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Site:LRP:The Suppression of Stanley Meyer and The Control Paradigm

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The Suppression of Stanley Meyer and The Control Paradigm by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Stanley Meyer discovered how to rapidly dissociate water. Using ordinary tap water, injected within a special fuel cell injector, (which was rapidly dissociated), directly into the combustion chamber of a motor vehicle. This revolutionary process enabled him to go from California to New York on a mere 22 gallons of water. It was so revolutionary, that he decided to share this with the US Government. But before he could consummate the deal, he was murdered.

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Early on Stanley Meyer discovered how to dissociate water rapidly, using low current, immediately, and on demand, proving that he was able to do it, via a significant demonstration.

He acquired the appropriate patents within the United States and worldwide, ultimately, demonstrating that water could be directly used within a fuel-injector, which would be rapidly dissociated and thus immediately combusted within a cylinder chamber of a combustion engine. The technology is real, and therefore, was a direct threat to the existing energy paradigm, based on oil, coal, and natural gas, not to mention the existing hydro-electric power system, which incorporated the national grid.


Stanley Meyer spoke at a European Conference Regarding his Technology


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Another inventor, Andrea Puharich, having discovered a similar method, which, he used to haul a motor home throughout the United States, was compelled to give up his technology when he was threatened by the Rockefeller interests:

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