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Site:LRP:The People of The United States Have Been Lied To -- On A Massive Deliberate Scale

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The People of The United States Have Been Lied To -- On A Massive Deliberate Scale by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor



The lie is so massive, that I have been compelled to compartmentalize significant aspects of it, so that it can be digested by the general public, and by those who would simply dismiss it as mere speculation or conspiracy theory. Rather than live a conventional life, of education, fulfillment and professional acquisition, I elected to discover the truth about the subject-matter of one of the most incredible discoveries pertaining to the human condition. I could have become any professional that was humanly obtainable to me. I had all of the advantages, a free education, a full scholarship, access and appreciation to one of the most prominent accounting firms within the United States, in fact, I knew many of the partners in the firm by name, and on a first name basis. One of the firm’s partners even wanted me to become an accountant and join the firm, with a cart Blanche promise to provide complete funding, to that end. I declined the offer. Instead I decided to work with my hands, so that I would be free to work with my mind, utilizing a skill set reserved to research and analyze data and documents secured and sequestered within the hallowed halls of research libraries long since forgotten and covered with the accumulated dust of time immemorial. I knew that the answers to my quest would only come, by going back in time, and thus uncover the hidden truth, long since forgotten by those who tried to reveal its infamy to a disbelieving and complacent public.

The United States was once a free and independent country, separate and distinct from all others. It was created by powerful forces determined to establish a new nation, distinct from any other before or since the beginning of time immemorial. It was successfully established, due to the effort of many powerful friends globally in very high places. It developed, prospered and expanded into a vast empire, right within its own boundaries and mainland. Many attempts were made to subvert the fledgling empire from its very beginning, but by the grace of God remained and with the continued infusion of people escaping from other countries having their own despotism, the United States became the beneficiary of a massive brain trust from all over the world. Then the inevitable happened.

Over time the people became complacent, myopic, forgetting that there were hidden forces, with hidden agendas, determined to subvert and beguile those who were the beneficiaries of the initial framework of the creation of the United States. Indeed the first founders called their American creation the “united States of America” (from the Articles of Confederation) and written into their Declaration of Independence from the Crown of England. The subversion process to be sure was gradual and continuous. The world “money trust” via their agents of influence attempted to reestablish their influence (War of 1812 Battle of New Orleans 1815 Civil War of 1860) and were limited in their advancement, until they succeeded with the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson in 1912.

Zeitgeist: The Movie: Federal Reserve

The discovery of The Control Paradigm was decades removed from my perspective, having limited access to standard information embedded deep within the confines of University Libraries, and subject to my own cognitive resourcefulness. The personal computer, the establishment of the internet, not to mention the formation of primitive search engines were decades removed, and light waves beyond the technological base of American companies during my university student period. There were many conspiracy theories to be sure, and I was dismissive of them all, until that is, I discovered the published work of Antony C. Sutton from the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in California in 1972. For it was Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton D.Sc. who discovered the actual anomaly of Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm. The shock of such a discovery, mitigated by my knowledgebase, merely enhanced my resolve to further my inclination towards continued research regarding the subject-matter of clandestine and furtive intrigues of the American secret society of Site:LRP:Daniel Coit Gilman: Incorporator: The Russell Trust Association. To be quite frank, nothing is as it seems, for the controls are hidden behind a significant façade of the Hegelian Dialectic, a structured sequence known as managed and controlled conflict or more generally as the divide and conquer protocol.

Being familiar with a variety of conspiracy theories pertaining to the US monetary system, I was not surprised to also see a variety of books selling on the open market pertaining to the subject-matter. Not until I examined significant books in the Brooklyn library and at Seton Hall University did I permit myself to scratch the surface, with books, like “From Farm Boy to Financier” by Frank A. Vanderlip, and “This Difficult Individual Ezra Pound,” by Eustace Mullins. Vanderlip was an ‘insider’ – the president of National City Bank and the creator of the Site:LRP:American International Corporation. Vanderlip, therefore was a key link and worth pursuing. Eustace Mullins was a friend of the poet Ezra Pound, and was commissioned by Pound to research, the American monetary system, known as the Federal Reserve System. These two authors, Vanderlip and Mullins provided a level of authenticity, that was absent in other ‘conspiracy theories.’ Pursuing further, I discovered another book, written by Martin A. Larson, called “The Federal Reserve and Our Manipulated Dollar.” These three (3) volumes provided a significant start point, and sustained my interest to delve deeply into the Federal Reserve System.


