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The Study of TIME & The TIME Factor by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved


The study of Time is a subject-matter clearly not understood, at least not in 4-Space. Within the 3-Space world of limitations, every function, form, and action is simplified and understood, for we can recognize every action and reaction, which follow precise laws, systems, and patterns. We know what happens, when it happens, because it is supposed to happen in 3-Space. We live and breathe, function and perform within a 3-Space environment. We know and are comfortable within the knowledge of certainty, that systems function, according to a preset process, known and articulated according to prescribed laws and references.

Yes, knowledge of certainty is comforting....

While we are comfortable within our references, and systems and knowledge of laws pertaining to 3-Space,

we assume incorrectly, pertaining to 'reality'.....for ‘reality’ does not just reside within extends further into the realm of 4-Space. Nature does not end within our concept of 3-Space, but follows the dictates of a 4-Space reality, the dynamics of which incorporate a quality known as 'space-time.' In fact the energy which sustains our laws and dynamics, is governed by principles articulated ‘only’ in 4-Space. It was Einstein who introduced humanity to the duality of the combination of 'space and time' as one unification. Just as electricity and magnetism were introduced within the duality of the electromagnetic wave, by the brilliant observation of Site:LRP:James Clerk Maxwell'. We now know that there are references that exist, which we are only now beginning to recognize.

Yes, knowledge of certainty is refreshing....(within an uncertain world}.

Early on, I wrote a paper defining the "Creation" as a perpetual "motion" machine, whose references were defined as the basis of the fabric of space-time. Those references incorporate structured principles sustaining significant dynamics based on significant revelations.

And yet, the elusive nature of ‘time’ within the structure of ‘space’ is clearly an anomaly masked within the reference of ‘space-time’ itself. The attributes of ‘space-time’ incorporate curvature and rotation, having coordinates governed by relativity and complexity, the physics of which entail ‘hyperspace’ and the principles of infinite/finite relationships. The ‘properties’ of space-time are just as interesting if not more mysterious, having attributes and conditions approaching ‘virtual’ and ‘temporal’ states. References within such ‘states’ are governed by ‘frequency’ associations articulated as a unification of the ‘fabric’ and structure sustaining the anomaly of space and time.

In an email discussion several years back Dr. Antony C. Sutton informed me that "all is frequency," but I didn’t quite understand him at that time, never realizing that everything within the ‘creation construct’ can be ‘engineered,’

‘manipulated,’ and thus capable of being ‘reversed.’ That is powerful information, because it means that the ‘creation construct’ can be manipulated directly by those who know how. We can literally reverse-time matter, as discovered by Antoine Priore, and the Soviet KGB of Stalinist Russia. We can use ‘time’ as an energy source, and reverse the effects of death, disease, and corruption of matter. We can manipulate ‘matter’ , ‘time’, and the ‘physical’ nature of all matter, including non-matter (virtual and nonvirtual states} as it pertains to us directly, such as our own ‘mind’ characteristics.

Tom Bearden on his website: introduces "Time" as a 'pure' science, having 'dimensions' and 'coordinates' indicative of 'spatial' references having structure. The manipulation of 4-Space influences the material characteristics that define the reality and efficacy of matter. Tom Bearden explains (with references): [4-Space defines reality, structures matter, and sustains the relative position of all structures linked therein including "mind" characteristics. Alter 4-Space and you alter "reality."]. At this point it is important to understand the proper terms and terminology inherent within the appropriate nomenclature. Therefore understanding the significant glossary provided is necessary from Tom Bearden's website.

One cannot properly understand ‘cause and effect,’ without first understanding the nature of 4-Space.

Tom Bearden:

has provided significant insight with respect to correcting "effects" confused as "causes." In an earlier work, as explained in his correspondence: time and time reversal is explained in terms of mass and mass-time duality.

Tom Bearden provided the following abstract defining the nature of EM power systems, and how they apparently function within 4-Space.

In his Glossary, Tom Bearden provides an excellent revue of his discernment and discoveries with respect to "time" and "energy" The Glossary is an excellent source of significant data and references not found anywhere else.

Quoting Tom Bearden: "Time is also a set of energy flows in the time domain (complex plane) rather than in 3-space. Time is also multiply connected, since a priori every 3-space point in the universe exists at and in a single moment of time. Since time is dynamic and structured with special energy flows, it seems possible to use this feature to establish energy flow during one specific moment to a desired subset of 3-space points, regardless of where in the universe those points are located. Hence the development of "time-energy" technology allows action at a distance via manipulating the multiple connectivity of time and its internal structure (internal time-like energy flows)."

Time is so important to energy, one might say that time significantly exhibits an interlocking relationship with energy. As Tom Bearden has so eloquently demonstrated the ‘time-domain’ is its own reference, as indicated by ‘action-at-a-distance,’ articulated by James Clerk Maxwell. Thus multipli-connected ‘spacetime’ is therefore engineerable.

There is a new paradigm of Mind & Matter that attempts to explain reality in the form of Fourier mathematical constructs known as holograms linking the totality of the "Creation Construct" into one seamless interconnectedness. Karl H. Pribram agreeing with David Bohm theorized that memory/information is stored not in cells, but rather in wave interference patterns, thus equating the 'mind' with 'lightwave' patterns, much like a hologram. For those who think that this is far-fetched, they might wish to read: The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.


The Holographic Universe


Dennis Gabor the inventor of holography for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics provided key insight into the nature of ‘frequency’ and how it affects significant characteristics promulgating how the duality of light wave particles interact within the construct of spacetime. Could it be that the study of holography resembles the nature of spacetime itself?


