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Site:LRP:The Morgan-Rockefeller Influence

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by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor [Morgan-Rockefeller: Managers of the Control Paradigm] Copyright © 2009


The Morgan-Rockefeller Influence is still with us today.

In the early 1900s Morgan solidified control of the United States by eliminating competition with the creation of corporations, and then placing his trusted men in charge of those corporations or as members of its board of directors. Both Rockefeller and Morgan worked together to 'monopolize' the growing industrialized United States (Westinghouse, General Electric, U. S. Steel and similar Gigantic 'Trusts') during the early 1905 period (Truth About the Trusts: Book) Morgan considered himself a 'merchant' banker (commerce), but today he is known as the 'Investment' banker who became the 'central' banker for the United States. This is significant because Morgan's plans and goals ultimately became the political agenda for the United States.

Tesla was considered a loose cannon and was significantly controlled both his early laboratories were destroyed in NYC by arson, with their many 'novelty of fact' inventions now lost to oblivion. Morgan ultimately 'controlled' Tesla and prevented him from fulfilling his life's dream of providing 'free energy' for the entire planet. Tesla's goals contradicted Morgan's and ultimately Tesla was short-circuited. We now know that Tesla was finally murdered to prevent him from passing on his dream of providing 'free energy.'

Site:LRP:The Deliberate Curtailment of Nikola Tesla's Primary Energy Source

J. P. Morgan upon discovering Tesla’s intent to establish freely derived ‘energy’ from basic sources (earth, wind, water, space-time) decided to effectively ‘control’ Tesla completely. He demanded fifty-one (51%) of Tesla’s Wardencliffe Project before he provided him the money for the Shoreham, Long Island Project. When Marconi preempted Tesla, by transmitting the letter "S" via shortwave, Morgan’s suspicions were aroused and he knew instantly that Tesla’s true intent, was much more than mere transmission of ‘voice’ and recognizable ‘signals.’ Tesla actually intended to provide much, much more, including the transmission of ‘energy,’ ‘information’ (data, visual, telemetry) and to transmit all of this worldwide, without the benefaction and fealty obligation to the investment bankers (such as Morgan). Tesla’s heart was within the United States, but his soul originated in Europe, thus his aspiration was to benefit the entire planet. Morgan curtailed Tesla once and for all time, by first stopping Tesla cold. He provided no more money for any more of Tesla’s research or experiments. Morgan controlled most of the newspapers, and the corporations that ran them, effectively silencing Tesla’s pronouncements. With the severance of Tesla’s purse, and the silencing of Tesla’s pronouncements, Morgan effectively curtailed Tesla, once and for all. Tesla’s life effectively stopped, it wasn’t long before Tesla became a faint memory, an after-thought and finally obscuration and ultimately ‘historical’ obliteration.

The diabolical nature of the suppression of Tesla extends further, directly to Westinghouse. George Westinghouse who was a friend as well as a benefactor of Nikola Tesla, apparently was a victim of J. P. Morgan’s goal of total economic control over ALL energy creation. The following ‘smoking gun’ provides an eerie introduction regarding Westinghouse’s own suppression as well. Morgan was determined to destroy George Westinghouse for his audacity to support Tesla, and he did accomplish that by creating the panic of 1907, which ultimately unseated Westinghouse from his own company, destroying his life.



Excerpt: "After he turned 60, Westinghouse's world started to unravel."

Lost company

During the financial panic of 1907, the Westinghouse Company was caught in a takeover bid from financier J.P. Morgan. Westinghouse's company was financially weakened, and he had to rescind on the royalty contract he had signed with Tesla. Westinghouse explained that his company would not survive if it had to pay Tesla his full royalties, so he persuaded Tesla to accept a buyout of his patents for $216,000. This was much less than the $12 million the patents were worth at the time.

Failure destroyed him

Efforts Westinghouse made to save his business failed, and soon he lost most of his control over his industrial empire.

The failure destroyed him. George Westinghouse died a few years later in 1914 in New York City at the age of 69."




Others quickly intercepted Tesla’s ideas, and simply ran with them, developing their own ‘niche’ within the technologically developing age of the Morgan-Rockefeller influence. Once in a while these ‘niche’ developments would be challenged by other challengers and effectively stopped in the courts and at the patent office, when Tesla’s priority of art, was recognized by the examiners and the courts. Morgan hadn’t been able to control the government of the United States and its patent office, whose public servants still performed their duty effectively and faithfully, but he was hell-bent on accomplishing just that.

The control of energy is the single most important investment strategy in the financial fabric of this planet. Regulation of energy and energy related products drives the world's currency and national stock markets and futures exchanges. The control of oil, specifically the control of production, distribution, and diversification into the various products derived from oil, ultimately regulates the level of 'freedom' experienced by every man, woman and child on this planet.

We know first hand that this is true from a first-hand account provided by Lindsay Williams regarding the building of the Alaskan Pipeline Reading this (online) book, reveals how international bankers deliberately sandbagged, and then ultimately disrupted the flow of oil to the lower forty-eight states, sending that oil to Asia and the Pacific. This government could rectify that decision, but continues to divert the flow of oil to Asia, thus keeping the cost of oil higher than it needs to be. We could build more refineries, but this government deliberately prevents such construction, thereby keeping the price of actual fuel purchase artificially higher than it needs to be. In short the United States could be ‘energy’ independent in both coal and oil production alone, not needing to participate in the outside international community. We can be isolationist and independent of world considerations, we do not need to wage wars for our economic survival. We do not need to participate in the global conflict one iota. We can remain free if we want to.

We also know that industries built and developed within the United States by American firms, were duplicated and enlarged within the nations of Russia (and China currently) during the Russian revolution, cold war, and that the actual US Treasury plates of the American Dollar were given to the Russians so that they could print the actual dollars necessary to purchase American goods and services. We also know that each time these communist nations were helped and enlarged, the American people ultimately suffered and were deprived of their wealth and savings.

The intent is clear and convincing. The United States has been nothing more than an 'economic' cow, that has been milked for the pleasure and profit of a few 'investment' bankers and their associates (secret societies and revolutionaries). The United States is being forced to provide the 'capital' and 'resources' enabling these international bankers to establish their agenda both domestically and internationally. Carroll Quigley reveals this strategy in his monumental 'Tragedy and Hope' expose:

The intent of these international bankers is to ultimately do away with national sovereignty, by eliminating the independent currencies of the western nations, first, (already achieved) then establishment of the Euro, and presently, the attempted destruction of the dollar and the imposition of the Amero upon the nations of Canada, U.S. and Mexico (South America).


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