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The Internet Arpanet World Wide Web by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


More information can be obtained today in a matter of seconds, than was available or capable less than three (3) decades ago. In thirty years information and knowledge has increased ten (10) fold each year. The Computer Age begot the DATA Age, which then begot the Information Age, which begot the Personal Computer Age, which begot the Search Engine Age, which begot the Information Super Highway or the Internet, which begot the World Wide Web, or global communication network.

As the technology advanced, the costs related to that advancement dropped, fiber optics lowered the cost of transmitting data packets of information. Whole industries developed in order to participate in the Information Revolution. As the switches improve, they are capable of transmitting unlimited amounts of data, from movies to an infinite variety of functions undreamed of thirty-five years ago.

The explosion of information that resulted from the Internet has become a challenge to all governments worldwide, most of which are totalitarian in their outlook. China began to suppress information that they deem may be harmful to their jurisdiction, control and power. Recently the United States Government has begun to voice their objections to certain types of access, which they too deemed challenging such as WikiLeaks, and hackers in general. Several proponents of control, such as Jay Rockefeller, wish that the Internet had never been started.

Crawling the Web

The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine by Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page (Stanford University)