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Site:LRP:The Monetary Control Paradigm

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:The Monetary Control Paradigm

:by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


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:'While most people try and analyze the political construct of the [George W. Bush] / [Barack H. Obama] administrations, the Hegelian tacticians who actually run the political machinery of the current American Government are 'creating' history along with its inherent dynamics and ultimate results.'

:'You will never be able to understand [George W. Bush] / [Barack H. Obama] if you remain trapped within your prior political thoughts, [George W. Bush] / [Barack H. Obama] are 'creating' history via their understanding of the Hegelian 'dialectic' process. [George W. Bush] / [Barack H. Obama] don't need to be experts in the political process [as we have known it] because they are literally 'creating' a political process for the future of the current American Government.'

:'[George W. Bush] / [Barack H. Obama] belong to an exclusive membership having inside knowledge, and are on the fast track, so to speak, because of their 'connections' and 'consortium' with the membership of the [RTA Incorporated] / [Rothschild Soros Group]. So as long as you try and understand current 'history' via the past, you will never be able to recognize the newer 'systemic' process being developed right now for the future of this country. And it is an interesting future indeed.'

:'The name of the Russell Trust Association has been changed to RTA Incorporated, because any past reference to the families of William Huntington Russell and Alfonso Taft are now irrelevant. We are entering a new age of globalization, and the United States is already irrelevant in the scheme of our current global tacticians.'

:'Our current leaders are already 'acting' as if the American population is irrelevant, for they are 'creating' the 'news' and manufacturing 'wars' to fit their agenda, and ultimately to fulfill their goals of 'enlightenment.' Those that wish to understand 'current' developments need to be aware of the tactics and goals of the RTA and the Rothschild Soros Group for this is the only way to understand 'history' as it is [currently] being created by [George W. Bush] / [Barack H. Obama].'

:'John Kerry is also a member of the RTA Incorporated, and as such will subscribe to the tactical goals that have been laid out for him. Make no mistake both men are 'individuals' in every respect who comprise dissimilar 'values' and 'temperaments' and yet also subscribe to an agreed 'understanding' regarding 'directions' and 'options.' As Antony C. Sutton would say, 'You will never understand the 'operations' of the Order until you understand the Hegelian dialectic process.' '

:'Antony C. Sutton was an interesting man, who provided us with some very interesting research uncovering the creation of the Soviet Union.'

:'Dr. Sutton awakened me back in 1973, a curiosity and detective mindset---literally a quest for the truth regarding the actual reality of our past and current history. Dr. Sutton discovered through exhaustive conclusive research that it was the West [United States, Europe] that created [link] the structure of the Soviet Union.'

:'Trotsky, who had been living at 1522 Vyse Avenue in the Bronx was sent with an American passport provided by President Woodrow Wilson, to Russia to help foment the Russian Revolution. Lenin, who had been living in Switzerland, was sent to Russia in a sealed boxcar by the German Government, to meet up with 'other' revolutionaries to carry out the Revolution.'

:'Upon the destruction of the Romanov empire, and the 'creation' of the Soviet 'empire' it became apparent that 'technology' had to be imported to Russia in order to ensure that the new 'system' of governance would succeed. This was amply supplied by the United States secretly via the membership of the Russell Trust Association.'

:'Dr. Sutton wrote several books on this subject in which he shared interesting glimpses on how the RTA accomplished its 'goals.' furthering their agenda. Dr. Sutton at first was stymied in his understanding of the 'causal' relationships of what appeared to be disjointed attempts at 'historical' change, until he received the 'membership' list of the Russell Trust from a disgruntled member of the RTA.'

:'This was fortuitous, for without such 'assistance' it would appear implausible and impractical to even hazard a guess as to 'conspiracy.' '

:'This was the ultimate in 'conspiracy theory'---proving beyond a shadow of doubt---concerning the reality of cohesive and comprehensive objectives mutually arrived at, by members of mutual 'intent'---the Russell Trust Association. These were the elite within American society, and thus had access beyond the control of the 'fabric' of government.'

:'Dr. Sutton stated that the State Department was powerless to prevent the 'actions' of [RTA] its members, who were moving technology, equipment and resources, plus large quantities of food stuffs to ensure that the fledgling 'soviet' union would survive from infancy into full blown nation-state status. Even with such dramatic and extreme active 'conspiracy'---as in the actual transfer of the 'atom bomb' technology as it was being developed by American technocrats, and the actual transfer of the Federal Reserve Note plates to Russian engravers, who produced trillions of dollar denominated notes, thus buying our resources with 'vapor' and ultimately causing the huge Euro-dollar expansion of approximately $33 Trillion dollars.'

:'All of this was done in absolute secrecy, and anyone who attempted to reveal this secret was ostracized, and made into a non-person. The Soviet Union ultimately collapsed because its systemic fabric, and internal makeup, not to mention the character of the Russian people---would not allow such travesty to remain as an intact sub-system of control. The long-suffering status of the Russian people precluded any attempt to fulfill the RTA agenda.'

:'While Dr. Sutton never mentioned the Jewish ideological influence upon these goals, it is an interesting thread, because this provides a basis and a foundation regarding the ultimate 'influence,' namely, another aspect of 'conspiracy'---Jewish nationalism. Jewish influence within the structure and dogma of the 'revolution' is apparent, albeit suppressed and hidden from historical review.'

:'Now to our current dilemma, for with the advent of NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement] and the Monetary Control Act of 1980, the RTA Inc., is able to actively and openly provide technological transfers to Communist China and elsewhere. These are not mere transfers but wholesale transfers of total technological environments.'

:'The United States of America is being [absolutely] divested of its technological base---wholesale, and we are being euphemistically called the nation of 'information-based' technology. Thus we produce nothing but 'information'---not resources, not manufactured goods, just information, providing nothing but data-streams, having no wealth-based factors whatsoever.'

:'It appears to me that the United States is being systemically divested of All of its resources, wealth, manufacturing-based technologies, not to mention its ability to 'get out of its impoverished-status' by design, while at the same time, these divested resources and wealth are being given to a potential enemy [Communist China] who will thus, have the capability to unseat and dethrone the United States from its former imperial status as an 'empire.' '

:'This is a dangerous STATUS, for the Chinese are ruthless, [Tiananmen Square] in their methods, and are extreme in their 'ideology.' '

:'So it would be in your best interest to pay attention to these current developments---because it will affect all of us---sooner or later.'

:'All the Best,'

:'Leslie R. Pastor'

:PS: 'These NWO elites want to trim this planet of five (5) billion people, and since it is already over six (6) billion, who do you expect the victims and the victors to be-----think about it. Either act as 'freemen' upholding the US Constitution as 'inherent holders of the political power' and asserting your 'inalienable' rights or succumb to slavery and destruction---at the hands of these elites.'

:'Jesus Christ acknowledged Satan [Lucifer] as the ruler of this world---but he defeated Satan with a new 'covenant' shed and sealed with His blood. The new 'covenant' is available to ALL---whosoever will. Inalienable Rights are God-given Rights provided to those who understand them and will use them properly and effectively.'



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