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The Crop Circle Ship Research provided by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


There appears to be a definitive purpose to the crop circle formations from the previous and recent past. According to the recent research findings of current researchers, these crop formations are a direct communication in response to our own search for extraterrestrial biological entities or alien life forms. This is significant, since, such communication, would establish a unique opportunity, to finally discover, such realities, namely the discernment of other life forms and life systems parallel to our own. Therefore, the discovery of the intent of the unique patterns embedded within these crop formations, is of paramount importance to our understanding of energy, space travel, and communication. These pictographs are significant (as demonstrated with the video presentation) because they appear to be correspondent references, that, provide clues to the manufacture of a craft that can traverse space-time, in a consistent, coherent manner (by intelligent design) enabling human-beings to finally understand their place in the Universe.



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