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The Russian Scenar Device by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Tom Bearden and I have had numerous discussions regarding the subject-matter of ‘precursor engineering,’ and he has demonstrated a significant perspective, that is outside of the scope and framework of the thinking capability of most of humanity. To put it bluntly, I recognize in Tom Bearden’s references, the plausibility of actual ‘miracles’ as were defined in the historical records, such as the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Scriptures, specifically the Gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. The Old Testament, specifically, the Pentateuch (the five (5) books) of Moses refer to specific events and activities of the early Patriarchs, and Prophets.

Until the advent of the 2lst century, most found it difficult to believe in anything, other than their own observations, and intuitive cognitive capability. This century has significantly challenged that myopic standard, by providing modern tools, that have elevated and enhanced our observant capabilities, such as the Hubble Space Telescope, which enabled the verification of the Scriptural reference: Jeremiah 33:22 Hebrews 11:12 <pesn type= [Genesis 15:5"></pesn> [Genesis 26:4] [Genesis 33:12]

We now know that the known Universe is filled with billions of incalculable galaxies, filled with billions of stars throughout the expansive ever widening void, but more importantly, we know that WE exist on one of those galaxies (the Milky Way), and that subsequently we also know that the odds point to the plausibility that at least one of the stars in each of those galaxies also contain at least one planet with similar life forms equal to our own. Therefore we now know that it is probable that literally billions of life forms coexist throughout the entire construct of the Universe. Site:LRP:Astronomy and Optics

Speaking in strictly “Quantum” Physics terminology:

Paul A M Dirac provided ample proof that the Creation is an ongoing enterprise of continuous formation, having positive and negative probabilities, enabling both the ability to happen and unhappen formative matter as energy. What we recognize as solid objects, are in reality moving and dynamic states of continuously sustained formation of energy constructs, which obey the laws of quantum mechanics.

Matter as we know it, is 'not' static, but sustained by electromagnetic pulses, continuously ‘moving’ according to quantum physical laws, and as such, can be pulsed to ‘unhappen’ and thus ‘re-happen’ in form and in substance. This brings us to the Russian Scenar Device, which is a derivative of Dirac’s quantum theory.

Dirac discovered that the Creation was capable of immortality, namely that the Creation could be maintained indefinitely, continuously renewing itself, over and over, again and again, simply via the pulsing or tickling of the active vacuum along with the accompanying subject-matter related within the vacuum. The Scenar device in quantum physics terms, pulses or tickles the subject-matter already within the vacuum state to renormalize within its original framework, in essence restoring its prior original precision.

During the 1970s, a Frenchman by the name of Antoine Priore attempted to provide a similar device, albeit, a rather large and clumsy device, but having similar capability. He was immediately suppressed by the French Government. The Russian Scenar device following the Dirac protocol, using negative/positive probability interactions with the active vacuum, enables subject-matter to both “happen” and “unhappen,” thus the ability to heal, via restoration (renormalization).

Dr Irina Kossovskaia introduced the Russian Scenar Device to the Western World, with the tacit approval of the Russian hierarchy. That is how the world is becoming aware of this technology. Without the beneficence of the Russian people, we would not have this knowledge of Dirac’s fundamental discovery. Tom Bearden and I wish to acknowledge our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the Russian physics community for releasing this valuable science to the rest of the world.


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The Russian Scenar Device

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