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The Tenth Amendment To The US Constitution by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


The Sheriff is the only duly authorized police authority allowed by the US Constitution and most State Constitutions, and the control paradigm knows it. They are just now challenging their authority because they do not want the people of the United States to have such authority via their duly elected and authorized representative. They are doing this because of their desire to fast-track the New World Order: Sheriffs Bush-Whacked ~ America's Free Press


"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."



The original thirteen colonies (united States of America) refused to ratify the original US Constitution, until they were first granted significant powers over the Federal Government. They had just declared their independence from the King of England, and were determined to retain absolute control over the power of intrusive government. They enumerated their will, in the form of Amendments to the US Constitution guaranteeing that power would forever ultimately remain with the individual States, and to the People respectively. They would never again allow an all powerful central government to usurp their sovereign will. They framed their political trust deed (US Constitution) specifically intending to forever preclude the central government from enacting legislation curtailing their power. They added the Tenth (10th) Amendment, declaring their intent to do just that.

We have been lied to on a massive deliberate scale by our own federal government. So much so, that the individual States within our country have decided to exercise their rights under the US Constitution, specifically, the Tenth (10th) Amendment. They are declaring their ‘sovereignty’ and are putting the federal government on notice, that they have violated their Constitutional rights, and they are acting to reclaim, and to restate, their ‘sovereignty’ as free and independent States, having their own jurisdiction, powers, and authorities, independent of the actions of the federal government.

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Let the record show:

Former President George Walker Bush violated his oath of office.......

Former President George Walker Bush lied to the American people.......

Former President George Walker Bush committed treason against the American people………

Former President George Walker Bush conducted a false flag operation……….

Loose Change Explanation Of The 911 On The World Trade Center -- Video


Former President George Walker Bush Authorized The 911 Attacks Says Government Insider - Stanley Hilton

Former President George Walker Bush conducted an illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan………

Former President George Walker Bush trashed the US Constitution of the United States………

Former President George Walker Bush bankrupted the United States………….

The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder (Vincent Bugliosi before Congress)

President Barack Hussein Obama is not a legitimate President of the United States……….

President Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United States……….

There are significant behind the scenes maneuverings that have taken place to warrant a more detailed examination of the facts. The lie is so massive, that it is impossible to succinctly address the exact focal point of the dilemma. A lie this massive, necessitated serious action on the part of the individual states, to preserve the Union of independent States from intrusive Federalism.

The Phoney War On Terrorism - Ted Gunderson (Retired FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge)



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