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Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm IV

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The Control Paradigm IV

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


'The Control Paradigm never does the same format the same way, and for good reason, those that are controlled tend to discover the mechanism of control and then with deliberation strive to free themselves from their controllers. The Control Paradigm structures its paradigm in a manner sufficient to avoid relinquishment. That is why freedom is so precious, once lost may never be regained no matter what the cost. The Founding Father’s warned the people of the United States to be ever vigilant and observant that they would not be subjected to the tyranny and subjugation of the control paradigm. The problem is that they never listen, fail to remember what they were told, and thus never transfer that information to their progeny, descendants, as a cultural norm. They are easily deceived, tricked into accepting the ‘status quo’ as the norm, and then are surprised when they are subjugated and enslaved. The reality of this is exemplified by Obama (a Muslim) who was elected simply because he was Black promising “Hope and Change” and then lying through his teeth about everything, all the while structuring the biggest mass transfer of wealth from the American people, reducing them to abject poverty.'

'Obama Brother In Bed with TERRORISTS granted TAX-EXEMPT IRS STATUS!'


Trento TV

Obama's Family Tree Exposed

Lawsuit: IRS, OSHA, ATF, FBI probed tea party group ~ Jerome R. Corse

Did Senator Chuck Schumer lie to his own constituent Landsman?

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research IX

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XVIII


CONFIRMED: Both FBI & CIA Watched Boston Bombing Suspects for Years

CISPA Supporters Outspent Opponents 38 to 1

Chambliss: Law enforcement agency may have had info about Boston bombing in advance

Boston: Irresponsible Disgusting Conspiracy Theories by Devvy Kidd - April 28, 2013



'The Controversy that will not go away due to the dogged determination of Law Enforcement to get to the bottom of the essential truth: The "Birth Certificate" is a Forgery'

Obama Birth Certificate Story Not Going Away 'Which reiterates the question:' 'Is Obama Constitutionally Eligible To Serve?'

Stunning New Revelations From Lt. Mike Zullo - Obama Fraud Case

Recap: Stunning New Revelations From Lt. Mike Zullo - Obama Fraud Case

Breaking - More VIPs Getting on Bandwagon! The Obama Fraud Case is Nearing a Complete Exposure!

What is being done to the United States by the Obama Administration is so egregious that the following books have been written to define Obama and his Administration:

'The Manchurian President – Barack’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists'

Written by Aaron Klein with Brenda J. Elliot. Published by WND Books, Washington D.C. Copyright © 2010.

ISBN 13 Digit: 978-1-935071-87-7 WND Books are distributed to the trade by:

Midpoint Trade Books, 27 West 20th Street, Suite 1102, New York, NY 10011 (541-474-1776)

'Where’s the Birth Certificate? - The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible to Be President'

Written by Jerome R. Corsi. Published by WND Books, Washington D.C. Copyright © 2011.

ISBN 13 Digit: 978-1-936488-29-2 WND Books are distributed to the trade by:

Midpoint Trade Books, 27 West 20th Street, Suite 1102, New York, NY 10011 (541-474-1776)

'Radical-In-Chief – Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism'

Copyright © 2010 by Stanley Kurtz – Threshold Editions – Division of:

Simon & Schuster, Inc. 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020 – 1-866-506-1949 or

The Simon & Schuster Speakers Bureau - 1-866-248-3049 or

ISBN 978-1-4391-5508-0

ISBN 978-1-4391-7696-2 (ebook)

'Crimes against Liberty – An Indictment of President Barack Obama'

Copyright © 2010 by David Limbaugh - Published in the U.S. by:

Regnery Publishing, Inc., One Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington D.C., 20010, 202-216-0600

Distributed to the Trade by: Perseus Distribution 387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016

ISBN 978-1-59698-624-4

'The Truth About ObamaCare – Why They Don’t Want You to Know About Our New Health Care Law'

Copyright © 2010 by Sally C. Pipes – 'President and Chief Executive Officer of the Pacific Research Institute'

Published in the U.S. by: Regnery Publishing, Inc., One Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington D.C., 20010, 202-216-0600

Distributed to the Trade by: Perseus Distribution 387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016

ISBN 978-1-59698-636-7

Site:LRP:Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Investigation ~ Documentation) Cold Case Posse

Site:LRP:The Obama Birth Certificate Controversy

Israeli Science: Obama Birth Certificate Really is a FAKE

Andrew Breitbart and Jane Jamison at CPAC 2010 Both Now Deceased

Now Indisputable Proof of Obama Forgery To Be Released

Shefiff Joe Arpaio: President Obama's Birth Certificate Definitely Forged

Sheriff Joe: Obama Birth Certificate: National Security Issue

Obama Spends Record $12 Billion To Keep Records Secret

Obama's Bona Fides: What is he Hiding?

