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The Roswell Legacy/The First Accidental Contact by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Jesse Marcel Jr., provides his personal account of what took place near Roswell, as told to him by his father Jesse Marcel Sr. This account is significant, because it is a foundational and pivotal reference linking other perspectives regarding extraterrestrial contact. With Jesse Marcel Junior’s account in his book we now have a definitive link that sustains serious references supplied by his father and by those who experienced parallel accounts pertaining to those same contacts with the similar UFO craft. In the book, The Day After Roswell, Philip Corso corroborates, the alien encounter, and adds perspective pertaining to the technology acquired from that encounter.

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Jesse Marcel's account of The Roswell Legacy is too significant to trivialize, with hearsay and innuendo. His version of the Legacy is presented here in his own words.

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The Roswell Legacy

The Untold Story Of The First Military Officer At The 1947 Crash Site

Jesse Marcel, Jr., And Linda Marcel

Forward By Stanton T. Friedman

Author of Flying Saucers and Science

New Page Books

A division of The Career Press Inc.,

3 Tice Road,

P. O Box 687

Franklin Lakes, New Jersey 07417

Copyright © 2009 (Jesse Marcel Jr., Linda Marcel)

ISBN 978-1-60163-026-1




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