There is another aspect to the anomaly of ‘spacetime’ involving spatial coordinates relative to ‘distance’ and the ‘factor’ of time involving the nature of velocity and the nature of ‘speed’ as it pertains to references within ‘space.’ With this respect, a ‘model’ is needed: showing the references, coordinates and structure of locality involving hyperspace and the structure of infinity as it is understood within ‘spacetime.’ In choosing a model, we delineate attributes, such as distance, scale and point to point relationships. But our models cannot fathom relativity, quantum mechanics, or distance, without selecting the types of references or tools needed, unless we incorporate the methodologies used in traversing hyperspace. Algebra, geometry, and much higher group topology math is needed in order to distinguish references when dealing with the vast expanse of totality of the Universe. James Clerk Maxwell attempted to solve this ‘reference’ when he introduced his significant quaternion equations back in 1864.

Distances become superfluous when point to point velocities approach infinities, affecting both space and time characteristics proportionately, if not exponentially. Increasing speeds shortens distances affecting time relative to specific locations within a structured coordinate system and reference. Speed, time, location become relative when dealing with infinities. Travel at the speed of light and you are governed by light-years. Travel at the speed of gravity and you are governed by exponential velocities accelerating beyond comprehension, far beyond the limits of light waves or ‘time’ itself.

UFO Traveling Possibly At The Speed Of Gravity (This video has been doctored since I last posted - eliminating the lightwave effect)

Gravity Lense - Light Wave (Original View) China UFO

Gravity Lense - Light Wave (View - 1) - China UFO

Gravity Lense - Light Wave (View - 2) - China UFO

The UFO in this particular video appears to be enveloped within a gravity wave (fuzzy unclear view of UFO - typical of a gravity lense)…..and when it initiates 'movement' sustains a conditioned light-wave gravity field.


Research on the subject of time……….has not gone unnoticed by our past physicists and thermodynamicists. Google has a significant data cache on this subject-matter: I've already provided significant research pages that iterates such data:'Science'_Structure:_Our_Knowledge/Understanding_of_'Energy'


Ilya Prigogine was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977 for his contributions in non-equilibrium thermodynamics, particularly the theory of dissipative structures.

The main theme of the scientific work of Ilya Prigogine was a better understanding of the role of time in the physical sciences and in biology. He contributed significantly to the understanding of irreversible processes, particularly in systems far from equilibrium.

Ilya Prigogine introduced a whole new school of thermodynamics "Prigogine has introduced a dissipative structure concept and mathematical equations for entropy S and time t for the open system and nonequilibrium." Richard D. Feynman in a letter to the Editor of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 80, No. 5, 1445-1446, November 2004, states: "Whatever happened to the second law of thermodynamics?" "We found the recent review by Buchholz and Schoeller (1) to be surprising in several ways. First, there was no reference to our recent review "Thermodynamics and Metabolic Advantage of Weight Loss Diets" (2), which addressed the same subject but included a more comprehensive set of references and thereby strengthened Buchholz and Schoeller's observation that high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets frequently lead to greater weight loss calorie-for-calorie than do isocaloric diets of different composition (metabolic advantage). Still more surprising was that, in opposition to these experimental observations, they insisted that "a calorie is a calorie" anyway and invoked the first law of thermodynamics. In our own review (2) we pointed out that one cannot ignore 1) the second law of thermodynamics and 2) the fact that living organisms are open systems, far from equilibrium, and therefore subject to different efficiencies depending on metabolic path.

The second law says that there is a physical parameter called "entropy," which we identify with disorder or inefficiency and, whereas energy is always conserved, entropy is not (3). In any real (irreversible) process, entropy increases and no process is perfectly efficient. The consequence is that conservation of energy (ie, the first law) is maintained by exporting high-entropy compounds (principally carbon dioxide and water) into the environment. The extent to which energy and matter are distributed among heat, chemical bonds, work, and the excreted products is determined by the specific metabolic pathway used. In our review, we presented plausible mechanisms by which dietary composition can lead to different pathways of different efficiencies."

"The first law of thermodynamics never exists in the absence of the second law. Both laws are inviolate, and they must be applied correctly." Source:


Tom Bearden has provided serious input regarding the significance of this new subject-matter, deliberately obscured by our prevailing indoctrination and subsequent subjugation reinforced by our own internal cognitive dissonance, primarily because we have been conditioned to disbelieve any 'novelty of fact' data, that does not conform to our prior scholastic indoctrination gained from our University and Engineering Institutes. Education is an ongoing process, not a static island of information. Education to be correct, must advance beyond Dogma, beyond the influence of the Corporate Monopolistic Greed to contain supremacy and primacy over newer 'novelty of fact' discoveries. Education requires freedom of inquiry, freedom of discovery, freedom to implement such discoveries via the marketplace as competing technologies to improve the human condition.,%20T%20E%20-%20New%20Tesla%20Electromagnetics%20And%20The%20Secrets%20Of%20Electrical%20Free%20Energy%20(1984,%20Cheniere%20Org).pdf

We have been skillfully, artfully, and dynamically manipulated via a significant "control" paradigm soon to be explained in an upcoming book, to be released by myself. For those who can move forward beyond 'cognitive dissonance' and are willing to gain a more definitive analysis:


The most important discovery relating to the time-domain, is probably the most significant discovery of all.

The human "mind" exists in the time-domain, and is thus ‘immortal.’ This has important implications, in reference to the ‘control’ paradigm. And as such provides significant clues to the ability of the ‘control’ paradigm to exist for millennia. Tom Bearden in his research on Precursor Engineering (directly engineering physical reality) discovered that immortality is not only plausible but highly practical, in that there exists an immortal jelly fish, that never dies, continuously replicates, and unless eaten or killed by other fish, lives forever, mass producing at an alarming rate.

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