Obama's Ultimate CoverUP -- Cliff Kincaid - News With Views July 31, 2012

Dreams From My Real Father -- Photo Analysis

Barack Obama, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, The Early Years in NYC and Chicago

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Says Barack Obama Birth Certificate Would Not Stand Up In Court

Postman Signs Affidavit Obama Was Foreign Student With A Foreign Passport

Clinton Insider: Bill Clinton Is A Birther

The Obama Fraud Archives - Carl Gallops - PPSimmons

Barack Obama Was A Foreign Student – American Media Threatened Into Silence

Obama's Legal Humiliation

NJ Judge Admits Obama Hasn't Provided Proof of Birthplace ~ Then Rules Obama Born In Hawaii

An American Citizen Upon Discovering That Barack Hussein Obama II Was Born in Kenya ~ Tries To Warn US Congress That Obama Is Ineligible To Be POTUS Due To The Fact He Was Born In Kenya

Obama is a pathological liar – The Evidence provides the Proof:

Obama is a Chronic Liar

The News Media is Complicit in his Lies

He has demonstrated that he is anti-Christian

Obama is Pro-Muslim

Islamists and the Imposition of Sharia Law

The Obama Presidency is froth with Peril to the United States

Liberals Have Difficulty With The Truth

Liberalism in General – the Ruination & Destruction of the US

Anti-Christian pro-Muslim bias explodes under Obama

Liberals think you’re Stupid

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Investigates Obama

The Untimely Death of Andrew Breitbart

Lies About the Benghazi Terrorist Attack

Obama’s Intentions for America

Tea Parties & Town Hall Meetings due to Obama

Tea Party Blamed for Unrelated Events

The (non)Affordable (Obama)Care Act is The Implementation of Socialized Medicine via Heavy Taxation

The Obama Disillusionment is already apparent - People are losing Interest in Obama

The Problem of Electronic Voting and Other Election Day Issues

The Democratic Party Platform and the Avoidance of the word Liberal

Liberals Are Out of Step With America

'The Problems Involving the US Government'

The Oklahoma City Bombing

The Crash of TWA Flight 800

The Abuse of Power


Waco II

Ruby Ridge

Hate Crime Laws


None that I am aware of has provided such a cacophony of data clearly indicating that the Obama Administration is one big falsehood. Andrew K. Dart provided the documentation of Obama’s falsehood. And we now know that Congressman Joe Wilson (R) South Carolina was correct when he shouted: “You Lie” as Obama was speaking to the members of Congress assembled.

UPuj4Z3ASHo NR_Ol3VA37o

Even the Democrats who previously rallied around Obama — now clearly distancing themselves from Obama — are challenging serious allegations of impropriety, and possible criminality on the part of certain members of his Administration within the Internal Revenue Service, the State Department and the Justice Department. Fox News had been the only Network to cover these news items, until recently when the liberal left media uncovered an “enemies list” targeting members of the News Media. This is a violation of the First Amendment (freedom of the press and religion), the cornerstone of the Bill of Rights.

Lies About Benghazi Terrorist Attack

The Use of the IRS as a WEAPON

The Gun Control Page

Government Intrusions Into Your Privacy

'Make no mistake Obama is determined to use the wealth of the United States to fulfill a proscribed agenda of subjugation unfamiliar to most Americans, both abroad and within our own borders. He has skillfully used deception and lying words to accomplish his goal. Initially aided and abetted by George Soros (Bank of England), then the Democrats who pushed him (unvetted) for President of the United States under the Democratic ticket, not once but twice. Obama is now secretly placing his program of total control via subordinates and fellow Muslims, as well as ‘useful idiots,’ willing to obey his agenda without question. All of this was accomplished by him with funds from Soros, executive orders and the stupidity of the Democrat Party. Obama using our own military has killed many Christians in the Middle East, unbeknownst to our own people. American soldiers realizing what they have done are committing suicide by the hundreds, if not thousands. And since our soldiers are refusing to continue this charade, they are being disarmed, and vilified. Many of our troops are being deployed and redeployed time and time again, because young people are beginning to realize the deception and are not signing up for enlistment.'

Obama is not a Christian but Muslim

As Egypt unravels, Team Obama increases support for Muslim Brotherhood ~ Jay Sekulow

Now it's Muslim Lawyers Demanding Obama's Arrest

Verfied Proof Obama is Muslim

Is Islam A Real Threat?


Can Obama Be Impeached? Can Obama Be Impeached? by J. B. Williams ~ News With Views


'Ryan Mauro interviewed by Megyn Kelly on The Kelly Files revealed that Muslims within New York State own 60 acres of land that they have called Islamberg, where they are training Muslims in Sharia Law. It was revealed that undercover agents investigating these groups discovered training (combat) exercises within those communities. In and of itself, these programs are legitimate (self-defense) but they raise significant flags to the surrounding communities adjacent within proximity localities who are non-Muslims, and subscribe to traditional American values (non-Sharia) potentially considered to be inimical to the Islamic tradition. It was also revealed that an American (Florida) college student was beaten in London by a Muslim gang (in London) for drinking beer while walking on a London street. It is believed that his attack was in response to a violation of Muslim Sharia Law.'

