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The Ron Paul Revolution by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


The Age of Ron Paul

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Ron Paul Grassroots Group Files Civil Suit Against the Republican Party

Ron Paul's 'Restore America Plan' Smashes Federal Tyranny

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Since the Main Stream Media is not providing “News” but is creating an agenda in support of the Left/Right Hegelian control paradigm, this page is dedicated to actual events taking place right now in the United States regarding the Ron Paul Revolution. Ron Paul's Mega Crowds and No Media Coverage


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Ron Paul:

Political Positions of Ron Paul

'Ron Paul is a medical doctor and a congressman. He currently represents Texas' 14th Congressional district and has held that seat since 1997. He served as a medical officer in the United States Air Force from 1963 to 1968. He practiced as an obstetrician and gynecologist during the 1960?s and 70?s delivering more than 4,000 babies. He has been active in politics since 1976.'

The Ron Paul Archives

The Facts on Paul:

Voted against TARP

Voted against Obamacare

Voted against Obama's stimulus

Voted against auto bailouts and Cash for Clunkers

Voted against Cap & Trade

Supports Right to Work legislation

Has never voted to raise the debt ceiling

Is an outspoken advocate for the Tenth amendment and states rights

Is an outspoken advocate for the Constitution and limited government

Strongly supports auditing the Federal Reserve

Has an excellent record on gun control, recently being crowned the "Defender of the Second Amendment" by Gun Owners of America. He is the only candidate remaining to have returned the National Association of Gun Rights survey with a 100% score.

He has an excellent record on taxes, never voting for a tax increase and always supporting tax cuts across the board. He has voted to cut taxes by $80 billion in the past 5 years, voicing his opinion that cutting taxes is the only way to stimulate the economy.

He has an excellent record on spending voting against nearly every big spending bill and was 1 of 41 congressman to vote against No Child Left Behind.

His stellar spending record aside though, he has become a strong supporter of earmarks giving him an undesirable 29% on the Club for Growth's re-PORK card (although earlier in his career he never used earmarks). He believes that earmarks are held to much higher accountability and that if the federal government is taking funds from his state constituents, it is his responsibility to bring the funds back to them. He typically votes no on the same bills he is inserting his earmarks in.

Believes we need to end the billions of dollars we spend annually in foreign aid, especially to the countries we are at war with.

Supports securing our borders and coastlines, supports enforcing visa rules by tracking and deporting anyone who overstays their visa, opposes amnesty, and supports ending birthright citizenship.

Believes we should bring our troops home and readdress our approach regarding the War on Terror and military spending along with the waste, fraud and corruption that may go along with it.


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Ron Paul Idaho Team Welcomes Romney Family Members as Surrogate Caucus Speakers

Massive Resignations From World Banks Has Started


NJTODAY.NET ~ New Jersey’s oldest weekly newspaper ~ endorses Congressman Ron Paul’s quest for the Republican Party nomination for president

'"Congressman Ron Paul deserves the Republican Party nomination for president because he would prove to be the most dramatic contrast with Barack Obama and right now the nation would benefit by a clear distinction between the philosophy offered by Democrats and that of the GOP.

Ron Paul advocates peace and prosperity through a genuine philosophy of smaller government and lower taxes, with a strong defense for America instead of an imperial military occupation of the entire world. He is the real Republican, blending the best ideas of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater with those of Dwight Eisenhower and Nelson Rockefeller, but with the most contemporary foundation for the 21st Century.

Receiving more than 11 times as many campaign contributions from soldiers, sailors and marines as his leading Republican rival, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul is the choice of veterans and active duty military personnel."'

Adam vs The Man - A Solider's Testimony

Veterans March on White House for Ron Paul

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C-SPAN Audience Rejects Fake Terror Claims


Even The Liberal Left Respect Ron Paul ~ Recognizing His Integrity