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The United States is self sufficient in energy resources, put simply and succinctly it does not need the rest of the planet to survive. It can remain isolationist and free from the outside influence and contamination of the rest of the planet. We do not need to meddle in the affairs of the geopolitics of energy development, we are already self-sufficient, we, also have alternative energy resources at our disposal. We are being manipulated by outside influences, who do not concern themselves with our best interest, in fact, they are using our best assets, our children, as cannon fodder, in useless no-win wars, from which we are made weaker and unstable as a nation-state. We need to reevaluate what our best interests really are, and then plan our work accordingly, to remain and to retain ‘sovereignty’ from the manipulation of those outside influences. America please wake up!

Energy Non-Crisis

The Energy Non-Crisis by Lindsay Williams, is an eye-witness account of the deliberate curtailment of the flow of oil from Alaska to the United States and down to the lower forty-eight states. Lindsay Williams gives a firsthand account of his experiences while a chaplain of the Alyeska Pipeline Company, which is what the Alaskan pipeline builder was called.

This is probably the most important information regarding the direct influence of the banking fraternity on the actual energy development strategy that they have proposed for the entire planet. They have taken it upon themselves to determine the energy policy of the entire planet. With this piece of information, we now know first hand that the ‘banking fraternity’ has a direct influence on the energy strategy of every single nation on planet Earth. The question is WHY? But more importantly, why the deception?



Inside Information

Lindsay Williams -- Inside Information -- Regarding Current Intent (01-30-09)

Lindsay Williams -- Crude Oil Price Targeted For $150-$200 Per Barrel (12-17-10)

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Link Forced To Shut Down

If you are interested, meet and get to know Lindsay Williams ATTENTION: Lindsay Williams has CLOSED DOWN his website. His life was recently threatened........and he has withdrawn for the sake of his family.

Lindsay William's (And Family's) Life Threatened



Not An Energy Problem - It Is A Political Problem

The answer is simple: We do not have an energy problem. We have a political problem



Gull Island

Gull Island Oil Would Make The United States Energy Independent



Energy Non-Crisis (Book) by Lindsay Williams

You can read Lindsay William's account from his on-line book:

The Energy Non-Crisis by Lindsay Williams

Or you can view the online film of Lindsay Williams discussing this fact:


The Energy Non-Crisis [ Part 1 of 8 ] Video

The Energy Non-Crisis [ Part 2 of 8 ] Video

The Energy Non-Crisis [ Part 3 of 8 ] Video

The Energy Non-Crisis [ Part 4 of 8 ] Video

The Energy Non-Crisis [ Part 5 of 8 ] Video

The Energy Non-Crisis [ Part 6 of 8 ] Video

The Energy Non-Crisis [ Part 7 of 8 ] Video

The Energy Non-Crisis [ Part 8 of 8 ] Video

A Deliberate Policy

According to Lindsay Williams, the author of The Non-Energy Crisis, our energy problems are a deliberate policy of The World Bank and The International Monetary Fund. Speaking as an eye-witness, he states that there is a deliberate policy of lowering the standard of living of all United States citizens, by raising the price of oil/gas to $5.00 per gallon, and that this then becomes a hidden tax that is then transferred to other nations via the World Bank. [View the videos]. Oil has become a weapon of equalizing the masses globally, and the elimination of the ‘middle’ classes everywhere.


Global Bourse

Lindsay Williams Reveals Global Oil Bourse Which Controls The Price of Oil



Interesting Document

An interesting document regarding the political/economic aspect of the control of oil is located at:

In the interest of preserving the documentation for further research (in the event that it is destroyed) and for research purposes only, I present it:


Energy Crisis or People Control? Exclusive

By Marie Gunther



"""In the Mid-70's an oil crisis was manufactured and perpetrated upon an unsuspecting American public. History tends to repeat itself because an identical situation is occurring today. The Federal Government and its Department of Energy together with its tax-free Foundations, for the sole purpose of controlling the behavior of the American people, have colluded to engineer another "energy crisis".

Every single citizen can be controlled - when a consumption product is controlled. This same scenario applies to foreign governments as well. That product is energy. The world is dependent on energy - for home, office, industry, lighting, heating, fuel, transportation and all delivery of goods.