'The Control Paradigm has fixated upon the Muslim (Sharia Law Enforcement) Belief System as the ultimate scourge of the United States. It is therefore imperative to inform your children and grandchild to be ever diligent in avoiding contact with any and all extremists and remain circumspect when functioning within the local mores and customs of the Muslim environment. You simply do not know who or what ideological imprint you may be offending. Just remember that countries within the Middle East have long since considered the United States the “Great Satan.” Muslims have no remorse for their “crimes” when killing Infidels (non-Muslims), whom they consider violators of the Qur’an. They are esteemed worthy of Heaven, and have no fear of retribution (death) in the event of capture.'

Islam – Sharia Law – Honor Killings

'Islam – the Religion of Peace has all but been destroyed due to the radicalization of that religion by Muslim Extremists, determined to oppose those who do not believe in their religious doctrine. It is becoming apparent that this has become a potential threat to the American communities within the United States who may have experienced the fruits of such training in the form of severe discipline, or severe enforcement of their beliefs within the surrounding communities. '

'Historically, Muslims have warred against each other, when they differed on religious principles of their doctrines. The Sunni and the Shia have been the predominant antagonists, warring against each other since the time of Abraham. The only time they come together and agree on anything, are when they attack Israel, and Israeli culture. It is well known that Muslims also consider the United States to be the “Great Satan.”'

'Filtered News Reports have deliberately silenced news pertaining to “honor killings,” in an effort to keep the lid on these criminal events, in order not to arouse fear and avoid the consternation of the local communities. It is suspected that black on white crime, falsely attributed to “hate” is directly attributed to the imposition of retribution by the enforcers of sharia law. Muslims living within the United States are predominantly young black males, who are fervent in their beliefs, while many converts also include white males as well.'

The European Muslim Population

'Europe has a predominant Muslim population (France, England among others) and they are practicing their religious beliefs openly, publicly and demonstrably in open areas, and streets normally considered accessible to all. The police do not enforce the local ordinances in an effort to avert potential hostilities between the Muslims and non-Muslim communities. There is an underlying fear that radical elements within the Muslim community will one day subjugate (dominate) by shear population expansion alone. When that happens the European Community will have become Muslim by default, and will then lose their freedom under the enforcement of Sharia Law.'

'An American (Florida College) student beaten in London by a Muslim gang in London for drinking beer provides the appropriate demonstration of how Sharia Law will be used to punish all those who are deemed as violators of the Qur'an. ['

American Student in Violation of Qu'ran Beaten By Muslim Patrol in London


'The seriousness of this problem was depicted graphically at the Westgate Shopping Mall in Kenya, where Muslim gunmen entered the Westgate Shopping Mall looking for non-Muslims, questioning them directly asking if they could name the Prophet Mohammed’s mother. They were tortured and shot to death when they could not respond in the affirmative. Documentation:'

'Religious differences between Buddhists and Muslims have provoked serious violence between them in recent Burma Riots. Documentation: The problem is not diminishing, but escalating as the fervent zeal to proselytize increases. Is religious fervor fueling Black on White Crime—that is the question many are asking in lieu of the many crimes being experienced by the victims, many of whom are white, and in several of the cases white women?'

'The problem will become acute for the Europeans, as their indigenous populations diminish and are replaced by the newly entrenched Muslim generations. As the Muslims gain a foothold, they will seek greater, control, demands, and will legally gain access to the European Government, by shear presence alone. The Europeans and the Americans have only themselves to blame, since it is they themselves, who have relinquished their first love, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the originator of their culture and of their long lost faith. For those who can still remember European and American History, it was the Hungarians who fought the Ottoman Turks, when they first attempted to subjugate the European mainland. And it was the American marines after 1776, who went to Tripoli and fought the first Barbary War in 1801-1804. [ '

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'While many would dismiss my presentation as fear mongering, there are ample documented reports to sustain my suppositions, despite the appearance of mere conjecture. Black on White Racial Crime Goes Un-Reported by Liberal (Soc-Com) Media. A book has been written graphically revealing the truth of the Media hidden black on white violence: White Girl Bleed A Lot by Colin Flaherty.'

'Bus Driver Watches As Black Students Viciously Beat White Student'

'Man in coma after black mob of 50 pummels him''

4Uln9cwUFOs NhO0hWmdcOk

Evidence Suppressed in Trayvon Martin Murder Case

Four (4) Blacks Torture Kill White Couple

Black Teen Brutally Kills Teacher in School Bathroom Western Journalism - October 26, 2013

White Businessman Beaten by Blacks in Connecticut

Response to USA Today's Editorial Board Thoughts on Trayvon Martin - Video

Conservative Group (ALEC) Runs For Cover on

Why You Must Stand Your Ground - A Letter to My Wife ~ Anthony Veltri (News With Views) July 22, 2013

New Book: “An Epidemic of Black Mob Violence.”

'Home Invasion in Millburn, New Jersey Caught on Nanny Cam - Brutal Beating in Front of Daughter in June 2013'

Accused Millburn Home Invader Convicted 20 Years Ago in Similar Incident

Fudttu7zJ44 qU0EJS3cJIc

'Millburn, New Jersey Nanny Cam Attack Suspect Shawn Custis Arrested (June 29, 2013)'

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Arrest made in New Jersey home invasion caught on Nanny Cam

Nanny Cam Beating Suspect Shawn Curtis Pleads Not Guilty - New Jersey Home Invasion Video


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