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Site:LRP:The Investigation of President Obama and The Control Paradigm

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The Investigation of President Obama and The Control Paradigm by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor

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Many Americans who voted for President Obama, no doubt, voted for him, because they believed in his message, platform, and his significant zeal. He presented a message of hope, change and demonstrated a quality, or rather a characteristic, that appealed to the culture of youth, and to the broad demographics of the political spectrum throughout the United States. The former Bush Administration was presented as a failure, and many believed that change would result in a significant improvement in their lives and in the culture generally, throughout the American heartland.



What has transpired since the election and the inauguration is a good indication of the actual direction of the current government of the United States of America. The direction is significantly “novel” and it is “controversial.” It is ‘novel’ in that the United States had not embraced socialism to the extent that the Obama Administration is pursuing, and it is ‘controversial’ in that the ‘methodology’ used is completely outside of the scope of the US Constitution. And therein lies the significant “change” that is essentially dividing, and ultimately polarizing the fabric of the American mindset, as demonstrated by the numerous “tea parties” and “sovereignty” campaigns of the various State governments, who are attempting to ‘curtail’ and ultimately ‘forestall,’ what the individual States believe is a deliberate policy of the Obama Administration to circumvent the powers granted to the States under the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution.

His legitimacy was immediately challenged by two controversial attorneys, who believed that he was not qualified to be President, and they challenged him on both procedural and Constitutional issues. A controversy that continues to this day (4/4/10). Philip J. Berg a democrat, politically, questioned the legitimacy of Obama as President. He filed suit challenging that legitimacy. Orly Taitz, a Republican, the other attorney who filed suit challenging that same legitimacy, has herself been challenged by Philip J. Berg. Notwithstanding, both have interesting motions within their lawsuits.

Globe: Obama NOT BORN in US

But of primary interest to me, is that while Attorney Berg has not been attacked on his website, Orly Taitz has repeatedly been the target, indeed, the victim of significant viral and vitriol challenges on her website. Warnings have been posted about her sites, and in some cases, many have encountered threat announcements regarding her sites. If Attorney Taitz is misguided, and her conclusions, and her evidence are dismissed by the legal profession, then why the attempt at the destruction of her websites, and the wanton abuse of her person and reputation. In fact, for that matter, why, the death threats, and the sabotage of her car. What is she presenting on her website, that is irritating those, who are attempting such obfuscation of her materials. Why not just ignore her?

She is directly challenging President Obama’s credentials, which includes his personal effects.

She is challenging Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth (Hawaii) which many do not regard as an official ‘birth certificate.’ Then why doesn’t President Obama just produce his “birth certificate”? For that matter why doesn’t he produce all of his records of personal interest, such as his Columbia University records, thus putting to rest the entire argument regarding his entire database of personal knowledge? Obama can end this entire fiasco, simply by coming forward and disclosing everything about himself. That would end this nonsense once and for all. Why does Obama insist on paying a battery of attorneys millions of dollars, just to obfuscate, common ordinary documents obtainable simply by the stroke of his pen?

The United States Justice Foundation is also conducting their own investigation of Obama. Their analysis of the entire Obama reference is revealing. And their goal is full disclosure.

Since Obama became President, he has effectively changed the US Republic into a socialist Oligarchy, violating significant federal documents, modifying the intent of the inherent holders of the political power, and usurping the collective will of the American people, by nationalizing significant sectors of the American economy, (auto, banking, medicine (healthcare)). It is not without reason, therefore, that those directly affected, wish to ascertain the President’s credibility. It is also reasonable that those similarly effected, would also question the culpability of the US Congress in acquiescing to the President’s wishes/demands.

His use of “czars” (which do not require the ‘advice and consent’ of the Senate) is most interesting, since these have been given ‘dictatorial’ powers, without the ‘will of the people.’ He appears to promote an ‘agenda’ not privy to anyone, but to a chosen few. The obvious question therefore is WHY?

To understand that question, who, ultimately placed Obama in power, and for what purpose? And why?


Jon Voight Exposes Fraud In White House



Evidence Against Obama's Hawaiian Birth Story Mounts


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Uncovered Obama's Mystery College Years

Article by Paul Craig Roberts

President Obama’s Detractors


Malicious Malware Infecting Sites To Prevent Detractors From Viewing

President Obama’s Supporters


Information now coming out and verified by serious investigators shows that Barack H. Obama is a fraud, and that he has perpetrated "high crimes and misdemeanors" against the people of the United States.


It is becoming apparent that the information clearly shows the reason for Obama's secrecy and his need for paying a battery of lawyers $1 million, is to hide damaging information that Obama does not want exposed.


The Tea Party Movement

The Tea Party Movement is the result of massive disillusionment in the Democrat and Republican Parties.

Americans are fed up with business as usual politics from both Parties, and they are extremely disappointed in the Obama Administration. The “Change” they are experiencing since Obama has taken office, is anathema to most Americans who view Obama as a secret Marxist-Leninist, who is bent on destroying standard, traditional values based on the US Constitution, which is the birthright of every single US Citizen.

For that matter, many are convinced that Obama is not even a US Citizen by virtue of his lack of a genuine birth certificate showing that he was born within the United States. Many Democrats are proving themselves to be supporters of the Obama Administration regardless of their constituents wishes. And those constituents are voicing their objections at the ballot box (Primaries). The November elections will provide added reaction by the electorate, who are determined to voice their concerns by unseating all those who have opposed their wishes under US Constitutional mandate.

Obama has significantly altered the US tradition via his intervention in Health Care (ObamaCare) and his direct participation in a series of maneuvers to change the political character and tradition of the US economy, via “cap and trade” and the takeover and control of US industry (General Motors/Government Motors).

Many Americans believe that the US Congress is responsible for the collapse of American industry because of their former enactment of NAFTA and GATT, which allowed US Corporations to transfer jobs, markets and profits overseas. All of this having provided massive unemployment exceeding 10%. They suspect that Obama has taken his lead from George Soros who has been financing a significant ‘socialist agenda’ worldwide.

All of these actions have weakened the US economy and Americans are frightened of their potential outcome. The Tea Party Movement takes its impetus from the original Tea Party in Boston Harbor, staged by American patriots who dumped imported Tea from England, when the British Crown demanded a ‘tax’ on all imports. That Tea Party led to the American Revolution of 1776, which enabled the American colonies to separate from Great Britain and thus form their own union and then become an independent nation.

Tea Party Documentation



Date: Monday, September 20, 2010


President's Socialist Takeover Must Be Stopped

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner

The Washington Times