"Price is not what they are after, even though they would like you to believe it is. The motivating force today is control, power, manipulation, the ability to regulate every area of life in such a way that you can be brought completely under the domination of the system and those who manipulate the system," according to best selling author Lindsey Williams."

In 1980, Lindsey Williams wrote a book called "The Energy Non-Crisis" based upon his eyewitness accounts during the construction of the Trans-Alaska pipeline. As a Chaplain assigned to Executive Status and Advisory Board of Atlantic Richfield, he was privy to detailed information. "All of our energy problems could have been solved in the 70's with the huge discovery of oil on Gull Island, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. One of the richest oil fields on earth belongs to the American people. There is more pure grade oil there than in all of Saudi Arabia. Gull Island contains as much oil and natural gas as Americans could use in 200 years. Many, many other oil fields of the same high quality crude exist throughout and around Alaska," according to Williams

Upon the massive discovery the Federal Government immediately ordered the rigs to be capped and the oil production shut down, as the International Bankers scurried to take control and contain this major news item. This feat could never have been accomplished without the aid of an already compromised mainstream media.


file:///D|/To%20copy/Talk%20Radio's%20Alex%20Jones.htm (1 of 4) [3/22/2004 6:10:18 PM] -- Talk Radio's Alex Jones v. the New World Order


Since that time, four Presidential Administrations have been willing participants in robbing the American people of their greatest treasure. The rise in energy costs is tantamount to a Global Tax, which has served them well since the 70's. The elevated price of gas is a form of worldwide taxation, which goes directly into the pockets of the World Bank to fund their New World Order.

"A small cadre of "international elite" controls the Arab world, the American people and our Congress. OPEC is not to blame to the price of oil per barrel. London bankers set this price daily. These brokers wish to gain total control over the American oil industry," Williams has stated.

"Energy brokers are a major part of the problem. These companies buy in blocks of power from nuclear generating facilities, coal plants, etc. They hold the huge chunks of power, as they close down their owned facilities, ususally under the guise of maintenance. They sell the held power for 100x's what they bought it for. They do not produce the power, but they control it in brokerage," according to Alaskan oilman Jim Lawler.

"Everything you hear on the evening news and out of Washington is garbage. To hear the Environmentalists talk about the pristine Alaskan area and 'you can't let people in' . . . eight wells have already been drilled in the areas environmentalists are claiming we must not go in. We have already been in and out. We are done! There was no damage done. All we need to do is start production," added Lawler, a 30-year, ARCO high level executive. Americans seem confused between the definition of drilling verses production because an Associated Press poll released February 2 found 53 percent of Americans oppose oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge."

The mainstream media is mind-molding public opinion by repeatedly showing running caribou and touting environmentalists' claims that the caribou and other endangered species and habitats would be destroyed.

"The Alaska Fish & Game Department just did a study on the Porcupine Caribou in Prudhoe Bay. The size of their herds have increased since 1969 by 35%. The pipeline area is a protected designation and the Caribou have figured this out. They have migrated into this area for protection", Lawler added. A quick visit to Alaska Fish and Game confirms that bag limits have increased to 5 per hunt on caribou, in order to decrease herd size."

" Washington is not telling you that the wells have already been drilled there. They are completed. No 'exploratory teams' are necessary because it has already been done," Lawler candidly stated.


file:///D|/To%20copy/Talk%20Radio's%20Alex%20Jones.htm (2 of 4) [3/22/2004 6:10:18 PM] -- Talk Radio's Alex Jones v. the New World Order


Jim Lawler is an oil production Maintenance Manager with ARCO. He maintains that several things can be done to reduce American energy bills. First, the Alaskan pipeline is not, and has never been, permitted to run at capacity. In addition, the oil companies have been begging the Department of Energy to place a new pipeline across Canada and connect it to the existing system in the U.S.

"It does not behoove the Federal government and their agencies to allow cheap energy to the American people. Using their Foundations the pipeline across Canada has been conveniently denied," said Lawler

Secondly, Alaska can also liquify and ship to the West Coast immediately. Alaskan oil is of such high grade and low sulfur content that it can be utilized at any refinery, without damage to the environment.

