. Site:LRP:Deception and Revelation provided a significant start point for my investigation of how the Illuminati controls its paradigm. John Todd Collins is probably the most interesting discovery for the serious minded skeptic-analyst, because he provided revelation as an ‘insider’ turned ‘convert’ and therefore provided both confusion and credibility. Most Christians, at least the nominal groups, have no understanding regarding anything other than their upbringing and conformity within their own religious traditions and teachings. So when they are confronted by ‘real’ individuals who claim to be from the Illuminati, they refuse to accept reality, primarily due to the structured ‘cognitive dissonance’ that they carry with them their entire lives. Those Christians, however, who, are gifted by the Holy Spirit, are not subject to ‘cognitive dissonance’ but have spiritual discernment, and can recognize what it is that they are appreciating, as they are led by the Holy Spirit.

Bloodlines of the Illuminati - Online Book

Monarch Mind Control - Online Book - by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier

Mind Control Slavery Documentation

To be precise, God, or as He is known, as YHWH, as in the acknowledged Tetragrammaton, is believed to be from everlasting to everlasting, having no beginning and having no ending. His name is mysterious, reflecting His uniqueness: “I AM that I AM” roughly translated from the original Hebrew denoting His ability to “Be” anything He wants to “BE.” A reflection upon his relationship with the early Hebrews, and their repeated waywardness and continuous backsliding from his entreated advances towards them as a chosen people, from Abram (Abraham) from Ur of the Chaldea’s, to Moses, His desire to find a people willing to walk by faith, to accept without the need to know or question why? What exactly caused this necessity, and to what dynamic did this interplay foster a continuous advance in His relationship towards the Hebrews? Was there a bigger picture and is it relevant and ongoing to this day?

Did God Create Evil? Or did He establish boundaries and evoke choices from those that He elected to be his own people? The creation of the [ Ark of the Covenant, built to last forever, was to contain, and did contain, the two tables of stone, written by His finger, His Laws, His requirements, as a Covenant between Him and all those willing to adhere to His Will. The Ark of the Covenant hidden for 2,600 years, guarded by four Angels selected by Him, was found twenty feet below the crucifixion site where Jesus of Nazareth died and shed his blood, six hundred years after it was placed in Zedekiah’s Cave. Jesus blood fell directly upon the Mercy Seat on the western side of the Ark of the Covenant exactly where the earthquake split the ground beside his cross of execution, and the encasement that contained the Ark of the Covenant twenty feet blow the crucifixion site. The God (YHWH) “I AM that I AM” became “I AM Savior” to all those who accept His Covenant as His “Day of Atonement.”


Dr. Karla Turner - Open Source Documentation provided as Researched links:Documentation:


Fritz Springmeier's Presentation of Reptilian Eyes Documentation:


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'Lucifer - Satan and The Devil'

Is Lucifer the God of Judaism? - An Article by (for) Henry Makow

Lucifer Quotes

The Name of God ???? AHAYAH'''

Ritual Abuse/Mind Control involves sodomy

Lucifer's Network


Jesus stated that He was equal (I and My Father are One) with God, and therefore was Eternally Equal. The Gospels affirm this and the Old Testament corroborate this. Jesus was literally God with us. So you might actually say that Jesus came to Earth on a rescue mission to save humanity. But what was He rescuing humanity from?

The Earth was already damned and alienated from God and under the control of the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, recognized by Jesus as the god of this world. Jesus did not refute, argue or give place to the Devil – merely quoted (correctly) the Word of God. Jesus already acknowledged man’s inability to save himself and regain access to the Creator. Jesus as Immanuel enabled humanity to regain access to Yahweh.

Lucifer was created by God and made immortal as a covering Cherub – a powerful Angelic Being. Lucifer was given authority and dominion in the service of God, but he rebelled against God and being corrupted began to corrupt God’s creation, including humanity. God’s gifts are without repentance.

Ezekiel 28:14-15

Isaiah 14:12-14


Ronald Eldon Wyatt (Sr) is my startpoint because his evidence is true and his documentation is substantive. When you begin to add up his discoveries, references and documentation—only one conclusion fits the bill—he was dead on accurate in his findings, which only now is becoming apparent via the corroboration of others who followed him in the field. The ambiguity factor notwithstanding, he categorically verified the truth and efficacy (accuracy) of the inerrant Word of God. Following the actual Biblical texts, he was able to accurately pinpoint the exact location of the “Ark of the Covenant.” His integrity was unquestioned by the Antiquities department in Jerusalem as documented by the videos he provided. Without question he received help from a “Higher” power enabling him to successfully conclude his findings. The evidence explains itself—providing the appropriate proof—substantiating his claims.


Because of the nature and complexity of the “control” paradigm, an intervention was necessary on the part of the Deity, as was foretold by the Prophets and Scribes of the Torah, the Pentateuch, as was revealed and described by historians, and the publication of the Book itself. Once again technology intervened allowing the mass publication of the Book, changing forever the secrecy and deliberate obfuscation of its pages. From word of mouth, to scribes from private libraries (church and nobility) to the common man—God’s Word became a reality. From the Gutenberg invention to modern day computer technology (emails via high speed internet transmission) the Word of God can no longer be suppressed (hidden or obfuscated). As John accurately states: “The Word was made Flesh” and “dwelt among us” in human form. Jesus statement: “Before Abraham was—I Am” provoked the only response, as was mitigated by Jesus ultimate revelation: “I and my Father are ONE,” declaring that He was God (come in the flesh) and that He came to “fulfill the Law.” In those two statements: “Jesus set Himself up to become the propitiation for the sins of the whole world, shedding His Blood upon the Mercy Seat of the “Ark of the Covenant,” fulfilling His role as the High Priest before the Throne of God (on Earth). Ronald Eldon Wyatt (Sr) found the Ark of the Covenant, discovered the proximity of the crucifixion site, its direct location directly above and the blood evidence as proof of the historical fulfillment of God’s intervention for all mankind: “Whosoever will…….I will in no wise cast out.” The “Blood Evidence” proves that Jesus was precisely who He said he was.