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The New York Tea Party Movement by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


The Tea Party Express

Tea Party Training Organization


GOP Presidential Voters Guide

'What do you know about the voting records of Romney/Santorum/Gingrich?'

Don't you wonder why the mass media owned by only 5 corporations are promoting them and working to make Ron Paul invisible?

Because he is not a 'politician', cannot be bought, and has always stood up for America and American values.

The problem with most American voters is they believe the stupid-vision and controlled mass media - the two most effective brainwashing tools world communists have.

"My people perish for lack of knowledge."

'Janet Lee and Jim Meisinger'

P.S. Ron Paul announced what his choice would be for VP - Judge Napolitano - they are probably the two most educated candidates on our natural rights and founding documents. They are the only ones who have always stood firm in supporting our natural rights and the constitutions! But the majority of Americans won't know about them, because it is proven that corrupt party insiders and the mass media will limit your access to information.




The New York State Tea Party Movement is comprised of many groups of New Yorkers who are fed up with politics as usual, and are determined to send that message to the State and Federal Government. They will no longer tolerate the liberal tax and spend policies of the past, and everything is up for review, including local and state taxes and expenditures.

Meet The MasterMinds of New York's Tea Party Movement




The New York Tea Party Patriots

The New York City Tea Party

The Tea Party Organization


Campaign For Liberty - New York State

Campaign For Liberty - Nassau - Suffolk County (Long Island)

Tea Party Coalition of Western New York

The Kingston-Rhinebeck Tea Party of New York

New York Tea Party Rallies

NYC - City Hall Tea Party Protest


The Suffolk County 912 Project

Freedom Atlas


VOTING RECORD: New York State Assembly

Candidates That Represent Your Interest/Views

Get Informed - Get Involved (US Congress)

MegaVote: Track Your Congressman and US Senator

Open Congress - 112 Session


Conservative Society For Action

P. O. 221, Brightwaters, NY, 11718



Suffolk County 9-12 Project


New York State Sovereignty - Constitutional Conservatives


'The Official Constitution Party of New York State'


'The Suffolk County Libertarian Party'

'Libertarian State Convention - April 30, 2011'


'Suffolk County Republican Club'


'The Suffolk County 912 Project'




Tea Party Events

Tax Day Tea Party

Vote Them Out Rally





The Long Island Tax Cap ............................................................................'Tell Governor Cuomo You Want A 2% Tax Cap'



The problem with New York State politicians is that they have never had to live within their means, taxing and spending ad nauseum, while New York Property owners, attempting to live within their limited means, have been forced to live with less and less resources (home heating, food, clothing, utilities) because their property taxes keep going up (due primarily to school taxes, which are the largest share of the property taxes).

The Tea Party Movement in New York State is fed up with this disproportionate “taxation without representation” upon homeowners, retirees, and families with and without children. They intend to vote in representatives who will legislate for their concerns as well. So before you forget Tell Governor Cuomo that you want a 2% Tax Cap NOW!!!!!!

Tim Bishop (Town Hall Meeting) Setauket, Long Island




'Senator Arlen Spector (Town Hall Meeting) Response Cost Him The Election'



'Senator Arlen Spector was removed from Office Because Voters are Fed-up with Politics as Usual'


''George Soros (Funded) Move-On Organization Challenged By Long Islanders (NY) at Senator Schumer's Office'




'ACORN Affiliate Shows Its Dissent'


'ACORN is Government Funded Without The Consent of the Taxpayers -- Liberal Democrats (NY) Objected When the US House of Representatives Voted to Defund it

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