"Currently 4,000 barrels a day are liquified at Prudhoe Bay, but government regulation controls that limit," added Lawler.

Lawler confirmed the existing Alaskan pipeline was built to brace another 4 - foot diameter pipe, which could be used for natural gas. However, he contends that it "is not necessary because the Alaskan pipeline has never been permitted to run at full capacity." This begs the question why has capacity been constrained?

This same situation can be multiplied in Wyoming, Texas and in other oil-productive areas across the country. The oil companies are under strict compliance not to produce.

And in a real emergency, Mr Lawler contends Hydrogen Plants can sprout up in less than six months with just a nuclear reactor placed at sea.

"One nuclear reactor can power all of Los Angeles," Lawler stated.

When asked about the San Diego Nuclear Fleet being used to relieve the California crisis he confirmed that it could be converted for that use, but added it does not fit into their political equation therefore, it will never be brought up. Mr. Lawler also reported that natural gas is not, nor has ever been, allowed to run at full capacity. Most States have "Production Laws" which order specified production days and distribution limits. Natural gas is very available in fact, Prudhoe Bay has forty-eight, 747-Jet engines pumping 1 billion cubic feet of Natural Gas back into the ground 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! They have no where else to put it!

"Oil and gas prices skyrocketed. Now the oil companies have the


file:///D|/To%20copy/Talk%20Radio's%20Alex%20Jones.htm (3 of 4) [3/22/2004 6:10:18 PM] -- Talk Radio's Alex Jones v. the New World Order


necessary funds to either build a pipeline or a liquifying plant - whichever they decide to do. The oil companies raised the prices to put financial pressure on the people. This will force the big Foundations and government agencies to back off the oil companies because the consuming public are starting to scream. Finally the oil companies get their pipeline and the money to pay for it," Lawler stated in explaining the current power play taking place.

The oil companies want their profit and the fruit of their labor. The Government wants to control the oil companies through regulation . . . and profit by it. The Internationalist Bankers want all of it and are taking it through deception. As Lord Acton so aptly stated, " Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

"The American people are pawns in a game of power and control and will be squeezed into oblivion, unless they put a stop to it before it is too late. Until the people convey to elected official that they know what is going on with the NWO they will continue to be victims of the master manipulators. Every faucet of our lives can be controlled when energy is controlled," concluded Lindsey Williams."""

[Marie Gunther can be reached at]


Oil Discovery In Alaska Hidden - Lindsay Williams

Mtalqk6aglg (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)


How Large Is Prudhoe Bay?


We are being lied to, on a massive (deliberate) scale: read the Energy Information below, and look at the linked references for actual data verifying this:

Energy Information is too important to be ignored. Don't you agree?

Specific Energy Suppression Cases by Gary Vesperman

The Rob Simone Talk Show


Advanced Energy Research Organization


The Story About Oil You Need To Hear


Gasoline IS Toxic Waste - Literally


Alex Jones Show - Info Wars. Prison

Lindsay Williams on Alex Jones Show (October 22, 2010, 11:23 PM)

Russia and China will not use the US Dollar for Oil Purchases.

The Globalists are moving to China (Maurice Strong, Rockefeller, etc)

China has taken over everywhere, they control throughout the world.

The Elite have accelerated their Program (crude oil prices will increase)

Oil is going up to $150-/200 per barrel, gasoline up to $5.00 a gallon (Part 1)

Hispanic Activist Phoenix Arizona (Janet Napolitano) Homeland Security.

Janet Napolitano store in your house six (6) months of water/food Now.

Sept 13-17 400 to 1 were selling their own corporate stocks.

Oct 4-8 1600 to 1 are selling their own stocks.

By 2012 the $$$ will be dead we are going to a world currency.

Prepare before hand. The $$$ is crashing rapidly.

Within two (2) years you will not recognize America.

Iran (three to four months there will be war) The Elite want this. (Part 2)

Lindsay’s Globalist Source is Dying of Cancer.

Watch China & Russia Gold & Silver is going up, up, up.

Currency of the Elite (gold) is going up, up, up.