While conducting my research I discovered Antony C. Sutton, and was impressed with his scholarship and his knowledge-box. As it turned out, so was the FBI (Alan H. Belmont) who were impressed with his findings, and immediately hired him to continue his pursuit of Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in California circa 1968-1973. My research thus paralleled both the Federal Reserve and the transference of American (US) technology to the Soviet Union, discovering that both were related.

A primary source discovery of a book written by Paul M. Warburg, “The Federal Reserve System, Its Origin and Growth, Reflections and Recollections “ (In Two Volumes) 1930, provided a personal (hand written) autograph, written out in long hand to Frank A. Vanderlip: quoting: '“As a souvenir of common efforts in years gone by,' This Book is Presented To: (hand written) 'Frank A. Vanderlip' with the compliments of (signature) 'Paul M. Warburg'. Here was my actual proof of a conspiracy, stating a collaboration of common efforts, confirming their Jekyll Island “conspiracy” among many other meetings, to establish the Federal Reserve System as the “Central Bank” of the United States.

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm (a)

Dr. Sutton provided me with first-hand primary sourced data pertaining to the actual funding of the originators of Marxism. Carefully documenting his sources with references, demonstrating that a significant Illuminati both funded and guided the work of Karl Marx, his writings and his political philosophy, and then rewarding his efforts with an inter-marriage with the Westphalen family via Jenna von Westphalen. It now became apparent that all revolutions were started from the top down, from the highest echelon of society. And that funding and control has been handed down from generation to generation, even to the present time, proving that the control paradigm is guided by the International Banking Fraternity. Proof is provided via the following sources and documentation: Frank A. Vanderlip (National City Bank American International Corporation one of the original “duck hunters” at Jekyll Island author: “From Farmboy to Financier” provided an insider view of the control paradigm, via his publication and by his creation of AIC. Carroll Quigley via his significant publication: “Tragedy and Hope” provided an insider’s perspective regarding the Illuminati intent to link the entire planet into one cohesive web of control via the International banking fraternity. Antony C. Sutton provided me with his own primary sourced data, “The Federal Reserve Conspiracy,” in support of Quigley’s claims. From an earlier timeframe Ezra Pound provided substantiated proof of a conspiracy, via his mentored work of Eustace Mullins. Ezra Pound was significant, not just as a poet, but as a literary benefactor of such luminaries as James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway and T. S. Elliot.

Fast forward to our modern time period, coalescing all of these facts into our modern perspective, George Washington Hunt, provided an insider’s view, once again, showing that the International Banking Fraternity maintains continuity via newer schemes and even newer methodologies, both maintaining and sustaining their control paradigm, while keeping the entire human race enslaved (indebted and virtually poor) without property and without wealth. Walter Burien, and his discovery of the hidden aspects of the significant CAFR documentation, provides significant data, showing a hidden private agenda of the control paradigm to force the funding of private investments by the taxpayers of the United States (property taxes, payroll taxes, State Income Taxes, Federal Income Taxes in short all taxes have a hidden agenda of private investments totaling in the trillions of dollars of investments unbeknown to the individual taxpayer).

Thus my thesis of 1980 is still maintained and remains a sustaining proof: “After many years of personal research and continuous study on the makeup and structure of the elitist establishment in the United States, I came upon some of the most interesting and at the same time fascinating information concerning its economic and political makeup. The following account that will be presented is highly explosive and electrifying in its content. The reader will have to forgo previous preconceptions of political dichotomies and assume fresh perspectives and approaches to historical realities, the scope of which entails the following historical period and framework, [1880-1980].” [and updated to the present timeframe of 2012].

“Also, the resulting creation and sustainment of managed and controlled conflict provided the arena and the direction in which and through which the elite power brokers (monopoly financiers) were able to compel concrete physical and psychological social change both domestically as well as internationally. This "controlled-conflict" not only provided wealth for the elitists, but ultimately drove the engine that forced the resultant global changes.”

And since there is no longer a perceived threat from a world conflagration, a new type of arranged reality has been introduced into human history, world terrorism, and newer forms of aggression promulgated and orchestrated by the Illuminati. The fear and threat of terrorism fostered a new aspect of the control paradigm, a perpetual enemy (because the ‘enemy’ cannot be defined), cannot be successfully mitigated, and thus neither subdued nor conquered. Once again maintaining a perpetual war for perpetual peace ad infinitum.


As a result of the 911 - WTC Event A massive infrastructure has been put in place to control and regulate the people of the United States, amazing since we are the victims, not the perpetrators. Many are beginning to suspect it was an inside job, despite a significant attempt to debunk it. Pay close attention to the fact that many of the news announcers and witnesses are no longer around to reiterate their findings from the media. NSA Wants E-Z Pass Control of Internet


:Site:LRP:Massive and Deliberate Lies


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