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Site:LRP:The Solid State Overunity System

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The Solid State Overunity System by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Because of the ‘cognitive dissonance’ of the dogmatized public within the United States it was necessary to provide significant proof that the laws of physics actually did allow ‘more energy out than in’ systems better known as ‘overunity.’

'The Bedini Circuit'

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It has taken the United States over 128 years (1884-2012) to finally accomplish the dynamics of the fundamentals of a ‘more energy out than in’ system. [[Site:LRP:The Ambiguity Factor|The Ambiguity Factor] for one thing was a significant impediment. Competing ‘energy’ philosophies, not to mention the inhospitable nature of the competition between fuel and none fuel based systems ultimately obscured the truth regarding the true nature, pertaining to the reality of the construct and fundamentals of the Creation. This revelation, sad to say did not come from government, the educational system or the establishment (commerce, banking fraternity, the economy), but from solitary individuals determined to overcome the control paradigm. The path that has led us here has been littered with the blood, sweat and tears of the martyrs who died trying to convince a disbelieving world. This revolution is still happening concurrently with the harsh realities that separate us from ‘peace on Earth’ and the inhumanity of mankind. It is a factor that needs to be recognized and resolved.

'Explanation of the Bedini Circuit'

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My life is a testament to both the discovery and factuality of non-fuel-based ‘energy’ systems (Nikola Tesla), and to the reality of the control paradigm (Hegelian Dialectic), Cognitive Dissonance being the ultimate impenetrable barrier to the truth. None the less truth will out, and indeed it has, as has been demonstrated by average truth-seeking groups determined to understand and actualize the fundamentals. The Bedini Energy System being the easiest to understand provided the impetus, sustaining the drive and the direction towards those fundamentals. Having personally invested both time and effort understanding these dynamics, it became imperative for me to search for clear and present examples of ‘solid state’ aspects to the technology.


'The Solid State Overunity System'

'The Bedini Circuit'

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'Source Reference Documentation Link'

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