Mortgage Crisis is coming, by design MBS (Mortgaged Backed Securities)

The Government will step in and bale this industry out. BofA Chase are starting over. Banks don’t have proper Title people will lose their homes if they got mortgages in last two years. Feds will own every mortgage in America. (Obama pocket vetoed until after the Election). The Elitist engineered this, because they want a crisis. Original bale out of two (2) to five (5) billion dollars. (Part 3)

Question: Why do you think he’s telling you this? Lindsay gave three (3) years of his life on the pipeline. Deathbed repentance (terminally ill). What the Elite are doing right now. Russia & China are exploring everywhere (even in US). Half of mining in Australia is done by China The dollar will no longer be used as a global currency. Russia can manipulate the price of oil, gold. BP disaster in the Gulf. CD on disaster (Gulf of Mexico). Anything new. They filled the pipe. Corexit is a continuous problem. A disaster spill that no one is even talking about. (Health Care Bill: Employees of US) Total control by the Elite of everything. How does one prepare, now that they are aware? 1-888-799-6111 ===Everything that will take place through 2012=== (Part 4)

War with Iran in three to four months

Watch Russia & China. They are passing ordinances where counties can shut down churches outside any process of law. Where is this happening? Is this confirmed? Yavapai County, Arizona. Ordinance for Churches. Devil’s Messiah. Introducing Evolution, remove the God America was found upon, & bring about their Luciferian society. They cannot do what they want to do to a righteous (people) society.

By 2012 the dollar will be dead (Part 5)

You will be held to a Federal Property Tax, (EPA)

The United States has lost more than 42,400 factories since 2001. (NAFTA/GATT).

Seventy (75%) of those factories employ more than 500 people.

The Elite have done this, in order to bring about what they have to do in America.

In 2008 1.2 billion cell phones was sold worldwide with American names on them. Not one of them was manufactured in the United States of America.

Total De-industrialization of the United States of America

The plan is total de-industrialization in the United States by design. (Part 6)


'Excellent article by Hank Mills:'

Aether Flow -- The True Electric Current? - Could it be that the flow of aether in the form of electric field is the true "electric current", and electron flow is only a byproduct? Some researchers, including potentially Nikola Tesla, seem to think so! (PESN January 27, 2012)'''

Pretty much sums up what I've been presenting to the New Energy Congress via my research papers, along with my collaborated research with Tom Bearden and demonstrated via my applied research via the 30 coil monopole system, designed, engineered and built by Renaissance Charge LLC and paid for by me personally. John Bedini has effectively vindicated Nikola Tesla via the 30 coil monopole system, licensed by him, and paid for my myself, giving Rick Friedrich the right to build it for me.

Tesla’s radiant energy was Dirac’s ‘negative’ energy captured via the mechanism of the ‘monopole.’ Eliminate the current flow within the circuit and the ‘negative’ energy which Tesla termed as radiant energy will flow within the circuit. Structure the circuit, so that the negative energy can be captured, stored within a capacitor (battery), so that it can then be redirected as ‘static’ voltage. Then, re-structure the circuit converting the ‘static’ voltage into alternating current flow.

For those who are not aware of it, the 30 coil monopole system is the upgrade to the original Jim Watson machine from the 1984 Conference at Colorado. Site:LRP:The Thirty (30) Coil MONOPOLE System

I elected to have Rick Friedrich build the 30 coil monopole at Renaissance Charge LLC because of the close proximity to Energenx and John Bedini. I knew that those two gentlemen would effectively permit the construction of my device, under absolute and rigorous protocols of quality control. Since my device contained thousands of parts and involved significant protocols, pertaining to magnetism and timing protocols involving movement, I knew the serious difficulty that could be encountered, which at any time could derail the project. Because of the tenacious persistence of Renaissance, and Rick Friedrich's dogged desire to provide quality results, I knew that eventually they would succeed in providing the result hoped for by myself and Tom Bearden. My hopes were not in vain, they were successful and as a result they have literally vindicated Nikola Tesla regarding his claim of Radiant Energy and the 'wheel-work of nature' Site:LRP:James Clerk Maxwell

All the Best,

'Leslie R. Pastor'